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  1. I hadn't seen this one in a long, long time. Laughed like heck when Daffy says, "His name is Jack!" There's the slightest hesitation as though Daffy needs a second and then suddenly realizes.. yeah... "Jack Rabbit!" Hilarious.
  2. I've always thought Lugosi swoon-worthy in his earlier years.
  3. I wonder how many pounds that necklace weighed that Joan wore.
  4. Would have been funnier if the actress playing Joan wore shoulder pads.
  5. When I saw this was on tonight, for a brief, fleeting moment I said that's a Joan Crawford flick. Then I wondered why I thought that. Is she even in it?
  6. Have you seen this yet? TVLand displays it before Bonanza and Gunsmoke episodes.
  7. Used to look for Grayson Hall in this thing. She was wonderful as Miss Hoffman on Dark Shadows, and even more delightful as the inn keeper in The Gargoyles.
  8. Those engines were so easy to work on. I had to replace a water pump once and when you opened the hood, everything is right there. No pollution devices or contraptions. I wanted heart and soul to be a mechanic when I was a youth. A mechanic friend told me to forget it because eventually everything was going to be computerized. The man I was dating at the time had several brothers, all mechanics. It was a wonderful learning experience, since I used to play with my brother's plastic motor in the 60's. I lucked out too that when I have to bring my vehicle in for service, nobody can snowball
  9. Oh, I got a lot of ribbing about the button on the floor that made high beams.
  10. Duel directed by Stephen Spielberg.
  11. As far as a garbage scow can go.
  12. Never heard of a Valiant De Luxe. Must have been for the semi rich.
  13. I think the poor car throws a rod in the end...
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