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  1. In movies of the 30s in the Depression I have noticed films show people who are out of work -- not political diatribes, but the reality. People enter dance marathons because they need money, share apartments because they are out of work, etc. I think in the first "King Kong" someone joined the ship because he or she was out of work. In recent years I have only seen "Moon over Parador" (very funny) and In America" (very touching) showing people out of work. Perhaps the beginning of "Goodbye Girl." Why has Hollywood ignored a 9% unemployment rate for three years? jreynolds
  2. I am always interested in seeing how patient care is portrayed in movies. In the 40s everyone seemed to need brain surgery, which many times apparently did not require having their hair cut. What I immediately notice is the absence of an IV stand next to the bed. My friends and I vaguely remember transfusions -- in war movies of course -- that were person to person in real time. No plastic bags. Were blood types known then? I think a documentary on the evolution of patient care in the movies would be interesting -- as opposed to the evolution of doctors from Dr. Gillespie to House Anyone with info on the transfusions? Thanks
  3. I just remembered "Marty." There is a scene between Marty's mother and her sister -- both very elderly looking -- the sister is complaining about the treatment of her son and daughter-in-law. She says to Marty's mother "Wait until you're 50 YEARS OLD!!" (or was it 60 years old?)
  4. In many of the movies of the 30s and 40s parents are shown as ancient, although they at most would be in their 40s or 50s. Remember Mickey Rooney's parents, and how many movies show a couple dancing on their 25th aniversary and barely able to move across the floor. It would be fun to see a series of movies showing the development of these ancient parents into today's pseudo siblings of their children. When did it happen? Alana
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