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  1. Peter Sellers stole Pink Panther, which was a movie developed for David Niven.
  2. I agree with you about Peter Lawford, he comes across has liking himself a little too much, and he was not that great of an actor. He also was a little to pretty for me.
  3. I agree, she is another superb character actor that steal movies from the stars. I loved her in The Mating Season (particularly when she and Miriam Hopkins are going at it) and The Model and the Marriage Broker.
  4. I not a Van Johnson fan, but I liked him in two movies, TheRomance of Rosy Ridge and 23 Paces to Baker Street. He was also good in State of the Union.
  5. There are two movies that you did not mention, one under Evelyn Keyes -- Mrs. Mike; and Barbara Stanwyck -- No Man of Her Own. These two films are rarely seen and it too bad as they are good movies.
  6. Arthur Penn was notable because he broke away from the typical Hollywood productions, and created a style that is taken for granted today. Bonnie and Clyde was a break out in script and casting (and made Faye Dunaway a star), even though I do not particularly like the film. It also created a love for the anti-hero that became prevalent in movie scripts there after. Mr. Penn also directed two of my favorites and excellent movies, The Train with Burt Lancaster and Paul Scofield; and The Miracle Worker with Patty Duke and Anne Bancroft (which also boosted her career). So Mr. Penn was a
  7. Clifton Webb in Sitting Pretty. He was perfectly cast as Lynn Belvedere in this Robert Young/Maureen O'Hara vehicle.
  8. I have seen them update the montage if an A list star passes away in December.
  9. She probably with be ignored since she did not work at MGM or Warners. There have been actors in the past who have not been mentioned with they pass away. I just rewatched recently the Prisoner of Shark Island, where she played Warner Baxter's wife and she did a respectable job, with a Southern Accent to boot.
  10. You can hear Jean Hagen's actual voice in Carbine Williams with James Stewart and the Disney film Shaggy Dog.
  11. For Cary Grant to do a cockney accent would not be much of a stretch since he was into the born lower class in Bristol England. The fact that he spoke with a flat accent is remarkable, which could be used in the wide range of roles that he portrayed. Miriam Hopkins never lost her Georgia accent, in all the roles she was in. You are right about Bette Davis in Jezebel, she gives a respectable job in her efforts as a Southern Belle. Some movies done with American actors playing British parts, the dialog and accents are attrocious. There are some actors who do not even attempt to speak with ac
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