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  1. Actually a bit of hypocrisy on their part. Not only distancing from Trump, but other Republicans, such as Hawley, etc. They knew what kind of people these were, but didn't care as long as it served their interests. Just as manufacturers, businesses and financial organizations backed Hitler.
  2. "Kayla Joyce, 29, who said she is the mutual live-in girlfriend of Babbitt and her husband, Aaron." Mutual live-in girlfriend is a new one to me. Interesting article though. Hallmark definitively has some of the worst movies made. The actors all look the same, act the same, say the same dialogue, etc. The settings are way too similar. Several years ago, David Baldacci wrote a nice little book, The Christmas Train, which was sort of a rom-com with a little mystery situation. I thought it would make a good movie. Unfortunately Hallmark made the movie or someone made it for th
  3. Read the book 45 or so years ago, but do not remember it that well. Incidentally, Lords of Discipline is another book/movie based on the author's experiences (and a good deal of imagination) at The Citadel.
  4. Made the front page of the local daily paper. Graham's local daily paper.
  5. Tell us how you really feel.😊 About time that state, local and federal government recognized these people for what they are - domestic terrorists. Need to go after them the same way the Feds went after the Klan.
  6. All during the controversy over votes in GA, both said they supported Trump, they voted for Trump and they wished he had won. They are like too many people in this country. They will vote for ANY Republican. Of course, the somewhat good news is that they resisted Trump when he challenged them on their job performance.
  7. Unfortunately he is probably correct. He may never receive any punishment. Hope to hell I am wrong though.
  8. Article lists the people on the MI Redistricting Panel. Ironically all the "independents" are white, except for one Middle Eastern. 5 independents and four each Republican and Democrat. All Republicans are white as are two Democrats. Lot of people I know in S.C. like to say they are "independent," but they all have voted Republican their entire lives. https://www.freep.com/story/news/politics/2020/08/17/michigan-redistricting-panel-gerrymandering/5598998002/
  9. Let's hope they are really successful and that other state's adopt the model if it truly works. But, I doubt many state's will.
  10. The reports of conservatism's death are greatly exaggerated. As the election of 2020 showed, it is still very powerful in this country. Trump will pass, but conservatism will not.
  11. More importantly, he and his brother and all associates and their foundations and groups should immediately send $billions to Dem National Committee.
  12. Supposedly one of the characters was gay. Not sure there was a hidden meaning. I can say that while the overall theme of the movie was implausible to me, the details were very correct for The Citadel. I graduated from there.
  13. The Strange One (1957) with Ben Gazzara was on the other night-late. Did anyone watch it or previously seen it? Calder Willingham based the screenplay on his book End As A Man, based primarily on his experiences as a cadet at The Citadel, which he left after completing his freshman year. He became a screenwriter in Hollywood and wrote many screenplays.
  14. OK, thanks. I think y'all were discussing some woman and I couldn't find out who. Who were you discussing?
  15. Most people don't realize that Eisenhower was the first president to draw a pension.
  16. The officers should have began firing their weapons as soon as the Trump insurrectionists crossed the first barrier, no later than when they were on the steps of the buildings.
  17. That is leading cause of White Trash Syndrome - poor upbringing by parents; rich, poor or middle-class. As for Romney, always liked him although disagree with some of his political positions. When he ran for president I voted for him in the Republican primary as the best the GOP was offering. He most likely would have made a decent president.
  18. Obviously you haven't been paying attention. If nothing more it is symbolic of how badly Trump has endangered democracy and the country. It is the only way that he can be challenged regarding his incitement of an insurrection. It shows to others that actions have consequences. He would be the only president impeached twice and as a one-term president. It would force the Republicans in the House and Senate to publicly show whether they supported his incitement of insurrection or not. For starters.
  19. You don't care enough to vote, so what do you care what the Democrats do?
  20. Always amused by Bendix's hair control problem.
  21. The Glass Key was entertaining and had a good, well-known cast. Didn't really have any trouble understanding it, but I can see how people might. Definitely had to pay attention. The characters seem to be unlikely to come together the way they do. And of course the red herrings are fairly quickly introduced. I don't think it is as "seminal" or important as Eddie said. Actually have a copy of This Gun For Hire (1942). Watched it several years ago when I got and then placed it on my keep, but will never watch again shelf. May have to pull it out to see why Eddie likes it so much.
  22. We is you and I and our posts. I was not referring to Ham's posts, at least not intentionally.
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