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  1. SPOILER FOR The Narrow Margin. In the context that her husband was the mob accountant and he fooled her. Totally believable and has been done dozens, maybe hundreds, of times in movies and on TV. How many times has the accountant character either been a wuss or someone who was fooled into working for gangsters. One problem with any movie is that once you have seen it and know the ending, you can then pick apart earlier parts of the movie. This is a "B" movie made in about 1-3 weeks, not major epic. I think Marie Windsor did a fantastic job of playing a role where she makes you believe sh
  2. Natural gas is not the answer. As noted by others, the extraction process is not "clean" and getting worse. Transporting by pipelines is also dangerous, particularly as the pipelines get older. Our electricity comes from an old coal fired plant that is being converted to natural gas. Sort of good, but it means eventually natural gas prices will go up for all. More industrial/commercial users will result in higher prices. The higher demand may outstrip supplies, even with natural gas tank ships bringing it here. We use gas for hot water, heating and cooking, as do many people. Natural g
  3. I would recommend His Kind of Woman, The Narrow Margin, Macao and Kansas City Confidential TNM is straight Noir, very little humor, but excellent. No wasted movements or time. Takes place primarily on a train. HKOW is Noir, but with a little humor and very good performances by Mitchum, Russell, Price, Raymond Burr and McGraw. Takes place primarily at a resort in Mexico. Price is "hammy," but he is supposed to be and does it very well. Macao has very good performances by Mitchum and Russell and William Bendix and Gloria Graham. KCC primarily takes place at a Mexican resort and is more se
  4. As I said, if you lived here, you would see the difference.
  5. Mine is The Thin Man Goes Home; I feel it - here. There are so many really good Powell/Loy films.
  6. Anyone who has a basic knowledge of American history and politics knows there is a BIG/HUGE difference between the Democrats and the Republicans. While BIG MONEY does influence both too much, the differences are there. I know because I have studied it and lived it.
  7. Some good ones coming up July 24. I highly recommend Kansas City Confidential, Macao, The Narrow Margin and His Kind of Woman. Charles McGraw is in Narrow Margin and His Kind of Woman. He is also in Roadblock, but I haven't seen that one yet. Robert Mitchum is in Macao and His Kind of Woman. Also in The Locket and Angel Face, but not as good as others in my opinion. Jane Russell also in Macao and HKOW. The Narrow Margin is one of best Film Noirs and also features Marie Windsor and Jacqueline White. One of the best "train" movies out of Hollywood, but there are some accuracy glitches.
  8. Your lack of knowledge and understanding of the American political and governmental systems is astounding. Let alone your ignorance of most of the facets of the candidates and elected officials.
  9. Minimum age, except for Congress and President is 18. Regardless, no one knows who on this forum has held elective office.
  10. Fox also only shows the clips that favor their viewpoint. BTW, Hitler and Joe Stalin told us what they were thinking (for the most part) also. What is scary is that we KNOW what Trump is thinking. Didn't he also say this country would be great if we elected him?
  11. Just as Ross Perot (Texan) was responsible for Clinton's victory. Ralph Nader was responsible for George W. Bush's.
  12. Not sure, but about 30 years ago a friend of mine was in the Coast Guard and served on one. Its duty station was in the Arctic.
  13. This will be a great day, even though some are not technically Noir. Highly recommend Kansas City Confidential, Macao, The Narrow Margin and His Kind of Woman. I plan to watch Roadblock for the first time as Charles McGraw is featured and he is also in Narrow Margin and His Kind of Woman.
  14. Ah yes, but the good people of Tennessee contributed money so he could do it.
  15. Ah, definitely an objective source. I assume you understand the reference to Jim Jones and Kool-Aid?
  16. When's the last time you saw a woman in any kind of hat? You seldom see women in hats in Protestant churches anymore. Of course, the now ubiquitous baseball cap does show up occasionally (and all to often).
  17. I have heard it related to the person (soldier?) who died and had enough government insurance that the family farm could be paid for. As for free, white and 21, pretty simple. It referred to people who were white, 21 or older and caucassian. They could do as they pleased whereas people under 21 were not of legal age to vote and some other things. If you weren't white, there were limitations (both legal and otherwise) on your activities. Not sure about the free part as by then everyone was technically "free."
  18. Or the screen is not wide enough or have enough pixels or whatever? Not to mention the computer part. I worked for an organization and every 5 or so years we got a new computer system which entailed getting new computers for each person along with monitors. We could not give away the old ones to schools or anyone else because they were "dated." Unfortunately, this has crept into our automobiles. If the electronic system does not have the latest (last 6 months) features, people don't want the car. Of course, safety and fuel efficiency are seldom a concern.
  19. Your belief is commendable, but I grew up in the 60's also. A few very aggressive people and organizations worked for improvements in civil rights, accessibility and so forth. But we are a long way from where we need to be in those areas. America has always been for individualism, entitlement and me first. It is what led to creation of the greatest consumer oriented society in history. By entitlement, I am speaking not of those who think the government owes them something, but those who think they are entitled to own what they want now and to have the toys they want. And on credit! I ha
  20. Because they have ports and rivers that FREEZE every year and we don't, except for the Great Lakes. They need 27, we don't.
  21. Ah, been drinking the Kool-Aid. May be state of the art, but still damaging the envrironment above and below ground. The rail and other transportation components are nowhere near state of the art and very dangerous to people, communities and the environment, but very, very profitable for the very, very rich already.
  22. Stupid. Only Congress (Republicans) could actually do that and the cost would bankrupt the country.
  23. Subscribing to Now Playing Guide helps to know in advance when film Noir movies are going to be playing (assuming not preempted for a memorial). For me, this is much easier than navigating through the TCM.com listings. The Guide also has a brief description of each movie. When I get it, I go through and highlight movies I want to see or record. FXM shows old movies from 3AM till 3PM ET as a general rule. Many are Film Noir or similar and seldom have commercials. Some of the newer "broadcast" channels, TVmovies, this, MeTV, etc. show some noirs, but with commercials.
  24. I don't see Lizabeth Scott's performance as weak and it definitely adds to the movie. I think she performed it as written and as directed - a weak person in a town of strong people. I also didn't appreciate the significance of Van Heflin's performance until then as well. It wasn't until the third time I watched it that I really began to appreciate it. It's one of those movies to which you need to pay attention.
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