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  1. I owned a video store from 1993-2002. I managed one from 1985-1992. Unfortunately when I finally got my own store the boom of the 1980's had past and stores were soon to be dwindling. Blockbuster hurt the mom and pop stores like mine but so-even more-did Netflix. I do miss them days [actually mostly nights] when the weekends meant business was good and if it rained business was better. Some "new releases' were big deals back in the day. I still remember when Back to the Future hit the stores. And Jurassic Park. Talking about movies all the time with my customers. Recommending something like The Third Man and having that person come back to me saying how much he enjoyed it was extremely gratifying. It wasn't a job cuz-being a film buff-I loved it. Alas, nothing lasts.....now I work in the billing department of a medical group. How the mighty have fallen. *Sigh*
  2. Good question., that obviously no one has an answer to. They're both Warner Brothers titles and TCM is owned by that corporation. And to buy it on Amazon is $40!!
  3. A great filmmaker has been blacklisted. Make no mistake, this is not a Harvey Weinstein or Bill Cosby situation. No formal charges have been presented. This is a "he said, she said" thing. Amazon won't show his latest film either. It's a shame.
  4. Moving beyond the relationship angle, I loved the first hour of this movie. It reminded me of a lost Twilight Zone episode that was suddenly discovered. The strange, quiet, stillness of the Big Apple, or any metropolis - with some location work to give it an extra quality of realism - in end-of-the-world scenarios always fascinates me.
  5. I always have a rotation of books when I read. Currently they are The Brothers Mankiewicz, Contender: The Story of Marlon Brando, and The Big Picture. Good books all [ at least so far; I haven't yet finished any of them.]
  6. would have loved to see Burton tackle the part of Marlowe, just to see how it turned out. He too would have been a bit too old to play Marlowe, though he was about ten years younger than Mitchum QuoteBurton could have been Marlowe in The Big Sleep re-do that was transplanted to Great Britain. It couldn't have been worse than the one they did make. .
  7. I've seen it many, many times through the years. First time was during it's theatrical run in 1975. I like this and the Dick Powell version, as they both bring different qualities to each movie. I always read about Mitchum being ten to fifteen years to old play Marlowe. He may have been too old age-wise, but the part fit him like a glove. I guess we can wonder how perfect this movie would have been if Mitchum was 47 or 42 or thereabouts, versus the 57 years he was in 1975. It was--and still is--Mitchum's association with noir , his attitude, his aura, his persona, that sold it.
  8. He sang the title song over the credits, and his voice appears singing, in and out of the movie at different times. It worked well in the film.
  9. All these comments and not one on his contribution to Altman's The Long Goodbye.
  10. Dislike because: Been there, done that. Any self-respecting TCM film lover has already seen the movies that TCM trots out every year in February. Like because: I sometimes enjoy 31 Days of Oscar, but not more than 4 or 5 films that month. Dislike: Can TCM lower it to 30 Days of Oscar? Or 28 since February is a short month. 29 for a leap year. The only reason they had 31 Days was because the Academy's televising the award show in March, which has 31 days. They haven't done that for years. Honestly TCM cut it short, we've all seen these movies before often all year long.
  11. I call myself a "liberal", but I think the "woke" culture sucks and is generally misguided.
  12. I agree. Rudy's commentary's were always knowledgeable but somewhat dry. I always wanted a more personal approach, wanted to know what he thought of a scene or film or actor or director. Having said that I always found his comments on discs informative. Rudy knew his stuff! RIP.
  13. I like Funny Face {not MY favorite, but...} My favorite scene in the film is when Audrey sings " How Long Has This Been Going On". She is at her wistful best.
  14. Bugs Bunny Day. What a great idea!!!
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