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  1. There is another Lansbury movie in the set. Please Murder Me (1956) with Raymond Burr. The plot is a little more interesting, but I don't think as much of it as I do A Life At Stake. The quality of the DVD's may be a factor, but then Too Late for Tears, The Strange Love of Martha Ivers and Lady of Burlesque are in the set and I watch those over again. One problem I have with picturing Lansbury as a Femme Fatale is I can't get the image of her in Poseidon Adventure out of my mind.
  2. Hey, I resent that ( 😀) the North and West have some pretty bad ones as well.
  3. I have it on a collection, Dangerous Dames Collection (6 movies). It's Ok, but nothing great. I would give 2/5. It was made in 1954. Too Late for Tears is in the same collection. The quality of the DVD's is not so good so that may affect my judgement.
  4. Try and Get Me is the Noir Alley presentation for Sat., Jan 25 and Sun, Jan 26 and is followed by a couple more crime movies: The Underworld Story and Hell Drivers on Saturday Night. Midnight till 6:00 AM. Although the movies are about 90, 90 and 100 minutes per TCM site.
  5. Try and Get Me is the Noir Alley presentation and is followed by a couple more crime movies: The Underworld Story and Hell Drivers on Friday Night. Midnight till 6:00 AM. Although the movies are about 90, 90 and 100 minutes per TCM site.
  6. Friday, Jan 24. Not a bad line-up beginning with some Jane Fondas at 11:45 Then a couple of Robert Mitchum's. The best by far is Mitchum's Farewell, My Lovely. Boys Night Out is a really good comedy from the 60's style. Mitchum's The Wrath of God sounds familiar, but I don't remember it so need to watch it again. Saturday morning: Night Waitress is on at 8:30 and is one of the 60 minute mysteries that TCM is now showing on Saturday mornings. Have seen a couple of nice little movies.
  7. You say that now, but you really do not want that. Pence would be much more effective at getting the far right, extremist GOP agenda enacted into law.
  8. I looked this up and read the AP version. Sent it to a disabled vet I know who is an adamant Trump supporter. College educated, suburban, retired professional. The GOPers have always wanted to reduce Social Security, SSI, Medicare, Medicaid, etc. Next will be VA benefits. I also learned from someone else that Social Security now charges a supplement for Medicare if you have an income above a certain level based on the AGI on your tax return. So you paid Medicare premiums while working, you pay a Medicare premium once retired and now you pay an additional Medicare premium based on income.
  9. RE: Trump wanting to cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, etc. No one should be surprised by this as it has been part of the unpublicized agenda of the Republicans for years, if not decades. I am sure VA benefits cuts are desired as well. As for Florida, don't count on him losing it in 2020. See below. Trump discovered and the Republican Party confirmed that the so-called "Low Information Voters" referred to in this article are only concerned about a limited range of issues. The GOP and Trump zero in on those issues and get elected. Also, they are not low information, it is just that their preferred sources of information are from the right or conservative media. I know many of these Trump and GOP supporters and low information does not define them. The main difference between the Trump/GOP voters and the Dem voters is that the Trump/GOP voters VOTE; get it THEY VOTE! Far too many people who should vote Dem sit on their butts at home and don't vote. Then they pi$$ and moan about what is happening. That is how Trump became president and how the GOP keeps control of the US Senate and most state and county governments. Not sure what you are referring to, but regardless it is more than Graham being entertaining. He knows the voters in S.C. and he knows what they want to hear. He also knows how to please Trump and to get what he wants now and in the future. He just gets more media attention than most other GOPers who feel the same way or worse.
  10. Biden is fading? While he may not have a massive lead anymore, he is still the leading candidate overall. Let's wait until after IA, NH, SC and NV.
  11. The link only lists the names of people who signed the letter asking for MFA. No information on how it will be administered, how much it will cost and how it will be paid for. ACP is organization for internists.
  12. Interesting. The majority of veterans and active military vote Republican, so this may not mean a lot in swing districts. It didn't in two f the past elections cited. Of course, this seems to indicate an "intelligence" background is just as good as a military one. Many intelligence people are civilians and may have served very little, if any, in the military. Sen Lindsay Graham is a retired Air Force Reserve colonel. Sen Martha McSally is a retired Air Force colonel. Here's a breakdown by party: Many more details in the link. 96 total veterans in the 116th Congress. 30 are Democrats, 66 are Republicans. https://www.militarytimes.com/news/pentagon-congress/2018/11/21/veterans-in-the-116th-congress-by-the-numbers/ From my perspective, having served in the military can be a plus, but it can also be a negative.
  13. From what I read on Wikipedia, the "insurers" under Part D of Medicare also use pharmacy benefit managers. While the government may place limits on costs to some degree, it is up to beneficiaries to pay for amount of coverage they want. DOD Tricare is one of Federal government's largest health care plans and it uses a PBM for pharmaceuticals. On the other hand the VA operates its own internal PBM. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medicare_Part_D#Costs_to_beneficiaries
  14. I looked up Gen. Clark's reference to plans for taking 7 countries in 5 years. Has absolutely no bearing on the US actually intending to do any of it. The US, as well as British, Chinese, Russian, et. al., military has plans for every contingency. It is a plan for how to do it IF THE CIVILIAN AUTHORITIES (CONGRESS) AUTHORIZES IT. It's what they do. Does not mean they want to do it or even that it will work. Just like having a plan to evacuate your home in case of fire, flood or other disaster. You credit the US military and the intelligence community with having a lot more power than they do. The US military (including intelligence community) has never attacked another country unless the CIVILIAN GOVERNMENT instructed them to.
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