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  1. Look into the location shooting of the picture. What a fascinating story that is. Filmed in NYC, the tenants complained of the noise and etc. The building itself has an interesting history and I... Oh, heck, I'm going to watch it.
  2. She is wonderful in her Columbo episode. She is pure magic.
  3. I'm still waiting for Rabbitson Crusoe. "Twenty years of coconuts! I can't stands coconuts! A rabbit! A stewing rabbit!" And Sahara Hare. Riff Raff Sam rants and raves to Bugs about getting his footy prints all over his desert. Bugs hears all the raving and simply says, "Your slip is showing".
  4. Bugs to Daffy: What's with you anyway? Daffy: I can't help it. I'm a greedy slob. Save me!
  5. Well, the 1939 version is certainly dated for its time. Vaudevillians each and every one added to the mix of a time long ago, the depression and everything. I think that was the beauty of the film. To remake it today, I don't know. You are certainly not going to find many actors today with the Brooklyn accent reading a sign that says, "I'd toin back if I was you." Certainly there are no other actors out there that come close to Bert Lahr, Jack Haley and the amazing dancing Ray Bolger. Go on! Get in there before I make a dime bank outta you! The 1939 version is a classic film b
  6. Fire Maidens of Outer Space via MST3K. A horribly boring movie showcasing babes in short dresses, choreography by who knows by whom. For me it was a fun venture as I enjoy these horrible low budget films.
  7. The Black Scorpion is actually a pretty good monster movie, as far as giant atomic monsters go.
  8. I would like to see the film again, Swiffer. Can't find it on YouTube.
  9. I never cared for The Invisible Ray. Seemed to me that Universal was putting their two horror stars into anything they could find. Losey scrip. I don't know. I haven't seen it in years. Then there's another picture - a crime film where Lugosi was supposedly hypnotized... Come on.
  10. It really does and he gets along so well with Corky. When I purchased my gigantic Smart TV, I put in a Charlie Chan DVD. The old man - my ex - settled down to watch Man Made Monster and loved it. That's saying a lot. This is the man who on our first date wanted to know why I watched black and white movies on a color TV. I told him to shut up and watch. He learned.
  11. And she played Billy Mumy's mama in It's a Good Life, one of the creepiest episodes ever!
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