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  1. Which day will TCM pre-empt to honor Ernest Borgnine? I'm assuming they will do this.

    Seems to me they should post a *BIG* announcement on the main (home) page of TCM website giving advanced notice of pre-emptions.

    Don't object to them, but I plan my viewing pretty much around Now Playing. Also, I do *NOT* check the website schdule daily (or even weekly).

  2. Since the Geroge Sanders movies were pre-empted for tribute to Ann Rutherford, are they going to be rescheduled?

    Actually, I would prefer to see a Tom Conway Falcon series. Especially The Falcon Out West;...In Mexico and ...In Hollywood.

  3. Would be nice if TCM could show the "Abel Marsh" TV movies, especially The Girl in the Empty Grave, which was the first one.

    Alternative would be to have it produced on DVD. Other two in series are, but this one isn't for some reason.

  4. While quality of TravelTalk is less than we would like, I still enjoy them very much. They are what they are. It would be quite expensive for TCM to correct them to today's standards, much less HD and I can accept that.

    Just wish they would show them On Demand. As it is now, have to catch them on regular TCM when I can since not listed in Now Showing. Don't want to pull up TCM schedule every day just to see if one is on there.

  5. TCM has an On Demand feature on Charter Cable featuring Shorts and Trailers. This would be a great place to show Traveltalk. Also, be good if TCM showed *more* shorts on the On Demand site. Right now, they show one or two for a couple of weeks and then maybe none for a while.

    Why not use On Demand to show *several* Traveltalks?

  6. Warner Archives has released a DVD set of seven Falcon movies with George Sanders and Tom Conway (George's real brother), available at oldies.com. Shows as Vol. 1, so hopefully there will be a Vol. 2.

    I would like for TCM to show the ones not on that DVD set, such as The Falcon in Hollywood, The Falcon in Mexico and The Falcon Out West.

    Be nice if they showed some that are on the DVD as well, such as The Falcon and the Co-Eds.

    They haven't showed any of The Falcon movies in years and apparently have no plans to in future.

  7. Warner Archives has released The Falcon Mystery Movie Collection, Vol 1. Seven movies with George Sanders and Tom Conway (George's real brother). You can find them at oldies.com. Hopefully there will be a Vol 2 with the later movies.

  8. Most of the "Essentials" are not essential, just fairly good old movies. Perhaps it is time to do away with essentials as all the really essential movies have been done.

    Most importantly, do away with the really boring, egotistical guest hosts.

    Comments about East of Eden remind me of how I finally finished War and Peace. After three attempts starting from beginning, I just marked where I left off each time and then a few months later started from that point. Still took me long time to finish the thing.

    I have started watching East of Eden a few times, but got bored rather quickly. BTW would James Dean have been considered such a great actor if he had not died so young?

  9. I don't recall any guest host that really said anything worth listening to. In fact, I generally place TV on mute or just don't listen while they are blabbing. In all honesty, aren't they all actors who are way past their prime and just trying to get one more chance in front of a camera, any camera? Sort of like commercials selling insurance or reverse mortgages.

  10. Morals are NOT slipping on TCM as they are just showing the movies as they were presented in theaters. This is exactly what TCM is supposed to do.

    Also, I hope TCM does not start restricting their movies to certain times, e.g. after 10PM, just because of the rating.

    BTW, anyone noticed that a "R" rating on today's movies relates to language (primarily the "f" word) and maybe violence 90% of the time? Almost never has anything to do with nudity anymore.

  11. TCM/Movies Unlimited has released a George Sanders 5 Saint movies set. Now if they would just release a Falcon set. I recommend The Saint in Mexico, The Saint Out West, The Saint and the Co-Eds and The Saint in Hollywood and maybe the first Saint movie+.+ Not sure if these were all Tom Conway (George's brother) or a mix of both. Regardless, it would make an excellent set. Especially since TCM no longer shows them.

  12. Thumbs down. I like the concept, but usually it is one good movie and three bad ones. Have purchased several of the sets TCM advertises and just not very pleased. Bad Girls of Noir had two movies about diseases-that's not noir.

    Not really happy with the Warner Archives as to price. Realize they are manufactured on demand, but still fairly expensive for movies that are OK, but not really good, especially the TV movies. The Andy Griffin TV movies set in small CA town for example.


  13. I think Dr. Shaheen is either politicizing it or he is way over sensitive. And I am disappointed in Robert Osborne for letting him do it.

    I watched Scirocco again after listening to his commentary. For the time period and the budget and the type movie, the setting appeared appropriate to me. Most all Film Noir/mystery/suspense movies of this period were filmed in areas of cities that were "poor." In addition, activities by nationalist, terrorist or whatever you want to call them would have taken place in the poorer, more decrepit parts of the city. The French and their Syrian supporters would have been in the nicer locations. I can't see the nationalists or gunrunners conducting deals in a hotel lobby or other nice locations. Lee J. Cobb's office appeared appropriate to me for 1925 Damascus. Lot nicer than the one I had in Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm.

    Also, the presentation given by an Arab at the beginning of the movie was quite clear that they were fighing for Syrian nationalism.

    Furthermore, the villans were supposed to be obvious villans in the 30's-50's movies. Actually I think the French military has a bigger complaint than the Syrians/Arabs.

    What group has Hollywood not been insensitive to, other than maybe Southern Californians or New Yorkers?


    Edited by: TheCid on Jul 9, 2011 2:55 PM

  14. A friend of mine and I independently came up with the same observation. Seems that after the code went into effect, many females started wearing tight fitting clothes sans bras. Could only imagine how obvious it was on a really big screen.

    Forgot the title, but one is a Christmas comedy.


    In order from top.

    The Big Steal, The Narrow Margin, His Kind of Woman, Las Vegas Story, Macao. OK, that's five, but whose counting.


    Color Noir: Farewell My Lovely; LA Confidential; Dangerous Mission; The Narrow Margin; Mullholland Falls.


    Actually hard to pick just four from the above. Sort of depends on mood I'm in, but Big Steal and Narrow Margin are always on top.



  16. Have suggested it many times, but seems to me TCM could show The Falcon movies as it has been years since they showed any. I prefer The Falcon Out West, In Hollywood, and In Mexico. Also, the Falcon and the Co-eds. Probably classify them as "light" noir, but still very entertaining.

    Also, what about The Girl in Black Stockings? Good enough to sell as a $25 DVD, but not good enough to show?

  17. Personally I much prefer The Big Steal, perhaps because it is more humerous. As for the plot of Out of the Past, it appears as realistic as 90% of the noir, gangster, mystery, suspense movies made. Actually more realistic than 90% of what passes for suspense or mystery today.

    If you like these, you'll enjoy His Kind of Woman and Macao also. both with Mitchum and Jane Russell.

    Seems to me that TCM is showing fewer and fewer real noir movies than they used to, excpet for some that are actually less than "B" movies to me. I know "B" means bottom half of a double feature.

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