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  1. The issue is that it was a coup attempt and the insurrectionists thought they would be successful. Stupid, clownish, sure to fail is not the issue. Depending on the coup and country some require very little from the military. Although most are done by senior military officers. I'm getting confused as Ham's post does not seem to relate at all to what we were discussing. As I recall, you said US had not won a war since WW II and I replied that we won the Gulf War.
  2. If you had been inside the building you would have known it was a coup attempt by the Trump insurrectionists. The insurrectionists goal was to stage a "coup" and overthrow the Biden administration before it could take office. They believed they could force Congress to reject the Electoral College votes and substitute ones favorable to Trump. Thereby illegally continuing the Trump administration for four more years. That is a coup.
  3. Don't understand how I am arguing with myself or being a contrarian re: the Gulf War. Since I was there and read a lot of books and articles after the war, I think my post was clear and accurate. The mission was to remove Iraqi forces from Kuwait and relieve the threat to Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries. We did that. Getting rid of Saddam Hussein was not a mission of the war itself. It was a hoped for expectation of some in government, but not a military mission. Those in military leadership positions at the highest levels KNEW that going after the head of state
  4. I'm sure the people in the Capitol other than the Trump Insurrectionists believed it was very violent. I know I would have.
  5. Jordan is just doing what any sleazy politician does - turn on those he supported when he thinks they are losers and he no longer wants to be associated with them. He is not sincere at all. As for impeachment not being "healthy," it is not healthy for Jim Jordan's career and that is all he cares about. As for the PMOF, Trump can probably reverse it up until time he actually presents it.
  6. Don't know who those 20 GOP senators are, but voting to impeach Trump probably would hurt them in the primaries. First, the forever Trump crowd would vote against them and they are dedicated voters. Second, other faithful GOP voters would think that it was unnecessary and an embarrassment to the party to vote to convict their president-the many they voted for in 2016 and probably 2020. As for impeachment it would be a powerful symbol to Americans and rest of world that US House (if not Senate) would not tolerate Trump's incitement of insurrection. Regardless of how little time he has l
  7. Interesting article, but the phrase "poor white trash" is incorrect. They are white trash for sure, but many are not poor. Just at the Trump's, etc. are not poor.
  8. WHO Are you guys talking about? Actually, the Gulf War was resolved with a fairly limited loss of American and allied lives. The mission was to get Iraq out of Kuwait and remove the threat to other Arab nations along the Gulf. We did that. Removing Saddam Hussein would have been a plus, but that was not the mission.
  9. Agree about posting doctored photos and magazine covers. From Trump's perspective he wanted it to become a coup. He does not care how he stays in power, as long as he stays.
  10. I hope you are right, but I'm rather pessimistic. GA was won by exceptionally hard work by Dems and to some extent the confusion and controversy created by Trump. Add in that the GOPers had relatively weak candidates. And the HUGE amount of money spent in GA. While the Dems finally won the Senate with the two victories in GA, they lost seats in the House and state governments. Guess the knack the Dems have for screwing things up won't help them either. Their actions over next two to six years and messaging will be critical. I think the most informative event is when Warnock runs
  11. Won't happen. He will ride out his six years and by then the furor will have died down and he will run in the GOPer primary and probably win. Then maybe, a Dem could defeat him.
  12. After the trial the vote in the Senate on impeachment requires two thirds majority. Requires 2/3 of those present. Therefore, the Republicans who do not wish to make a public stand can sit it out.
  13. That will now be the go to excuse for these people. They carried them in or picked them up with the intent of restraining people and holding them hostage. This also explains the tactical gear they were wearing.
  14. Flags should be flying at half-mast everywhere in the US. for the police officer who died in the line of duty trying to resist the Trump Insurrection. Trump has blood on his hands as do the Republicans who support him and allowed this to happen.
  15. The Depts. of Defense, Homeland Security and Justice need to immediately begin planning to have ACTIVE military and Federal Law Enforcement officers in charge of security for the Capitol for the next 60 days. They all need to be wearing full body armor and carrying loaded weapons with instructions to fire them at first signs of a breach of barricades.
  16. CNN will broadcast a one hour show on Sunday, Jan. 10, at 10 PM ET. Title is The Trump Insurrection. This may be the descriptor used in the future.
  17. Good to see, but he just got reelected to a six year term. It was absolutely planned as an insurrection and takeover of the Capitol. As more evidence surfaces, the Capitol Police will be shown to have least totally failed in their responsibilities, if not out right coordination with the insurrectionists. They need to ALL be replaced by other federal law enforcement AND active duty military for the next six months while a new "force" is hired and trained. Their states should start impeachment procedures, but they won't because they are Trump bastions. Impeach
  18. I would say ban it from all Federal buildings, facilities, vessels and everything. Ban it from all state and local projects receiving any Federal funding. Make sure nothing can be named for him.
  19. Trump is the RINO- Republican in Name Only in that he never has supported the Republican Party, but rather used it for his own ends. They thought they could use him, but he turned the tables on them.
  20. He knew Hawley or should have. So saying he is sorry now is useless pandering to try and save his reputation. Trumpism as we have know it for the past four years is waning, but it is not gone. It will be replaced with something almost as bad, but not called Trumpism. Trump and his adherents have infected the Republican Party and there is no vaccine for it. Betsy DeVos got what she wanted. Trump pardoned the four murderers who worked for her brothers private company in Iraq. She can leave now, but her policies over the past four years are some of the worst aspects of Trumpism.
  21. Not at all. Trump is still supporting them. Does no good to argue with MovieMadness as I have discovered. He will never acknowledge the truth, much less understand what America is and is not. Pence was NOT sickened by what he saw. He just made a few politically correct, cover my a$$ statements. If truly sickened, he would have immediately led the cabinet in invoking the 25th Amendment.
  22. Good points, but lost on Vautrain as he does not care enough to even vote. It was a very dangerous situation and could have gotten completely out of control. The insurrectionists were armed and dangerous. They also knew they had the full support of Trump.
  23. In Red states it is all about the primaries. In Red districts in purple states it is all about the primaries. Thank voter suppression and gerrymandering for this. Agreed. See above post. But why didn't he know what Hawley was like before. I read where Hawley campaigned against politicians using offices for stepping stones to higher office when he ran for state AG in 2016. The 12 months after taking office he announced he was running for US Senate. 25th is a very long shot. Impeachment would send a sign and force House members to vote for Trump's inciting a riot or
  24. And I am sure there are many other GOP supporting deep pockets that will also provide money for Hawley, Cruz and all the rest. They may route it through some other organization first though.
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