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  1. Since no one seemed to be paying attention, Charlotte was a late child, translating to menopause baby, not planned for. And I know this is going to be non-PC, but I wasn't aware that the gay community has adopted the movie. This lovely, sad, haunting movie with so many themes, but one of the main ones being a woman in love with and man and vice versa. Please!!!
  2. Do people really need a detail-by-detail critique of this beautiful movie? Have you all joined the book club-like discussions at the end of a great read? Are people really so dull that they have to have detailed explanations in order to follow themes that are so overt? I realize this is TCM, but really, guys, can't we just enjoy something for what it is?
  3. Willbe, even though they were sequels (I guess), they were fun. And is there any sound like that of a shovel making contact with a skull? Wonderful, so funny.
  4. I thought Pretty Poison was one of the stupidest movies I have ever seen!
  5. Maybe we were there the same night! We'll never know, but wasn't it great!
  6. Saw them in person in a little bar at Ocean Drive Beach in SC summer of l971. It was AWESOME!!
  7. jbh


    Do they have cable on desert isles? Would you ride a bike like Ed Begley Jr to provide your electricity? Just asking.
  8. Does it ever cross anyone's mind that we watch a lot of dead people? Sometimes I see someone who is still alive in the classics from the mid-40s on, and it's always a surprise. There are so few left, and like someone has already said, it makes me feel old as we lose them one by one.
  9. I failed to see anything of comedic material in this movie. It was hard to get past Glenn's greasy hair (and was he really considered a leading man?), and I've never seen Geraldine in a "comedic" role. She was a wonderful actress and could be so sultry, so scary, and make you completely forget she was there, as she became her character (Summer and Smoke). Comedy must have changed a great deal. . And I agree, why the quiicky with the brassy blonde? And Angela was also showing her age, as were Glenn and Geraldine. What a waste of time.
  10. You're kidding, right? How many of us saw Bambi as children and survived unscathed by the movie? Are we talking children of the 50s through the 70s or children nowadays? My granddaughter saw this movie when she was around 3 and many times since. She loves the movie, as do I. I would much have preferred Disney movies which brought tears than many of the things that happened to me in real life. Disney's movies were filled with terror, cruelty, ugliness, and sometimes death, but they always had happy endings. How many of us have had really happy endings in situations in our lives? Give me
  11. Fred, I'm confused. I can understand KH's turning down "Bride." But did I understand you to say she turned down Anthony Perkins' role in Psycho? Was the role originally for a woman? Perkins is one who could definitely irritate, but I love Psycho. Please help me out here. Thanks. This is a question for Fred, not a response to Asco. Has something happened with the reply- to- thread post? Not complaining, just asking. Edited by: jbh on Mar 26, 2011 3:53 PM Edited by: jbh on Mar 26, 2011 3:55 PM
  12. I don't know the name of the cinematographer but when I think of cinematography, I always think of The Great Gatsby. The movie has a radiance, a shimmer, an other-worldly feeling that makes it lovely to watch. And Robert Redford didn't hurt. There are so many stunning films where the location almost nullifies the story itself. Wish we could see all of them on the big screen again. Those were the days! Edited by: jbh on Mar 25, 2011 7:10 PM
  13. Yep, Connie cuddled all right. She cuddled with Eddie Fisher sometime after he cuddled with Elizabeth. Where is she now, BTW?
  14. MSalt, I agree. I am disappointed that Suddenly won't be shown, love that movie. But I've never seen Ivanhoe so I'm looking foward to that. And JohnBabe, what is your problem? How can you compare one of Hollywood's biggest, unabashed sluts to Liz? Angelina has reinvented morality, and I still don't know how she has kept Pitt so long. Her relationships don't last, and I never thought he could be so easily whipped. Anyway, Angelina couldn't hold an Olympic torch, let alone a candle, to Elizabeth.
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