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  1. I will *absolutely* be there! I'm so wonderfully excited that I'm not getting any sleep tonight-- see you all there in just a few more hours!
  2. The exhibit sounds fabulous, love hearing everyone's experiences! This past Tuesday night, members of the American Cinematheque here in Hollywood got a sneak peak at the doc's first two episodes! Anyone else here on the forums that got a chance to attend? The word "exciting" does not begin to describe the feeling of being in the audience! Sort of on topic, but probably more off topic than on... Not sure where else to post this so here goes: in Now Playing's lovely write up about the documentary, it says something that I believe is a simple matter of transposing words in the final draf
  3. It will be a difficult task to improve upon this year?s TCM Classic Film Festival?s roster of very, VERY important people. (How can you possibly top Luise Rainer? Eva Marie Saint? Nancy Olson? Eli Wallach? Stanley Donen? Tony Curtis? Ernie Borgnine?) But since the 2nd Annual WILL be here in one year?s time, I thought it would be fun to sit down and dream up a dream guest list for that happy event ? Here are some favorites that would absolutely make my day ... Elizabeth Taylor Shirley Temple Mickey Rooney Robert Redford Shirley Maclaine Ann Margret Margaret O?Brien Christopher P
  4. Kingrat-- when the Jack Cardiff credit got applause at the Pandora screening I was absolutely swimming with pride. MY kind of people! (I was similarly pleased at the Graduate screening when Dreyfus got applause for his "I'll get the cops" line...) And of course, the MASSIVE applause for Bernard Herrmann at the North By Northwest screening was just fabulous.
  5. I was at that screening as well and had the *exact* same regrets! 10:00 was a rough time slot for Pandora, with its languorous pacing and wordy script. The restoration was beautiful, absolutely, but me-oh-my ... when the projection stopped halfway through the film I was secretly hoping that they wouldn't be able to fix it ...
  6. Yeah, the photos one the main site are great! Their blog is up too and looks great! My blog is covering the fest and we posted a couple press photos: http://kittypackard.wordpress.com/2010/04/23/tcm-film-festival-a-star-is-born/
  7. G'morning, you guys! I too am bleary eyed this morning--and itching to sneak out of work early to rejoin my comrades up the street! Last night, The Chinese Theater was our Graceland, our Abbey Road?our Stratford Upon Avon. The A Star is Born premiere may have looked like a 'celebrity' event, with its red carpet hubbub, but at heart it was a reverent convention of like-minded enthusiasts for pure, classic film. (And it was just toooo fun crossing the notoriously slovenly Hollywood Blvd with hoards of people puttin' on the ritz in their Hollywood best!) Edited by: littletramplover on
  8. Shaking with excitement, you guys! Just came back from the Roosevelt and the lobby is absolutely beautiful, all of the fans are so totally thrilled--they've got the red carpet all set up outside the Chinese and the vibe is just fantastic!! Can't WAIT for tonight!
  9. gosh ... talk about Sophie's Choice!! 1. Charlie Chaplin 2. Marlon Brando 3. Jimmy Cagney 4. Paul Newman 5. Van Heflin 6. Cary Grant 7. William Powell 8. William Holden 9. Marcello Mastroianni 10. Jack Lemmon
  10. Early Frankie crooning a simply heavinly "Polkadots and Moonbeams" ... *heavy sigh*. I've been living off a steady diet of Frankie lately. (Boys. Grrr.) And this fluffy tune is about the lightest I've gotten ... it's all been Where Are You and Wee Small Hours ...
  11. Well, at the risk of being a cliche, the Back to the Future films are indeed my favorite time travel tales. Simply too much fun for words. An 1980s teenager playing matchmaker to his woefully mismatched parents? Irresistible. And I do think that the second installment of the trilogy brazenly stole from It's A Wonderful Life. (C'mon: Hill Valley's alternate universe is eerily similar to Bedford Falls without Geroge Bailey!) Edited by: littletramplover on Apr 19, 2010 11:56 PM
  12. And even if it does rain, chances are it won't be torrential ... a weekend ago rain was forecasted on the weekend, and rain it did Friday early morning .... clearing up beautifully by the morning commute! And if by chance it DOES cats and dogs it? Well, let's just put on our best Gene Kelly smile, eh?
  13. mongo, if I may - this photo of Liza is the spittin' image of your photo of her dad. It most certainly is! The following is one of my absolute favorite photos of Marlon ... on the set of Guys and Dolls looking ever so thrilled to be there ... Edited by: littletramplover on Apr 19, 2010 11:37 PM
  14. Four: Film Historians: Not every film historian is ready for their close-up. The camera doesn't love them all. Case in point, Molly Haskell. She's great in documentaries about film history but during her stint on the Essentials she looked uncomfortable and looked like she wanted to be anywhere but there with Robert O. Oh lzcutter, I simply could not agree more! Molly's wealth of knowledge is boggling, and she has one the most eloquent writing "voices" you could ever hope to find. Insightful, witty, charming. But you're right: on camera with Osborne she really did look a bit green about th
  15. You said it, Allen! You bet your life I'm bolting from Breathless the second the end credits roll to make it to Midnight Cowboy at The Egyptian!!
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