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  1. Can anyone PLEASE help? Looking for the name of the piece that is being played by Liszt, during the last scene in "A Song to Remember" (1945), when Chopin is dying. Thank You Very Much!
  2. Forgot to add "Downstairs" with John Gilbert and Paul Lukas, and "Desirable" with George Brent and Jean Muir. The latter is an old WB 'women's movie' but it's a favorite of mine!
  3. Yes, they've been very good about quickly sending out damaged or missing issues in the past. Just seemed weird that half the month was gone. I wouldn't have noticed so fast if I hadn't been cheating on one of the crossword puzzle questions... that's what you get!
  4. Agree about 'Laura'... it should be an Essential. I like it, but I've seen enough 'Leave Her to Heaven' showings recently. I'd love to see 'The Earrings of Madame De' again.
  5. Has anyone who subscribes to the Guide noticed half the Jan. issue missing? Mine came sealed as usual; but the entire middle ( Jan. 7- 17) was absent. Already contacted CS, just thought it was unusual and wondered if anyone else had had this odd occurrence!
  6. I have quite a few of the 'Movie Story' issues-- I will look in to them and reply if I can find either one...
  7. I've been away from some time, and am wondering whatever happened to the features where one could vote for a film to be released to DVD, or request its showing. There is a 1934 Warner Bros. 'womens' movie' called "Desirable", starring George Brent, Verree Teasdale and Jean Muir, that I believe was last shown on Brent's birthday back in March of 2009... I voted for it ( along with about 4 others) and have been looking for this movie to be shown again. It's pure soap and a bit creaky, but is a well-acted and scripted story of a narcissistic actress who hides her 19 yr. old daughter from the world so her fans won't guess her real age. The venomous mom is perfectly played by Teasdale, and George Brent is charming and funny as one of the actress's wooers who discovers, befriends and convinces the girl she must start living for herself. Has this feature been gone for long? And is there still any way to request a specific film be shown? Thanks!
  8. Posted this question earlier as Song in The Company She Keeps, but see now it is also featured in a scene in Hitchcock's Notorious. It begins right after Cary and Ingrid are busted by Claude Rains outside the wine cellar. It continues a bit upstairs as Dev is saying goodbye to Alex's mother. It is a little bit Latin-sounding, romantic... Don't know if it is a Roy Webb original passed around between RKO films, or was a standard of the mid-late 40s, but would like to find out which. I would dearly appreciate any help from classic film music experts out there! Thank you.
  9. Thanks for the link. It is also featured in 'Notorious', during the scene when Claude Rains catches Cary & Ingrid outside the wine cellar. The piece begins when Dev walks away, and continues a bit upstairs where he is saying good night to Alex's mommy.
  10. Very good book. I believe it's the best I've read on him. Viera knows his subjects! I tried reading a book on Mayer written by his daughter but it was so obviously slanted to make him a saint I couldn't continue it. Although I guess that's understandable when you're writing about your adored daddy! Sorry for OT everyone.
  11. Yes-- I should have added him, too. Brilliant and so good looking. Would have loved to have been a fly on the wall of his offices during some of those conversations. But such a short life-- I don't know if I could have handled the grief!
  12. Can't wait to see it again. I was 10 when it aired and immediately fell in love with both Nick Nolte and Peter Strauss. Susan Blakely was gorgeous. Falconetti was Satan himself.
  13. Forgot to add John Gilbert. He might have had trouble being faithful, but it would have been fun while it lasted!
  14. rosebette: you stole both of my choices lol. I believe you are correct about Basil and Ouida-- she seemed to be all about the parties and the money he was making from the Holmes series. He apparently was not that crazy about having all those people around all the time. But he seemed to be very devoted to her; didn't dish at all about what he might have in his autobio. Ronald Colman was beautiful, a wonderful actor and also seemed to be a very devoted husband. I would think he must have had to fight the girls off with a stick. A real couple of old-time dreamboats! You have excellent taste.
  15. Can anyone please tell me the name of the song playing in "The Company She Keeps", during the scene near the beginning where Jane Greer and Lizabeth Scott are in the restaurant? The music starts just about when the waiter comes up to take their dessert order, and keeps playing while Scott meets Dennis O'Keefe at the bar. I've heard this piece in other RKO ( and possibly Fox ) movies around the same era, late 40s early 50s. I don't know if it was a standard of the time or is merely a piece of studio music. Thanks very much for any help!
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