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  1. I am being honest when I write this, but it was not a reference to you. I should've replied to myself. But I did not think that Hollywood was your last name or even part of your real name? I am sure worse, more grievous errors have been made on these boards. Probably by me.
  2. > {quote:title=FredCDobbs wrote:}{quote} > > {quote:title=MyFavoriteFilms wrote:}{quote} > > Good research, Dobbsy. > > > > My guess is that it's cheap for them to air. Probably free. LOL > > With Directv bills going up again next month, TCM can lose viewers and subscribers with this kind of crap. Better to show Meet Me In St. Louis again, rather than this home-movie trash. I could not agree more. You are so right. Even a 999th showing of SOME LIKE IT HOT would be a major improvement. They really should be ashamed of including that title. But like I said, maybe one viewer in Alaska will like it. LOL
  3. Good research, Dobbsy. My guess is that it's cheap for them to air. Probably free. LOL It doesn't even seem interesting, but who knows, maybe someone will like it.
  4. SCARLET STREET aired in either November or December. I am glad it's being screened again. An excellent four-star film noir.
  5. You need to stop threatening posters. You're out of line in my opinion. If I was being sarcastic to you, it would've said Corporal Kyle. I was referencing the inclusion of Corporal Hargrove in the lineup. And the fact that most of these flicks are Hollywood entries, with few foreign films. Stop being sensitive and get back on topic.
  6. Dobbsy, I had a feeling you would have trouble with a 2008 entry. Let us see what the TCM apologists have to say about it... Takers? LOL
  7. It seems a rather dull event. What next, Corporal Hollywood? A month of Flipper and Shamu the whale?
  8. There are a few good items, but overall the May 2011 schedule lacks creativity in my opinion. Our message board posters do a better job with their programming challenges... First, I do not think a lot of fans are clamoring for a month of *Esther Williams*. That is another safe choice, and they should be stepping a bit outside the box and choosing talent that has a little more dramatic dimension. As I went through the schedule, I kept hoping they would air some of her non-musical films. They save them for the last week, and their idea of non-musical is an Andy Hardy movie she did. She has several interesting titles made with Fernando Lamas in Europe and she also has a film she did for Fox. I think they should've acquired those. Otherwise, go on to a star like Joel McCrea with more wide-ranging roles. The only film I am happy about in any shape or form for Esther Williams this month is THE UNGUARDED MOMENT. I do like THE HOODLUM SAINT, but I feel it should've come earlier in the month. Why work up to the mid-50s sequentially then go back and get a dramatic part from the 40s. There is a morning where they air a group of tank-related films. Why not throw in TANK, starring perennial fan favorite Jim Garner? That's a missed opportunity to get a relevant modern classic into the lineup. My favorite day is the one where two very unique gals are featured: *Margaret Rutherford*, including but not limited to the Miss Marple mysteries. And later on, a showcase of *Joan Bennett* who never delivers a dull performance. We even get a film she made in 1970 when she was riding a crest of popularity with the gothic soap Dark Shadows. Similarly, I am pleased to see a cluster of *Raymond Massey* films, covering a multitude of genres. He's a diverse actor and his body of films illustrates that. He should be a SUTS honoree in my estimation. There's a day of *Kate* RKO titles, including THE LITTLE MINISTER which I haven't seen. And an early feminist piece she did called A WOMAN REBELS. That should be fun. Two *William Haines* titles are a start in the right direction towards making amends with his often neglected fan base. Meanwhile, I am dissatisfied with the *Mary Astor* films they have chosen for a day early in the month. Most of it is filler, with the exception of THE GREAT LIE. It will seem odd watching her do supporting roles in two crime flicks, one a Philo Vance whodunit and the other a Perry Mason entry. I would prefer that they use some of her work from the 50s and 60s, when she could steal an entire picture in a reduced supporting role just because she was the great Mary Astor. A bevy of *Valentino* silents should make that fan base happy. But no SHEIK? And no SON OF THE SHEIK? Let us pause while we collectively scratch our foreheads on that one. *Maureen O'Sullivan* is featured one day in May, and I am definitely happy about that. But again, like Mary Astor, I would love to see some of her later work included, too. They do the same thing with *Henry Fonda*. We get some of his Warners work, before he went to Fox. He's still learning his craft in some of these pictures from the 30s. For added contrast, let's see something later with him, like SOMETIMES A GREAT NOTION. Notice I am n-o-t suggesting the much-played, much-hyped 12 ANGRY MEN. I could go on, and no doubt I will when the spirit convenes with me again. But this is good enough for now. I think that while I have not picked the plate clean, I have sopped up most of the juice with the bread of thought.
  9. But even if it was a Freudian slip, it's accurate. It's her music that put her up on screen, not her acting. And now, she's in a retrograde period, film-wise. She needs to go back to music full-time.
  10. I think I am entitled to my opinion that I feel some of the programming is gimmicky. I won't let anyone else tell me I can't have my opinions. And when June rolls around and it's more gimmicks and tricks, I won't say anything...I will let the others dive in and point fingers and blame TCM's programmers. I know where I stand. And everyone else knows where I stand. It will be interesting to watch others make a fuss. And we know they will.
  11. Sorry, I'm not buying that argument. You can go ahead and conduct a poll and then share your research with us. And then I am sure the nay-sayers will rip it to shreds. Most of your ideas do not gel for me. Here we have an AA poster who came on to this board, took time out of her life to mention her concerns and people are knocking it left and right. Unbelievable.
  12. Well, maybe June's schedule will be up tomorrow. LOL Keep in mind that when the June schedule is finally posted, and if there is no programming based on race, class, gender or orientation...people will make note of it.
  13. > ... thanks for setting the record here. Glad to have been of help.
  14. That is NOT what the thread is about. Please do not simplify it into something a kindergarten film fan would write. It is about how critics comment on whether an actor or actress (any actor or actress) can muster up enough talent to be convincing in a role that requires both musical and dramatic skill.
  15. Listen, we are not going to agree on this. And I am more than okay with our not agreeing. I will not change my opinion. I hope that your opinion is something you can live with, like I can live with mine. Take care.
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