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  1. Great film. I watched Road House afterward. Had myself a nice little Ida Lupino double feature today. Thanks for the heads up.
  2. In Stephen King's novel IT the eye creature from this film is one of the forms the clown takes to scare the kid whose worst nightmare was the monster in this film.
  3. I was disappointed that Eddie had nothing to say about Lorne Greene in Tight Spot. Although he is only on the screen briefly for three times, I thought he was wonderfully frightful as the mob boss or undesirable alien as Ginger Rogers called him on her way to the witness stand.
  4. And you would be right. I'm looking forward to Sven's take on it.
  5. On the weekday cartoon show they finally, finally showed Rabbitson Crusoe. Yosemite Sam plays the marooned islander who has had nothing to eat for twenty years but coconuts. Along comes Bugs drifting towards the island in a box, rescued by Sam and the hilarity begins. Favorite lines when Sam finally gets bugs in a pot over a fire, Bugs points and exclaims, "Look, a tidal wave!" and Sam yells, "Shut up and start simmerin'!!!" Then he spots the wave and the island is washed away. I love this cartoon. One of the best.
  6. I liked the Untouchables clowning around. You can tell it was a big year for television westerns.
  7. How about Lady on a Train with Durbin?
  8. Oh! I would love to see Boston **** on Eddie's noir show.
  9. I remember that. I'm a huge fan of the Bowery Boys, but believe me, after that year I'd had enough!
  10. Yes, I'm a fan of Glenda Farrell, but I would still like to see the Saturday morning movie with a different star each week. Mix it up a little, I say.
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