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  1. Yes, if the blacks fail to vote (as well as many other Dems), Trump wins. All groups need to understand that it is not really whether or not the Dems can make things better or accomplish much for their benefit, but if Trump and the GOPers win, the groups lose for decades to come. A triumphant Trump will stuff the court with so many "law and order" and limited protection for people judges that a lot of what they have now will be gone. Ginsberg will not likely last another four years, so Trump will get his 5.5 justices. Roberts is a half because he sometimes votes for people. Then there is no limit to the number of appointments he makes as well as executive orders (decrees in his belief).
  2. Thanks for the clarification on satire. Congress, DOJ and the courts can have tremendous influence on what is done by local police. Almost the entirety of civil rights and voter rights has been dictated by the Federal government. Many of the regulations on how police can "enforce" the law are dictated by the Federal government. Ultimately though it is up to the local and state governments to comply with the intent of Federal regulations and court rulings.
  3. But there had been riots in Atlanta in '66 and '67. One contributing factor to no riots in Atlanta was that MLK's funeral and burial took place in Atlanta.
  4. Time will tell, but I fear that the current rioting, looting and mayhem will result in people on the fence voting for Trump and Republicans. It worked for Richard Nixon in '68 and the "law and order" vote has tilted GOP way in other elections. I watched the attack on the CNN building in Atlanta last night.
  5. Real police reform has to come from Congress, state legislatures and the court system. The president can work with the DOJ to assist, but not a lot they can actually accomplish alone.
  6. I agree. The reaction to rioting helped elect Richard Nixon as president.
  7. My father solved that problem when I was in 10th grade and flunking algebra. Took out his pocket knife and literally cut the power cord to the TV. He would wire it back together on Friday night and then disconnect it again on Sunday night. Back in early 60's with OTA antenna and black and white the disconnecting and reconnecting probably had little effect on performance of TV. I did pass for the semester, but he thought it worked so well, he continued to do it for rest of school year. Naturally my mother and sister were upset that they could not watch TV because of me, but they watched very little anyway. Not to mention that he often worked night shift and I knew how to rewire it and then unwire it while he was gone. Oh, and we only got two stations.
  8. I like your list best of all. I prefer the ones from 50's and 60's, which unfortunately are being replaced by ones from the 70's and later on most OTA stations. Would add Perry Mason, Route 66 and Highway Patrol.
  9. My point is that Wayne chose not to serve, whereas others did serve. And no, he is not the only one. However, he made a career of playing the rough/tough stand-up guy in many war films. He also spent his life as pro-war or pro-US intervention. Research clearly shows that The Green Berets was made by John Wayne to gin up support for the war in Vietnam. As for movies during WW II; most were absolutely made to gain the support of the people back home. There was some element of propaganda in most, if not all. The Green Berets under Wayne's intention was almost totally a propaganda film. I like John Wayne Westerns and a few others. I tend not to watch WW II movies any more as I have seen most many, many times.
  10. In honor of all those who gave their lives for American freedom, Donald Trump chose to play golf.
  11. Thank you. I served with the 173rd Airborne during the war and with the XVIII Airborne before and after the war. In the past I have annually lamented that TCM shows no or few Vietnam War movies on Memorial Day, but to no avail. So, I gave up this year. Glad to see your post and welcome. As you noted there are far better movies about The Vietnam War and there are lots of them. One of my favorites is Go Tell the Spartans (1978). The Green Berets is not a "war" movie nor a movie about the Vietnam War. It is a propaganda film by John Wayne made in order to create support for the war. I read the book, The Green Berets, by robin Moore, when it came out in 1966. Not sure how much of the movie was supposedly based on the book, if any. The book was far better than the movie. Personally, I think John Wayne made a lot of "propaganda" type war movies to make up for his non-participation in WW II. Thank you for your service - and your post.
  12. Gov. Whitmir will have to explain why she did not fix the dams in the first place.
  13. Night Editor is one of the movies on the Bad Girls of Film Noir, Volume 2 DVD set.
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