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  1. I was trying to find some info on Warners filming the show in technicolor. Studio execs put the kibosh on season three because they thought they were spending too much money on a half hour television show. But that's why the uniforms and everything look so glorious. Just another case of the actors showing up to work and being let go due to technical issues and cheapskate bosses.
  2. I think he may have been surprised that his legacy was still going strong and that his films are keeping families glued to his films during the stay at home crisis. I'm reading a bio on Guy Williams and am amazed at the longevity of Zorro's fame and how kids are still are crazy about him even to this day and in black and white yet! But, yeah, I think Mr. Disney would have been surprised and very proud. His films live on. Who here on this forum doesn't get a kick out of the Lady and the Tramp spaghetti scene?
  3. V is for Vampire is my favorite F Troop episode. Agarn begs O'Roarke to stay awake with him and comes up with any excuse including playing whist. O'Roarke: You don't know how to play whist! Agarn: I do too. I'm the fastest whist in the west. LOL!!!
  4. You know one of William Schallert's last roles was in the Stephen King flick Bag of Bones? He was wonderful, but of course the film was not true to the book.
  5. No! He played some love lorn nutcase trying to keep the memory of his wife alive!
  6. No. Star Trek the Next Generation TV show.
  7. Or Bugs Bunny's version... I dream of Jeannie, she's a light brown hare.
  8. That used to crack up my father. The burglar of Banf-f-f-f.
  9. I dream of Wrangler with the light colored hair...
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