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  1. I guess this thread is technically different than the previous "irritating" thread, but I'm still surprised it took so long for June Allyson's name to pop up. There are actors I don't care for whose films I will still watch -- I can that recognize Robert Mitchum is a pretty great actor, even though his manner/demeanor is unappealing to me. Lana Turner couldn't act her way out of a paper bag, Keenan Wynn is extremely grating, and I personally find Mae West ridiculous, but I can usually ignore that for the sake of an otherwise good movie. And then there are actors who honestly put me of
  2. > {quote:title=LoveFilmNoir wrote:}{quote} > > (gasps) (smiles) But if it's any consolation, I can tolerate him in The Petrified Forest.
  3. Thanks for the info helenbaby and Carvel! I know there are DVD sets of at least Warner Brothers cartoons, but it's nice to catch them on TV. I'm pretty sure I get Boomerang. Still, the best part about Cartoon Alley was the history/anecdotes between shorts. There is no defense for Scrappy Doo.
  4. This thread is really a never-ending story. What the hey, I'll throw another log on: I know it's sacrilege, but I just can't stand Humphrey Bogart. It's hard to quantify these things when they really are just opinions. But, for Bogie, his whole tough guy deal seems like such an affectation to me. I don't find him impressive, and I don't get why he's considered a "man's man." And the tone of his voice makes me cringe.
  5. I was just reading about a ridiculous update of the Looney Tunes where all the characters live on the same block in suburbia. Bugs and Daffy are roommates and Speedy Gonzales owns the local pizza joint. Made me remember how much I used to enjoy this show on Saturday mornings. Ben M was the host, and they showed mostly MGM and Warner shorts of course. I don't think any TV station runs the plain old toons anymore. Now it's all updates.
  6. 1983 was a pretty poor crop, so my choice is easy! Hands down, A Christmas Story. Honorable mention to Silkwood, Trading Places, and Bill Cosby: Himself. I've never seen the Best Picture winner -- Terms of Endearment. I might revise if I ever catch it.
  7. You guys, this thread hurts my feelings. Just kidding, but it is interesting to see how widely tastes can diverge. Rosalind Russell could certainly be bombastic, but I think that's part of the roles she chose, like Mame, or Hildy. Or Sylvia Fowler. You kind of have to be Rosalind Russell to pull those characters off with any success. She knew what qualities she had that entertained people, and she went for those roles. But then she'd show a completely different skill set in Night Must Fall, and be good there too. I also like June Allyson, but I really have no defense other than th
  8. I adore Edward Everett Horton. Would love to see that silent you mention, TikiSoo. Sounds like a trip. EEH is my favorite thing in so many 30s comedies, e.g. Holiday, and that's saying a lot for a film that also features Lew Ayres and a free-wheeling Cary Grant. He had wonderful timing and delivery, and his face was fantastically expressive. And then there was that gorgeous voice. I heard him first on Fractured Fairy Tales when I was a kid, and then later I got a big kick when I recognized him by his voice in films. I think I made a bid for him during Summer Under the Stars one of th
  9. > {quote:title=LoveFilmNoir wrote:}{quote} > I thought they were showing the one for Liz Taylor. Lo and behold I see that boyish good looking face of Farley's and I screamed! I had no idea he passed.... Same here, except I didn't scream, I gasped in shock. I had such a crush on Farley Granger when I was younger. I missed all the subtext in Rope for many years because I was too busy concentrating on his dreamy face and voice. I hope he's resting in peace.
  10. I love musicals, and I dearly love Oklahoma! and West Side Story, but there's no defending South Pacific. Also, I can't do Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. I never make it more than 15 minutes into that one.
  11. > {quote:title=hlywdkjk wrote:}{quote} > And there are two special line-ups for two of our friends here on the 28th of the month - six "Dr. Kildare" movies to warm our friend 'patful' As a big Lew Ayres fan I have to say I'm thrilled about this too, and the rounding off of the birthday tribute with Johnny Belinda and Holiday. Also excited to see Intolerance, Moguls & Movie Stars, The Blob, and Rooneyfest '10. I haven't been too in love with TCM's showings this year, but they're really making it up to me in these next few months.
  12. What's more, Norma Shearer's day turned out to be a mini Robert Montgomery day. I was happy to finally see *Their Own Desire*. And yeah, *The Student Prince* in prime time was awesome.
  13. > {quote:title=clore wrote:}{quote} > Doesn't Beatty start every line of dialogue with "Ehhhh....?" I kept waiting for him to ask for eh-spicy meat-eh-balls.
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