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  1. The vaccine is not mandatory, but who knows about the vaccination.
  2. George Wallace tried to do something similar with the American Independent Party, which lasted a few years.
  3. Hopefully all other Trump appointees will quickly follow him.
  4. Never say never. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. He was never supposed to win the GOP nomination, but he did. He was never supposed to win the presidency, but he did. He came very close to winning reelection. He will be a factor in the Republican Party, if he chooses to be. Hopefully not a major one, but who knows. He got the deplorables to the polls during the primaries when the other candidates could not get their people there. Remember Jeb Bush?
  5. Guilty of the same thing myself as I know MovieMadman, Nipper, JakieBoy, etc. cannot be educated about the truth or the real world. Trying my best to ignore their ridiculous, unfounded posts, but sometimes just can't resist. Each state decides when it will count absentee and mail-in ballots and that is why the actual counting may take many days. They also determine how many people will do the counting which affects how long it takes. Not to mention each state determines all the rules about absentee and mail-in-voting. The Republicans fear an honest and fair vote open to all Americ
  6. Race had nothing to do with it as far as Congress was concerned. They just did not like his policy, when he finally brought it out.
  7. I think their basic cowardice also played a part. They realized that this time, Trump would not back them up and law enforcement was ready and waiting for them. Perhaps it is finally beginning to sink in that Trump and many in the Republican Party were just using them.
  8. Probably because they did not use the name of the character as in most other movies where the black actor was billed by name.
  9. "CNN - The most trusted name in news."
  10. I scanned the names, but did not read the details about each. Some (not many) seemed to be the standard the penalty was too great or they redeemed themselves. What I found noteworthy were the names not on the list.
  11. Amen, brother. I am totally fed up with the panels on news programs. On the other hand, I will now be able to devote more time to watching TCM! The daytime news programs are not great, but not near as bad as the nighttime ones as far as ranting and raving and talking endlessly about the same thing. Now get back to actual national and world news.
  12. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/donald-trump/full-list-trump-s-last-minute-pardons-commuted-sentences-n1254806
  13. Trudeau is upset over the possible revocation of the permits. I'm sure the majority of Canadian government is upset as well. Of course, it is more than just the fossil fuel damage to environment. It is also the threats to the United States so Canada and Big Oil can make money.
  14. Trudeau and Canadians are upset that Biden appears ready to cancel the permits for the Keystone XL Pipeline.
  15. The scientist said that people might be susceptible to reinfection because there had been cases of it. It was far too early to tell. We still don't really know. After hours on the internet and the phone, my wife and I have appointments for vaccinations - we hope. I blame Trump for the failure of sufficient vaccine to be produced and sufficient logistics in place to deliver it and inject it.
  16. Interesting that Biden is about to **** off Canada and Trudeau. He contemplates rolling back the permits for Keystone XL pipeline and depriving Canada of billions of easy money.
  17. The most interesting of Trump's rampant revenge politics was that which he practiced against REPUBLICANS!
  18. Trump has left the building. He leaves behind a country greatly divided, a pandemic that is still on an upward trend, a foreign policy in shambles, an economy in shambles, our international adversaries getting ahead of us economically and militarily and myriad other problems. Neither Wall St., the GDP, the Stock Market, etc. are the "economy." The economy is the number of people out of work or working less and the businesses teetering on the brink of failure. In addition, the economy is undergoing major shifts as to how people work and make purchases which may have disastrous effec
  19. I am cautiously optimistic that Schumer and company will present the bill and then get with McConnell, Romney, Cheney, etc. to reach a compromise.
  20. Haven't seen it yet, but I hope it passes. Depending upon what is in it, it will be close in both Houses. Also, not sure they can actually require states to comply except in federal elections (president and US house and senate). Of course, most states simply adopt the rules out of simplicity. The previous Voting Rights Act only applied to a few states, primarily in the South, not the entire nation. Might have been a few national things in it, but not much.
  21. Good luck with that.
  22. But let us not forget that Trump became what he became because McConnell was one of his chief enablers.
  23. Maybe you should put us on ignore. If someone posts something they need to realize that this is an exchange forum, not a classroom lecture from a professor. So, you post and we reply; just as you reply to our posts. Neither you nor the news networks nor any of us can determine what Trump's legacy will be. However, those of us who are Americans and have lived here for all our lives understand the impact of presidential legacies. We also understand the significance and tremendous impact of the Supreme Court and the Federal judiciary. Incidentally those same news networks were upset and
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