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  1. Never have cared for guest programmers or The Essentials guests. Just show me the movie.

    Learned a long time ago that just because someone is a good actor or director, it does not mean they are good at anything else, such as picking out or describing classic movies.

    Also, seems the guest programmers frequently pick the same movies that are already being shown over and over and over. Same for The Essentials.

  2. The made for TV PM movies show up on Hallmark from time to time. They usually have a Sunday dedicated to one TV movie series and rotate them around. Not sure if it is Hallmark movie channel or regular Hallmark channel. Think Encore or maybe Epix premium channels have shown them as well.

    The cost of the PM TV series DVD's is coming down now that they are all out and you can purchase complete set. It lasted nine seasons. Well worth the money.

    My wife and I watch a show just about every day. All the characters were great, but William Hopper (Paul Drake) seems to be the most interesting.

    Ironically, Ray Collins (Lt. Tragg) was listed in closing credits long after he actually left the series.

  3. Noticed in June Now Playing that Joan Weldon is not listed among top three actors. The title credits for the movie and DVD cover lists her as number three behind James Whitmore and Edmund Gwenn, but before James Arness. Now Playing places Arness in number one slot.

    Not unusual for TCM and others to pick up on the stars that later became more famous.

    Interestingly Joan Weldon was featured in a contest ad for Armour Star products in 1953 asking contestants to give a new name to this Hollywood starlet. First prize was a 1953 Packard Caribbean and two week trip to Hollywood.

    Don't know how the contest turned out, but she never changed her name.

  4. Actually do not like Star of the Month or marathons, but if TCM is going to do it I have a recommendation.

    How about featuring actors/actresses who receive little recognition? The supporting casts for example.

    Nobody who has ever had a Star of the Month or a marathon before.

    One example would be Marie Windsor, but Gloria Graham or Jane Greer would be others.

  5. The This network has changed over to mostly movies. Does have commeercials, but is an option for older movies.

    Around here it is a Charter channel that is actually the second or third channel for local network station.

  6. You may wish to try ccvideo.com, heartlandmusic.com and oldies.com for old movies. The first two have some kind of corporate relationship, but sometimes list different movies. They often have ones that are either not available or no longer available at TCM.

  7. TopBilled. _Thanks for the info._ I did find that out eventually. Seems I have a hard time navigating the TCM website to find broadcast times for specific movies. Once I do, they change the format of the website.

    Anyway, I've marked my calendar and requested a reminder from TCM.

  8. Fedya, in response to your _rant_, I suggested that TCM should _regard_ it as a contract, not that it be a contract requiring us to read the fine print every time we receive it. And I know schedules are subject to change - that is not my point.

    Regardless, most TCM viewers or potential viewers are unaware of the "tributes" because they preempt scheduled programming and really receive very little announcement on TCM.

    If they waited long enough to do an article for Now Playing and schedule it in Now Playing, more people would be aware of it. Lot (most?) TCM viewers do not go on the TCM website very often, if at all.

    Ironically, when Shirley Temple passed on, TCM announced a tribute beginning at 6:00PM and then changed that.

  9. Apparently some missed the point. There is nothing wrong with honoring those who have passed on, but TCM doesn't have to preempt already scheduled movies to do it.

    In fact, would be better if they waited a couple of months and had time to do an article for Now Playing and let people know it is coming.

    Believe it or not, there are some of us who do not check into TCM forums for weeks or even months at a time, so we may not see announcements that _may_ appear on Home page.

    BTW, I usually receive Now Playing from six to eight weeks in advance. Do they really need that much lead time for mailing?

  10. Charter also moved it recently. They all do this more frequently now trying to keep up with all the other media outlets and moving channels around.

    Your remote may have a search feature. For Charter, you press menu and then there is a search icon. Select that and type in what you are looking for and this may help. Could also contact provider and have them mail you a channel listing.

    Actually I watch a lot more METV than I do TCM now.

  11. Now Playing should be regarded by TCM as a _contract_ with its supporters.Why preempt movies listed in Now Playing? These are old movies with either mostly old or deceased actors/directors/etc.

    Just because an actor passes on is no reason to rush to show their movies, especially for those that are shown every 1-3 months already.

    I go through the Now Playing when I receive it and highlight the movies I wish to watch. I then look forward to viewing them especially as many are not on DVD.

    It is especially poor when TCM preempts a huge block of time for one person who has passed on.

  12. Waited years for TCM to show "If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium" again and now they are preempting it for a Shirley Temple movie and NOT rescheduling "If It's Tuesday..."

    I realize TCM does this when some actors die, but does it have to preempt scheduled movies? Why not wait a couple of months as there is no urgency?

    Why not wait until they can list the movies in the Now Playing guide so everyone will know they are coming?

    Why print Now Playing two months in advance if they are going to fiddle with the movies listed in it?

    When I receive Now Playing, I go through and highlight the movies I especially want to see - and they are not shown. Have even recorded late night movies to discover they were preempted.

  13. slaytonf:

    Sorry that you consider yourself a troll (whatever that is). That's my interpretation of your response to my post.

    Always found it interesting that if someone posts something others disagree with, some insult you rather than just giving a different opinion.

    BTW, if you don't like my posts, just click on the ignore button.

  14. One thing I like about old movies is the introductory credits were 2-5 screens long and end credits were even shorter.

    Watched a new movie last week and there were *27 producers* and no more than 3-4 were listed on each screen. End credits went on forever. Not to mention the 5-10 "companies" it took to make the movie and each had its own opening screen.

    Of course, new movies require that everyone from guy delivering port-o-lets to person sweeping floors has to be listed in credits.

    Find it interesting that credits for modern movies are so small, you can't read them on a 60" TV screen. Since most movies now go to TV, DVD, iPod, laptop, phone, etc., do movie makers really think people can read these credits? Of course, they rolll by about 100 feet per second anyway.

  15. 'Gene Wilder donned blackface in Silver Streak, but that was ok, because Richar Pryor had him do it."

    Actually he applied shoe polish to his face to create a disguise at Richard Pryor's direction.

    As for "blackface," I can remember when a nationally affiliated white charitable organization had a show every year in my home town to raise money. It was intentionally demeaning to African Americans.

    As for censorship, I seriously doubt the movies mentioned earlier had anything to do with a perceived increase in violence among our youth. Watching them sure didn't cause me to become more violent or rude or anything else. My parents and other adults and school officials made sure of that.

    Doubt there is any censorship at TCM for any reason. Problem is that many of the movies are antiquated in the manner in which they presented the topics and they weren't very good to start with.


    One problem I have with TCM is that they have days or several hours dedicated to one actor/actress/director/producer. If you don't care for that particular person, the whole day is shot. Summer under the Stars is particularly bad.

    Also, while I may like a particular actor or movie series, I really don't want to watch 8-10 hours straight. Nor do I wish to record several hours of movies to watch later.

    Mix it up every day!

    They also seem to show a very limited variety sometimes or repeat same movies over a couple of months. Have seen them feature a "Star" one month, but the prior month will show the same movies they are going to show.

    It has taken about five years for them to start showing the Falcon series - soon after they released the DVD sets.

    And yes; Showtime, HBO, Starz, Encore, Epix, Cinemax, TMC, etc. are just as bad. The On Demand selections of these channels is even worse. But that is another conversation.

    While I'm complaining, might as well mention foreign language films - hate 'em. It would be nice if TCM could state in Now Showing when a movie is in a foreign language. For example, Catherine Deneuve is one of "Summer Stars" and most of her movies are in French. Subtitles stink as you can either watch the movie or read the dialogue. And what is so great about Japanese movies, anyway?

    Might as well mention the new "classics" from the 60's - 80's. Where does TCM find most of these dogs? They were terrible movies when released and have not improved by becoming "old."



  17. You need to watch what is on regular TV, both the regular networks and the basic cable networks. I have seen more sex on religious stations. I didn't learn what the train going into the tunnel symbolized until I was well into my adulthood.

    Personally I just think it is a great movie. It is also one of the best train movies out there, although very little was actually shot on real train cars.

  18. I would be happy if TCM would just show more "classic" movies. There are way too many classic or old TV shows to have them clutter up the limited number of movies that TCM shows. I KNOW; TCM shows thousands of movies compared to other channels, but they show the same ones way too many times when they could show others. In addition, there are many more they could show, especially the "B" movies.

    TCM could probably show one "B" movie in same time it takes to show two of their featurettes that repeat way too often.

    ME TV, This TV, TV Land, Family TV, etc. all show old TV shows. In addtion, many local channels now have 2nd and 3rd channels that show old TV shows.

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