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  1. The middle was kind of boring, but seemed to pick up after that. Probably right about Cassvetettes and Edwards. Never have much cared for Edwards though. The neighborhood where they filmed the family home reminded me of the one in Bachelor in Paradise, the Bob Hope comedy. Not the same one, but some similarities.
  2. Watched The Night Holds Terror and thought it a fairly good movie. Eddie Muller's intro and outros were good as well and very informative.
  3. Gov McMaster of S.C. is now encouraging people to come to S.C. for spring break and other vacations. Up to business owners to say if masks and social distancing are recommended.
  4. As you will note, a couple of posters have assaulted your position from their own political perspectives. Perhaps because your post is confusing in that you do not go into more detail as to what you don't want to see on TCM. Can you give some examples of what you think should not be shown on TCM and why?
  5. The cause of the Civil War was reuniting the nation into one country - period. While the North, Lincoln, et. al. did not like slavery, ultimately they would accept it if it meant preserving the Union. It did not become a war against slavery until 1863, and not even then in reality. The North profited greatly from slavery, but in an indirect manner. Slavery in the plantation system would not have been profitable if Eli Whitney, a Northerner, had not invented the cotton gin.
  6. History is always rewritten - over and over and over. It is one thing that keeps the historical research and book industry in business. The history of the Civil War and the periods before and after have been rewritten many times in past few decades. Just one example is the views of Robert E. Lee. The victors write the history is a very old and very accurate adage. The victories may be in war, but are also in politics and popular culture shifts as we are having today.
  7. South Carolina, which voted overwhelmingly for Trump and increased number of Republicans in S.C. house and senate, is receiving over $3.8 BILLION under the American Rescue Plan. The four northwestern counties alone, most Republican in state, will receive over $337 million. There are 46 counties in the state.
  8. I did not perceive the Norma Rae post at all as being satire and don't get the connection. It is just a silly post.
  9. I think you took Sepiatone's post too literally. I believe the comment meant that GWTW is a romantic movie based on a romantic novel. The movie itself is much more romanticized than the book. It basically centers on the relationships between Scarlett, Rhett, Ashley and Melanie and a few others. It is about the fall of the Southern way of life and the rising of new types of people and how it affected the main characters. Slavery is there, but not as an issue, nor is how they treated blacks. Have you ever read the book?
  10. What is significance of the sad icon? Is it sad that Norma Rae worked in a textile mill or sad that you do not remember the movie?
  11. You need to watch the movie again. Norma Rae did not pick cotton; she worked in a textile mill.
  12. I doubt it is "the most sweeping contraction of ballot access since the end of Reconstruction." Maybe since the end of the Jim Crow era. Of course, many of these new laws are in non-Southern states, but historically states in the North, Mid-West and West also discriminated against minorities.
  13. I wasn't going to to respond, but I am confused. Your posts on the GWTW thread in Off Topics seems to condone and even support TCM having a panel to explain to us what is wrong with the movie. Then your above posts seems to say they should not be doing it.
  14. How does Abramson know what was going on in the WH as it relates to the dogs? How was their treatment different from what they experienced before? Why was it "basically an impossible situation?" We have a rescue dog and several rescue cats.
  15. Gov McMaster, Big Trump supporter, of S.C. is cancelling all state mandates for masks, social distancing, closing certain types of businesses, etc. This is based on vaccines being available, although S.C. continues to have one of highest positivity testing rates in nation and lowest vaccination rates. Schools will be permitted to reopen and all state employees who were working remotely will have to come back to their regular work locations. Southwest Airlines is beginning to have flights to Myrtle Beach, S.C. for tourists. Expect a surge of COVID-19 cases and deaths by May.
  16. Another reason why the Dems need to end the Fillibuster rule. It is unfortunate, but it what the GOPers will do if they have the opportunity - they did it under Trump.
  17. Not really, but it is one of the things that the GOPers throw out there whenever the Dems control Congress and the presidency. Far too many voters take it to heart and think it is bad and therefore vote against Dems. Nobody complained while Trump, Bush, Reagan, etc. greatly expanded the deficit.
  18. Some better Republican would probably win the GOP primary, but depending on how the GOPers in GA vote in new voter suppression restrictions and gerrymandering, it could happen.
  19. I read all of Burke's first novels and enjoyed them, but then I am from the South with close ties to Louisiana. However, I quit about 10 years ago because they were simply too darn long. In addition, he started to philosophize way too much.
  20. A friend and I were in a restaurant one evening for late supper and the young waitress asked if we wanted the senior citizens discount. We were in late 40's at the time, but we being the cheep guys we are we took it.
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