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  1. If I ever win the lottery (where have I heard that before)? No really I would love to have a huge movie screen and be be able to watch films like we use too! Thanks for the the response on wwywtlwo, I know she has had better movies, I just remember enjoying this one when I was a kid.
  2. I thought so too, oh well maybe they will show it soon. I remember seeing it when I was around 8 or 9 maybe I just like Doris Day, I wouldn't mind seeing Midnight Lace as well.
  3. Thanks for taking time to respond, I knew they were not just being mean, I was just disappointed, I know schedules change to when they decide to dedicate a Special day for someone who has recently passed like Elizabeth Taylor on the 10th. I love TCM I am a nut for old movies, so thanks to you and filmlover.
  4. Thanks now I know why I'm working so much! Not to pay the bills but search all the movies, and see which dvd's to buy!!!LoL Speaking of work got to get ready to go............Have a Happy Easter All..............:0)
  5. I thought that was the purpose of me subscribing to NP so we could plan what we watch and tape in advance!LoL Oh well I will watch for it later. It has been forever since it was on I'm thinking late 90ies or early 2000 same with About Mrs Leslie another probably not the best Robert Ryan but I liked it! I wish the would play it soon as well.
  6. Thanks for answering it was suppose to be on at 4:30 PM EST it is listed in my Now Playing guide for April
  7. I want to know why they changed the line up for Friday the 22nd I have been waiting for this movie forever! It's not scheduled anytime soon either, anyone know what's up? Edited by: TKA on Apr 21, 2011 12:33 PM
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