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  1. Had an employee once who got asked for ID to purchase beer and tobacco. Next place he went they asked if wanted the senior citizens discount. One reason for carding is that the business owner and employees can be fined if articles are sold to ineligible people. I would also imagine that undercover people may even observe to see if everyone is asked for ID - no matter how old they are. I went to grocery store today and purchased a six pack of beer and was not asked for ID. Because of the white hair? Or, because it was non-alcoholic beer, which actually is 0.5% alcohol? Out of all the
  2. It is sort of like TCM is trying to come up with a solution to a problem that does not exist. Not saying racism and other forms of discrimination are not problems, but rather having to explain it to people today. Everybody either knows it is (was) wrong or will never accept that it is (was) wrong.
  3. As I have mentioned before StarzEncore does this for many Westerns that it shows. Along with MA, V, etc. at beginning of movies, they also have OCD - Outdated Cultural Depictions. TCM could do something similar or maybe with a few sentences as to why it is OCD (or whatever they want to call it). No need for people to explain to the viewers and create all this turmoil.
  4. I agree with everything except the last sentence. So far, the Democrats are doing things that majority of people actually want. There are proposals from the progressives, but they have not passed and doubtful they ever will. Trump lost the election all by himself. He is 100% responsible for losing. That is why he lost and so many GOPers won their races. The ones the GOPers lost were primarily because of things Trump said.
  5. You are wrong for most states. S.C. requires a photo ID to vote even if you have a state issued voter registration card. I think most states also require photo ID and allowable types are very restrictive. One difference in the examples you show above is that voters have already provided appropriate identification and registered to vote with the appropriate agency in their state. The people above have not registered anywhere.
  6. I hope this ends his presidential or senatorial aspirations. Don't know that much about him, but I really don't like the way he talked or presented himself during all the daily COVIC-19 briefings he gave.
  7. Yes, I'm aware of that. Ironically it was an issue of WV seceding from VA without VA's approval. So technically WV did what the Southern states were trying to do. However, since the Union won it never became an issue.
  8. As for Joe Manchin, he has been governor of WV and senator from WV, so he knows the people. He has been successful as a Democrat in a red state. He probably knows that the voters in WV would rather have less of a deficit in the national budget than the extra $100 a week that some would get. I wonder if WV would be better off if it had remained a part of VA? They would lose two senators, but VA would probably be Red rather than Blueish now.
  9. If the cars looked like that it would not be a problem. Lot of advertising for this "service," but far too few take advantage of it. And these are not cars that just need a simple repair or are going to be restored.
  10. I saw Killer's Kiss many years ago. Eddie's background on it and reason for choosing it was informative. The movie was mediocre, but I guess a good start for someone who would become very successful.
  11. Actually I missed your post (if recent) but remember reading similar several years ago. And yes, now when I watch that scene I can't help but look for the kid.😃 I was commenting on the Eddie Muller comments.
  12. Have my own DVD of NBNW, so never watch it on TCM. Damn glad I didn't this time. Even reading this thread will lessen my enjoyment next time I watch it.
  13. Learned recently that many minor offenses are going unpunished in S.C. If the offender does not want to come to court because of COVID-19, they do not have to and do not have to do a Zoom "appearance" either. Such offenses as junk cars in violation of city ordinances, expired license plates and so forth. Nor do they have to correct the problem since they have not had their day in court yet.
  14. All of this brings to mind Willie Best and other Black actors. Seems nothing is being said about them and there was nothing ambiguous about their roles.
  15. All of this brings to mind Willie Best and other Black actors. Seems nothing is being said about them and there was nothing ambiguous about their roles.
  16. Exactly! And it does not end when they get out of school - it is life-long.
  17. McAninny also did not provide answers to hardball questions. Psaki does.
  18. Now back to the House for hopefully a quick approval and then to Biden for signature.
  19. Southerners also referred to it as The War for Southern Independence. Most Southerners now use Civil War, but some still prefer The War Between the States.
  20. Gone With the Wind is a romantic movie based on a romantic novel set in the American Civil War.
  21. Actually her husband said that as a joke at the World Premiere of the movie in Atlanta. It was the scene at the railroad yard when the camera pulls back to show all the wounded lying on the ground and even the tracks. Regardless, carefully re-read what you posted. You said that Mitchell thought the South should have won the war and very next statements are that if that had happened, slavery would still exist in the South today. The inference is pretty damn clear that if Mitchell supported the South winning the war, therefore she would have to support slavery. Your statement and pl
  22. Do you have a reference for any of the above? Particularly Margaret Mitchell's beliefs. I seriously doubt she believed in slavery or that it would still be allowed. MacKinlay Kantor wrote an article for Life magazine in Nov. 1960 which was later published as a book. I read it years ago. Kantor later won a Pulitizer Prize for his Andersonville book. He also wrote the book upon which the movie The Best Years of our Lives is based. I think his version of what Mitchell may have thought and surely what would have happened in the South is far more accurate. Not saying that raci
  23. First above is your post re: it was OK for the North to punish Southerners and the South after the Civil War. To cause them to lose their property, businesses, money, rights, etc. Below is my response to your first post above. The motto of every dictator in history. Also, the Trump supporters who hope to gain victory AGAIN in 2022 and 2024. Your second post is not relevant to what you originally posted and my reply. You are apparently trying to play both sides of the street.
  24. The motto of every dictator in history. Also, the Trump supporters who hope to gain victory AGAIN in 2022 and 2024.
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