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  1. RE: SOTS. Saw it many years ago, so remember a little of it. However, I am sure that like many, many movies it is offensive to many people. Like GWTW, it also presents a picture of the South that never was even close to true. BTW, I am white and have lived in the South my entire life. Majored in US History at a Southern college and took a lot of Southern history courses. Just to be clear. POV means personal observation (observable?) view. What you see from your head's viewpoint. Personal opinion or personal viewpoint is what is being discussed in some of these threads. Not the same t
  2. Apparently this thread is mostly about something other than Lauren Bacall.
  3. NRA also stands for National Restaurant Association and National Rehabilitation Association and maybe other organizations.
  4. Normal means a variety of actors each day. Not one person all day long and into the night for a month.
  5. What we have here is a failure to communicate. Their not eating or drinking and leaving has nothing to do with an emergency or some other event warranting a sudden departure. They have long coversations, dance, sit at table or bar, but seldom actually eat or drink. Leave full glasses of beverage on the table.
  6. Not talking about suddenly having to leave. They just leave without eating or drinking.
  7. SUTS is over, thank goodness. TCM resumes normal progamming.
  8. This applies to movies set in present as well. People go to a restaurant or bar and order meal or drinks. Seldom, if ever, eat the whole meal. And walk away from table or bar leaving a full drink. I have never seen anyone leave a full drink at a bar in real life.
  9. A very good movie. I think it shows up on Fox sometimes?
  10. If interested, might want to go to tcm.com and select contact us at the bottom and send a message directly to tcm. However, I'm not really sure they really pay any attention to any recommendations that are sent to them in any format.
  11. I can get it as an over the air broadcast, but is not available on Charter Cable. This is one of the those new "networks" that are connected with the alternate stations local providers were given a few years ago. Most local stations now have 3 channels each of different programming.
  12. Might check one out every 3-4 months. One problem is that there are too many genre or other forums.
  13. Perhaps this would be a good series for Saturday morning showings.
  14. Would like to see more science fiction on TCM, especially from 40's, 50's and 60's. They do show some, but do not show them very often. Maybe show more scifi rather than some of the same movies over and over and over that they do now.
  15. Heck NO!!! If it splits, the providers will drop one or both channels. It is hard enough to keep them providing TCM as a non-premium channel. Rememver AMC started off much the same as TCM, but couldn't make enough money so changed to what it is today. Same thing would happen with TWO TCM channels. Of course, as many have said, who gets to define what "classic" means? Also, as we age, "classic" meaning "old" changes. What was a new movie when TCM started is now almost a "classic" and will be in a few years. Same thing happens with old cars.
  16. Many of the "networks" that show movies are showing Robin Williams' movies. I have noticed them poping up on cable, especially the premium channels that have an "on demand" selection feature.
  17. They were movies created for the purpose of entertainment! Not even sold as "historical" This is what Hollywood and other movie and TV makers are famous for.
  18. Soundtracks are supposed to complement the story and add to the enjoyment of the movie. So sometimes it is better to have one that is appropriate to the time being made vs. the period of the movie. As for the soundtrack of The Graduate, it is great, very well done and very appropriate to the movie. The music was timely for both the year it was made and now for the period of the movie. BTW, it was an actual soundtrack as the songs were written for the movie and then made into albums. Big selling albums that really cemented Simon and Garfunkel's status.
  19. The movie used Canada's Via Rail passenger trains with just enough retouching to say Silver Streak and AmRoad on them. Amtrak has always been very reluctant to have their trains shown in movies. I believe most of the movie was made in Canada, but the final scene was in Chicago.
  20. Watched it and its a good movie. Good script, good acting and directing and kept me interested throughout. Lived in the South my entire life. In the 1950's, very few theaters would have shown a movie where an African-American had a featured role. Especially one where the Negro girl is innocent and being framed and/or manipulated or used by the whites.
  21. TikiSoo. Foir me, it's probably more related to someone who likes trains, especially passenger trains. Also, it's a sort of road movie. And of course liking Gene Wilder and Jill Clayburgh both a lot. seen all of the Wilder/Pryor movies and SS is still the best to me.
  22. I had marked this as the only movie over a several day period as a must watch. Dan Duryea was to me another one of those that is hard to classify. He had a couple of very interesting roles in Route 66 TV series.
  23. While there have always been misinterpretations and always will be, I noticed it more for women. I think it is strange that ALL women have been shaving their legs and under their arms since 1 Million BC. Must have been really painful. Another one that is very much era respective for males is military haircuts. Far too many movies made in 60's, 70's and 80's had males with way too long hair. Of course, some of the females also had very non-regulation haircuts. This still persist in many movies. Also applies to many law enforcement roles.
  24. YES! Or if they were African American or Arabic or Oriental. Doesn't matter as it has nothing to do with the topic in the first place. I would think a Jews would be more offended than me by the postings. If you want to hijack a topic, start a new one.
  25. 1976's Silver Streak starring Gene Wilder, Jill Clayburgh and Richard Pryor is one of my top 5 favorite movies. However, it is only a movie so I think almost having a heart attack over burning a piece of prop paper may be an over reaction. It is a very good, entertaining movie and not to be confused with the 1930's Silver Streak.
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