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  1. Sid Caeser was in It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World with Dick Shawn
  2. You said you are also interested in TV shows about cattle drives, so by all means don't forget "Rawhide" - the tv show that gave Clint Eastwood his start back in the late 50's and early 60's. The first 2 or 3 seasons are out on DVD now. You may also enjoy the mini-series "Centennial", about the establishment and growth of a small Colorado town. One of the middle episodes is entirely devoted to the first cattle drive on that particular trail, and the episode after that one is concerned with the brutal winter of 1886-87, which basically brought an end to the open range era of cattle ranchi
  3. I agree. It is one of the most beautiful movies, the sea and sky especially. I have heard it was shot in a wider screen than is currently available, but the copy I have does not look cropped.
  4. Thank you, "Doug-Boy". I'll reiterate my original post here, I was interested in hearing about movies similar to some old favorites of mine, which are about advenutres at sea, but no pirates or naval battles (although treasure does play a part in some of them. The particiular movies I referred to are All the Brothers Were Valiant The World in His Arms and Wake of the Red Witch
  5. I enjoy vintage television every bit as much as I enjoy classic movies, and I suspect this is true for a lot of people on this forum, this discussion is not quite off topic! My all time top favorite television series is the 1965-68 series I Spy, with Robert Culp and Bill Cosby as under cover agents travelling the world and waging the Cold War against Russian and Chinese agents. A handful of other favorites are The Dick Van Dyke Show The Rockford Files (I consider the 1970's to be inlcuded in classic tv) MASH Father Knows Best The Jack Benny Program The original
  6. I agree with markfp2, my favorite war film of all time is Battleground. I like it best for a number of reasons. First of all, it was made in 1949, which was still at a time when the war was fresh on people's memories, and so the attitudes and language (with the exception of a lack of profanity) accurately reflected the way people talked and behaved in the 1940's. It was long enough after the war not to be a flag-waving morale booster film. The soldiers are realistaically portrayed as being tired, scared, cold, cynical and ready to jump on a chance to get away from the front lines for a w
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