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  1. Not even Kanada, dude... That Sean Connery is one nosy mo-fo... He goes into an old library and just happens to grab a certain book by L. Frank Baum: Oh well, nice web site here featuring an old interview with the late great Sir Sean about why he did "Zardoz": https://flashbak.com/the-gun-is-good-the-****-is-evil-sean-connery-explains-why-he-starred-in-zardoz-425107/ Screen shot of Zed in library courtesy of this site: https://liztellsfrank.com/2011/05/18/liz-tells-frank-what-happened-in-zardoz/ Anyway, gotta run before the Brutals and/or the Covid gets me... Cheers, Rand
  2. Glad you're ok, Hibi. Year 2293 in the Vortex, but no freakin' Internet. Just hangin' 'til the Covid blows over. Lots of B.S. goin' on in the Vortex, but I try and keep a low profile...
  3. Hello Fellow TCM Message Boarders!! Just killing some time whilst I await the next scheduled Zardoz "Head" pick-up... Had some errands to run and and the "Head" dropped me off - NO, Sean Connery did not push me out! That was some other guy that happened to... The Vortex not exactly too bad a place to hide-out during the pandemic. That is, if you can stand Sean Connery wearing a different coloured "mankini" everyday. Anyway, thought I'd drop in and say "Hello." Hope all are well and behaving on the message board. Heard Disney+ gonna stream "Zardoz" and a bunch of other stuff sta
  4. Oh, oh... Looks like trouble is coming our way... Can't tell yet if they're friendlies or Sacha Baron Cohen and his film crew??? Anyway, it was nice interacting with y'all again... Just a few tidbits to leave you with before I go... "Kepi blanc" is the nickname for a Legionnaire... It simply means "white kepi" in English... Some Hollywood flicks, such as "Two Mules for Sister Sara," feature the Foreign Legion in Mexico in the 1860's. That was a time when the French ruled in Mexico and the Legion was there to enforce French rule. Anyway, the movie mentioned above, for example, regard the
  5. Will do. Along with Laurel and Hardy, Abbott and Costello, Ronald Coleman, Alan Ladd, Leslie Nielsen (Yes!), Phil Silvers, Nat King Cole (Yes, a kepi blanc), and many other Hollywood actors... Anyway, Marty Feldman and the rest of the Legion better get to protecting the message board from all the spam...
  6. Relative of Audrey Hepburn is suing a restaurant in Suzhou City, China, for "personality rights infringement." In English, the joint is called "Angel's Lakeview Garden Cafe," but in Chinese characters they use Audrey Hepburn's name. And inside, the greasy chopstick makes use of Audrey Hepburn in its decor, menu, etc. In related news, the Mexican-style Burrito restaurant in the same city, called "We Ain't Got No Stinkin' Tacos," with a "Treasure of the Sierra Madre" decor and menu, has hired a lawyer, just in case... Article about the Hepburn kerfuffle below: https://www.theepo
  7. Photo attached to my original post in this thread shows me (either on the left or the right, I can't remember?) with an ami and a dame. We're two kepis blancs in the Sahara, get lost, and accidentally discover the lost realm of Atlantis (ruled by Queen Antinea). Basically the plot of G.W. Pabst's film "L'Atlantide" from 1932. Itself a remake of the 1921 silent original by Jacques Feyder, based on the novel by Pierre Benoit... Anyway, this whole thing is a lame attempt at humour - I've been away from the message board for so long, that some might think I ran off and joined the Foreign Legi
  8. Haw, haw, haw... Yes, mon ami, you are obviously an older gentleman - as I am - to remember that song... As Maurice Chevalier sang: "Ah yes, I remember it well...". For you young'uns, the tune was released waaaaaaaaaaaay back in 1973 and sung by Maria Muldaur:
  9. Salut, was unaware of Ben M.'s alleged transgression but had a quick gander after reading your post. "The Lives of a Bengal Lancer" was a product of its time. Very loosely based on a book by an ex-Lancer officer (the officers and NCOs in the British Indian Army were mostly Brits and the common soldiers they commanded were Indian). Anyway, I think Ben M. can be forgiven. If anything, Ben M. should have related what infamous film reviewer Adolf Hitler said to Lord Halifax (British Foreign Secretary in 1937 at the time of his meeting with Hitler) about the movie (it was one of Hitler's favourit
  10. Howdy All! Just wanted to drop in for a bit so you all can see I'm still alive and tapping the QWERTY... Just been busy with life... My fellow Kepis blancs and I have been taking things a bit easy under the palms at the oasis and were able to catch some TCM on TV this week... Love the new host from Aussieland, Alicia Malone... (The OTHER new host is ok too...) Anyway, as I've said before, TCM is like a beautiful oasis in the desert of crap that is cable TV... Back to the Legion life, mes amis... Hope nobody is a fightin' and a trouble-makin' on the message board...
  11. Yes, never thought of that, Emily. Excellent points... Anyway, me holiday over and back to Neverland go I... May have been too harsh about Ben M. as host. And guest hosts like Warren B. are nice... As to my short time watching TCM again, I have to say it's certainly a welcome oasis in a desert of cable and satellite TV crap... Ciao.
  12. Yes, but unfortunately think Big Jim McBob is retired and Billy Sol Hurok has passed away: You can watch their celebrity interviewing skills here with a youngish Meryl Streep (Catherine O'Hara):
  13. Thanks Lawrence... Robin Bittman is still doing voiceovers for the promos for the Wine Club, TCM Backlot, etc. TCM went with wordless schedules so she doesn't do the continuity stuff anymore announcing movies coming up next, etc. In the article - https://journeysinclassicfilm.com/2015/12/02/voice-actress-robin-bittman-talks-about-being-the-voice-behind-tcm/ - she states she'd like to try being an on-air host. TCM bigwigs chose to cut her work back to save some dough, but IMHO, they should have cut some/all of the various on-air hosts and expanded Robin's work doing voiceover stuff o
  14. TCM couldn't afford to pay any of those dudes - Woods, Spacey, Baldwin - unless they did it for next to nothing and had the time and inclination. I haven't a clue who could replace Ben M., Delaney, Vasquez, etc. and make people happy? Maybe Robin Bittman: https://journeysinclassicfilm.com/2015/12/02/voice-actress-robin-bittman-talks-about-being-the-voice-behind-tcm/ (When I wrote about the TCM "continuity announcers" I meant the "voice over" announcers like Robin whose voice we heard but never saw her.) Anyway, I've been off the radar so long I don't know if TCM still uses the voi
  15. Howdy All! Belated Happy New Year and Happy Holidays! Yes, I'm still around. Life changes have meant I haven't been able to post as often as I once did (Please hold the applause). But this week I happen to be in a position to watch some TCM and so may as well add my two cents to this thread Tend to agree with this as well as much else that has been written in this thread. Nothing is perfect, and that goes for TCM as well. But there are so many alternative choices today it's amazing. IMHO, TCM is pretty good for what it offers. Do I like everything? No. I think TCM needs a n
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