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  1. Oh, oh... Looks like trouble is coming our way... Can't tell yet if they're friendlies or Sacha Baron Cohen and his film crew??? Anyway, it was nice interacting with y'all again... Just a few tidbits to leave you with before I go... "Kepi blanc" is the nickname for a Legionnaire... It simply means "white kepi" in English... Some Hollywood flicks, such as "Two Mules for Sister Sara," feature the Foreign Legion in Mexico in the 1860's. That was a time when the French ruled in Mexico and the Legion was there to enforce French rule. Anyway, the movie mentioned above, for example, regard the Legion in Mexico as bad guys... Clint Eastwood versus the French Foreign Legion... But to the French, they were heroes. The Foreign Legion had their "Alamo" in Mexico at the Battle of Camerone on April 30, 1863, where 65 Legionnaires fought c. 2,000 Mexican soldiers. It's still a very big deal with the Legion and they commemorate the battle every year on Camerone Day: http://foreignlegion.info/battle-of-camerone/ Of course, the Mexicans have a different take on the battle... Anyway, still can't tell if it's Sacha Baron Cohen and his entourage or the real thing heading at us... Can any of you tell from the photo below? BTW, there's a different "Sister Sara" here - Sarah P. - who'd love to run her bayonet through Baron Cohen... Oh well... Duty calls, mes amis, and I bid you all adieu...
  2. Will do. Along with Laurel and Hardy, Abbott and Costello, Ronald Coleman, Alan Ladd, Leslie Nielsen (Yes!), Phil Silvers, Nat King Cole (Yes, a kepi blanc), and many other Hollywood actors... Anyway, Marty Feldman and the rest of the Legion better get to protecting the message board from all the spam...
  3. Relative of Audrey Hepburn is suing a restaurant in Suzhou City, China, for "personality rights infringement." In English, the joint is called "Angel's Lakeview Garden Cafe," but in Chinese characters they use Audrey Hepburn's name. And inside, the greasy chopstick makes use of Audrey Hepburn in its decor, menu, etc. In related news, the Mexican-style Burrito restaurant in the same city, called "We Ain't Got No Stinkin' Tacos," with a "Treasure of the Sierra Madre" decor and menu, has hired a lawyer, just in case... Article about the Hepburn kerfuffle below: https://www.theepochtimes.com/audrey-hepburn-themed-restaurant-in-china-sued-for-rights-infringement-2_2583298.html
  4. Photo attached to my original post in this thread shows me (either on the left or the right, I can't remember?) with an ami and a dame. We're two kepis blancs in the Sahara, get lost, and accidentally discover the lost realm of Atlantis (ruled by Queen Antinea). Basically the plot of G.W. Pabst's film "L'Atlantide" from 1932. Itself a remake of the 1921 silent original by Jacques Feyder, based on the novel by Pierre Benoit... Anyway, this whole thing is a lame attempt at humour - I've been away from the message board for so long, that some might think I ran off and joined the Foreign Legion... Adieu, mes amis...
  5. Haw, haw, haw... Yes, mon ami, you are obviously an older gentleman - as I am - to remember that song... As Maurice Chevalier sang: "Ah yes, I remember it well...". For you young'uns, the tune was released waaaaaaaaaaaay back in 1973 and sung by Maria Muldaur:
  6. Salut, was unaware of Ben M.'s alleged transgression but had a quick gander after reading your post. "The Lives of a Bengal Lancer" was a product of its time. Very loosely based on a book by an ex-Lancer officer (the officers and NCOs in the British Indian Army were mostly Brits and the common soldiers they commanded were Indian). Anyway, I think Ben M. can be forgiven. If anything, Ben M. should have related what infamous film reviewer Adolf Hitler said to Lord Halifax (British Foreign Secretary in 1937 at the time of his meeting with Hitler) about the movie (it was one of Hitler's favourites, apparently), Hitler stating that it showed a: "handful of Britons holding a continent in thrall. That was how a superior race must behave and the film was compulsory viewing for the S.S." Would be interesting to see what someone in India thinks of this film? Anyway, that's as far as I'm wading into that... Duty calls, you know...
  7. Howdy All! Just wanted to drop in for a bit so you all can see I'm still alive and tapping the QWERTY... Just been busy with life... My fellow Kepis blancs and I have been taking things a bit easy under the palms at the oasis and were able to catch some TCM on TV this week... Love the new host from Aussieland, Alicia Malone... (The OTHER new host is ok too...) Anyway, as I've said before, TCM is like a beautiful oasis in the desert of crap that is cable TV... Back to the Legion life, mes amis... Hope nobody is a fightin' and a trouble-makin' on the message board...
  8. Yes, never thought of that, Emily. Excellent points... Anyway, me holiday over and back to Neverland go I... May have been too harsh about Ben M. as host. And guest hosts like Warren B. are nice... As to my short time watching TCM again, I have to say it's certainly a welcome oasis in a desert of cable and satellite TV crap... Ciao.
  9. Yes, but unfortunately think Big Jim McBob is retired and Billy Sol Hurok has passed away: You can watch their celebrity interviewing skills here with a youngish Meryl Streep (Catherine O'Hara):
  10. Thanks Lawrence... Robin Bittman is still doing voiceovers for the promos for the Wine Club, TCM Backlot, etc. TCM went with wordless schedules so she doesn't do the continuity stuff anymore announcing movies coming up next, etc. In the article - https://journeysinclassicfilm.com/2015/12/02/voice-actress-robin-bittman-talks-about-being-the-voice-behind-tcm/ - she states she'd like to try being an on-air host. TCM bigwigs chose to cut her work back to save some dough, but IMHO, they should have cut some/all of the various on-air hosts and expanded Robin's work doing voiceover stuff or even made her an on-air host. (No disrespect meant for Ben M., Dana Delaney, etc. I like them all. They just don't ring my bells as TCM hosts. And R. Osborne is excluded from my talk of cutting back on hosts.) P.S. Ain't Robin's agent. Not a relative. Never met her.
  11. TCM couldn't afford to pay any of those dudes - Woods, Spacey, Baldwin - unless they did it for next to nothing and had the time and inclination. I haven't a clue who could replace Ben M., Delaney, Vasquez, etc. and make people happy? Maybe Robin Bittman: https://journeysinclassicfilm.com/2015/12/02/voice-actress-robin-bittman-talks-about-being-the-voice-behind-tcm/ (When I wrote about the TCM "continuity announcers" I meant the "voice over" announcers like Robin whose voice we heard but never saw her.) Anyway, I've been off the radar so long I don't know if TCM still uses the voice over announcers? Were they cut to save money?? I'm on holiday this week and have access to TCM so will be watching to see... Ciao...
  12. Howdy All! Belated Happy New Year and Happy Holidays! Yes, I'm still around. Life changes have meant I haven't been able to post as often as I once did (Please hold the applause). But this week I happen to be in a position to watch some TCM and so may as well add my two cents to this thread Tend to agree with this as well as much else that has been written in this thread. Nothing is perfect, and that goes for TCM as well. But there are so many alternative choices today it's amazing. IMHO, TCM is pretty good for what it offers. Do I like everything? No. I think TCM needs a new host. Not multiple hosts, but one person. How to find a person who would please everyone is the problem. With all due respect to the likes of Dana Delaney and Ben M. and others, I tend to ignore them and wish they'd hurry up and get to the actual film. That is probably because I remember Elwy Yost from TVO's "Saturday Night at the Movies" and so tend to find TCM hosts lacking by comparison. I don't know, maybe the continuity announcers could do more (I don't know the names of the people who do that for TCM?). Toronto City TV's late Mark Daley was an excellent continuity announcer famous for his witty intro's to movies. You never saw Mr. Daley, just heard his voice (he did do the news for City TV, so you could see him doing that). So maybe dispense with the hosts on camera and just have a "voice" do the movie intro's with the movie trivia, etc. I mean, do we really need to see Ben M. or Dana Delaney standing or sitting and telling us the movie title and a few bits of trivia? Then again, others probably love them for what they do and wouldn't want to see any changes. Anyway, just my few Canadian cents worth. And probably not even worth that. Bye for now as I return to hibernation in my igloo in the Great White North... Ciao.
  13. Anyway, one more thing about Jimmy Doohan is that both he and William Shatner starred in the 1953 CBC TV series "Space Command." Only 1 of the 150 episodes made of this Sci-Fi series still exists and it's probably locked away in a vault somewhere. The series ran from 1953 until early 1954. You can watch Doohan in the National Film Board short made in 1955 titled: "Strike in Town." This 37 minute film was made in Hanover, Ontario, and concerns a strike by woodworkers at a local furniture factory (the Knechtel factory was used for filming. Knechtel was one of the largest furniture factories in Canada in the past - it closed and was demolished in 1983). Doohan plays the son of a woodworker union boss (the dad is an Irish-Canadian and Doohan's own family background was Irish too). You can watch the entire film here on the NFB site (Doohan first appears about four minutes into the film): https://www.nfb.ca/film/strike_in_town Doohan could do accents and he tried out a number of different accents for Gene Roddenberry for Doohan's role on "Star Trek." Jimmy was given much leeway to create his character and so he chose a "Scots accent," as well as giving the character Doohan's own middle name - Montgomery. Anyway, a great magazine article about Doohan can be found here: http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2005/10/great-scott/304262/
  14. As a teenager growing up in Sarnia, Ont., Jimmy Doohan joined the Royal Canadian Army Cadets and he rose to be a cadet major. This would have been between 1938-1940 while Doohan was attending the Sarnia Collegiate Institute (high school). In Canada, lots of high school-aged kids join either the Army Cadets, Air Cadets, or Navy Cadets (high school stoners who toke probably join the Space Cadets... ). Then when you reach adult age, you can then join the regualr forces if you wish. Photo of Cadet Major Jimmy here: In 1940, Doohan joined the artillery as a private. By June 6, 1944 - D-Day - Jimmy was a lieutenant in the 13th Field Artillery Regiment of the 3rd Canadian Division. Doohan hit the Canadian beach on D-Day (Juno Beach was the Canuck sector, Sword and Gold were Brits, Omaha and Utah were Americans) and saw combat, taking out two German snipers..At about 11:30 p.m. on D-Day he was hit by friendly fire, being sprayed with machine-gun fire from a nervous Canadian sentry. Jimmy was hit with six bullets - four in his leg, one mangled the middle finger of his right hand (finger had to be amputated), and one hit his chest. The chest bullet would have been fatal if it had not been deflected by a silver cigarette case that had been a gift from Jimmy's brother. Doohan was evacuated to England and after his recovery and rehab he volunteered to be attached to the Royal Canadian Air Force as an artillery spotter. He learned to fly and was then posted to the 666th Air Observation Post Squadron, RCAF, in Holland where he was when the war ended. Doohan also got the honour(?) of being called the "craziest pilot in the Canadian Air Force" and you can read about how that happened here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/78215847@N00/5061155514 For Trekkies, you can see Doohan's missing finger in a few episodes of the original series, and later in the movies, etc., but Doohan did try to hide his right hand during filming... You can see a photo of Jimmy's handprints here: In Jimmy's autobiography, "Beam Me Up, Scotty," there's a chapter titled "Giving Hitler the Finger," that describes what happened to him on D-Day.
  15. The Canadian dollar value related to the U.S. dollar is closely tied to the price of oil - price of oil goes up, Canadian loonie rises in value; oil price drops, Loonie drops with it. That is because Canada exports a large amount of oil to the U.S. every day and the oil has to be paid for in either U.S. or Canadian dough. Note that Canada plays little role in the actual price of oil at any one time. Canada has to react to the changing oil prices 'tho. University of Western Ontario Prof. Mike Moffatt explains it here: http://economics.about.com/od/pricesexchangerates/a/oil_and_dollars.htm As for this new TCM club and its annual cost and the fact Canucks are SOL in joining, I'm wondering how much longer TCM will be available in Canada? The CRTC finally has mandated that Canuckleheads can have more choice by making cable companies offer a "pick and pay" option for what TV channels you want to watch, and pay for: http://www.crtc.gc.ca/eng/television/program/alacarte.htm It doesn't start until December 1, 2016, when you will be able to pick TCM and pay a monthly amount to watch TCM. The problem could be, as it may be for many other channels, is that if not enough people "pick" TCM, it may not be worth TCM's time and money offering the channel. Other channels may go under too if they can't get enough subscribers under "pick and pay." Anyway, time will tell... Since March 1, 2016, you can pay for a basic cable package ($24.95 monthly from Rogers, a major Canuck cable company) and then add a smaller package of channels (Rogers "theme" pack that includes TCM is $5.00 per month). So, if you're a Rogers customer, you have to pay Rogers $29.95 monthly to get TCM (plus tax and equipment rental). No idea what cut of that goes to TCM in Atlanta. After Dec. 1 this year, it'll be interesting to see how much it will cost to "pick" TCM individually as a cable channel you want to watch. Will it be $10.00 a month? $50.00 a month?? Or $2.00 a month? And how many people will actually choose TCM at whatever price?? Will it be 1,000 Canucks? 10,000 hosers?? Or 100,000 denizens of the Great White North?? I don't know what, if anything, might happen? TCM has to buy Canadian rights for films, so if may happen that they decide the income North of the 49th ain't worth it no more... Time will tell... Just my two cents...
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