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  1. During the past few weeks, there has been a drastic reduction in the number of pre-code films shown. Why?
  2. Broadway Through A Keyhole-1933 was on TCM about 4 years ago. Any chance of seeing it again?
  3. Any good places to download precodes, other than TCM? Sign of the Cross, Madame Satan, etc.
  4. I think you can see it on you tube.
  5. Whispering Whoopee(?) with Thelma Todd. 3 call girls play "post office" with a group of older men, but something more seems to be going on.
  6. jasta


    Thanks. What book would contain information on the largest number of precode films 1929-1934? I have Precode Hollywood.
  7. jasta


    Are there any books that have a complete list of precodes, with details on each one?
  8. I recently read 2 books about her that include excerpts from her diaries, and I was really surprised by some of the details. See http://www.kayfrancisfilms.com/2009/12/1930s.html and http://www.kayfrancisfilms.com/2009/12/1920s.html
  9. This episode was broadcast on Oct. 7, but my Tivo failed to record it. Does anyone know where I could see it or download it or something? Thanks
  10. Is there a listing of pre-code films, showing the most interesting pre-code scenes in each film?
  11. I was playing this movie, not paying much attention, when I suddenly heard the word "****". At first, I thought I must be hearing things, but when I replayed it, there it was. How did this get past the censors? Was it a joke, or did it mean something else, back then? How did the public react? Was it used in any other movies, before the 1960's?
  12. Still looking for ScreenSnapshots 15, No.3, and any other newsreel type films of Thelma Todd. Thanks
  13. Thanks for the replies. If you Google "Screen Snaphots 15, No.3", you get several descriptions, but no place to buy or download.
  14. This film is called Screen Snapshots Series 15, No.3. Does anyone know where to get it? Thanks
  15. Around 2007, TCM played a newsreel/short that included something like "Patsy Kelly visits Thelma Todd's cafe" and other items. Does anyone have a copy of this short film? Thanks
  16. Are any of these available, showing her in or around her Sidewalk Cafe, or covering her death, in 1935? Thanks
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