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  1. My mistake Edited by: AngiLaLa on Aug 30, 2010 2:57 AM
  2. It is from a poem called "The Market Street El". I don't know what the significance is though. THE MARKET STREET EL after the gates have closed the dogs run free among the headstones as I pass waiting for a train samba, sugarloaf, jungle, piranha burnt orange black line hard tested steel hammer forged for a world of hammers open your doors samba, sugarloaf, jungle, piranha dented cold people of faith each to own sit and stare so as not to be seen you do not want to die alone samba, sugarloaf, jungle, piranha new blind old classic arch Reflect
  3. Of course he meant for her to be murdered, but did he intend to frame her? Why make sure that the detectives saw the stocking on the desk or plant the letter on him? But I could never say for sure because of his reaction to the detectives figuring out that he didn't come through the window because his shoes were clean. Great ending though! I thought maybe the mismatched key was to the attache case (if Swann had received it before the murder for some reason) but I never would have guessed the original key was still under the carpet!
  4. I'm sure everyone has them, a random question about a favorite movie...for example; What did Fred/Paul have engraved on the Cracker Jack ring for Holly in Breakfast at Tiffany's (my friends and I have wondered this for years). And in Dial M for Murder; Did Tony intend to Frame Margot for the murder after the plan was botched, or was that a "lucky" coincidence? I mean, he did look pretty surprised when the detective explained how he couldn't have come through the window. Any one else have any random movie questions (or answers)?
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