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  1. I thought it was okay, acting wise, but to me the ending was disappointing!
  2. Al Jolson! Is anyone else a fan of his and think TCM surely ought to be showing more of his movies?!
  3. Personally, I can never see The Saint & The Falcon films enough!
  4. Currently reading My Life With Bonnie & Clyde by Blanche Caldwell Barrow (married to Buck, Clyde's brother). I've a fascination with the gangsters of this period! Edited by: VirginiaField on Dec 9, 2010 7:15 PM
  5. David Henesy of the T.V. show "Dark Shadows". He was also in the theatrical film "House of Dark Shadows". I also really like Margaret O'Brien.
  6. Not necessarily in any specific order. 1. Rosemary's Baby 2. Dracula (w/ Lugosi) 3. The Phantom of the Opera (w/ Chaney) 4. Nosferatu (w/ Schreck) 5. The Uninvited 6. Suspiria 7. The Kiss of the Vampire 8. Hangover Square 9. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (w/ J. Barrymore) 10.Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (w/ March) 11.House of Dark Shadows 12. Frankenstein Created Woman 13. Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed! 14. Freaks 15. Psycho 16. Mystery of the Wax Museum (w/ Atwill) 17. The Devil-Doll (w/ L. Barrymore) 18. Doctor X (w/ Atwill) 19.Night of the Living Dead (original) 20.Frankenstein (w/ Karloff) Edited by: VirginiaField on Nov 14, 2010 7:17 PM Edited by: VirginiaField on Nov 14, 2010 7:24 PM Edited by: VirginiaField on Nov 14, 2010 10:46 PM
  7. VirginiaField


    Is anyone else a big fan of this movie? Lately I have watched it a few times, and am always impressed. I think the music by Goblin is some of the most memorable ever in a horror film! It's a treat to me seeing Joan Bennett of "Dark Shadows" (my all time favorite T.V. show) as the evil mistress of the witches' coven. Edited by: VirginiaField on Nov 14, 2010 6:42 PM
  8. No one has destroyed our economy and wrecked our reputation like the socialist Obama. Big government - they are all for it. Just check out the facts. Edited by: VirginiaField on Nov 14, 2010 6:26 PM
  9. According to the book The Hollywood Book of Death - Albert Dekker was found dead by his girlfriend, Geraldine Saunders. After unsuccessfully trying to reach him, she went to his apartment, where she found his mutilated body in the bathtub. Camera equipment and several thousand dollars in cash were missing.The case has long been closed, but it remains a mystery.
  10. Agree, Albert Dekker was a distinguished actor. I recently read a book on actors' passings, and was quite taken aback to find out that he died as a result of a gruesome murder, which still remains unsolved. Edited by: VirginiaField on Aug 15, 2010 6:29 PM
  11. I too adore Lionel Atwill and Boris Karloff - love Atwill in Mystery of the Wax Museum, and Karloff in, well, *anything*!
  12. So tough, lots of faves, but I'll pick Peter Cushing, Bela Lugosi, Basil Rathbone!
  13. 1920s - 1940s - I *love* Al Jolson! Anyone else love Jolson? Also, classical music.
  14. Any modern films, which to me are from the 1990s to current.
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