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  1. I came in at the end yesterday so maybe they did run it. If they finally did air the restored version it took them long enough.
  2. Granted, izcutter, it's a lousy movie but I do think TCM ought to air the complete film especially when Osborne and company always seem to make so much noise about how such connoisseurs of filmdom they are. I mean how brilliant and intuitive do you have to be to figure out that viewers JUST MIGHT want to see the restored print of this movie. Having never purchased it on video I have never seen the extra 22 minutes of footage. I keep hoping every time they schedule this they will finally air the restored print.Thus far they have lacked the basic intuition to have done so. Are Osborne & comp
  3. RayFiola, you and the others are quite mistaken. TCM has only and IS STILL only showing the 154 min. edited version. The restored version is 174 min. long. Get you facts straught before you and others ignorantly malign someone. Edited by: Stanislaus_Grazaba on Sep 5, 2010 11:41 PM
  4. Has TCM ever aired a print with the extra 22 minutes of restored footage? I would think they would..and should! I'd like to catch Robert Osborne on one of his many off days and see how he fares when he's asked that one. But since he's not here I'll settle for a reasonably cognizant response from tcmprogrammer..that is if he's got one. Why would the cinematic worshippers running TCM not opt to air a restored print of this film as opposed to an older incomplete print? Call me impulsive but I would very much like to see that extra 22 minutes of footage...especially as it could only help to improv
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