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  1. Have you ever read an autobiography or biography on a celebrity and afterwards didn't like them as much or you may not have liked them before but had more sympathy toward them after reading about them? A couple of mine: Life is too Short: Mickey Rooney - I always thought of him as a grandfather figure but he comes across as a dirty old man. The Million Dollar Mermaid: An Autobiography - Whenever I saw Esther Williams on screen she never came across as being full of herself but she is.
  2. I have been hoping for an Ann Rutherford Biography and one is finally out. Has anyone here read The Charms of Miss O'Hara of Gone With the Wind & the Golden Age of Hollywood from Scarlett's Little Sister and if so what did you think?
  3. Didn't Carla Laemmle have a small part in Uncle Tom's Cabin?
  4. I know that their are books out there that make out like Hollywood during the Golden Age was an **** of drugs and sex. I am sure you had stuff like that going on but was it really as bad as some claim?
  5. I saw that movie along time ago. Didn't Melissa Francis play Tony Randall's daughter?
  6. Are there any upcoming autobiographies and biographies that I should watch out for?
  7. I believe the religion Ginny practiced did not believe in modern medicine. I liked Andy Hardy films but some of the things he did could be pretty dumb even for a teenager.
  8. The Hollywood Stars did play in Wrigley Field in L.A. but the Angels raised the rent so the owners of the Stars built Gilmore Field in 1939. I believe William Frawley and Barbara Stanwick also owned shares in the baseball team.
  9. That autograph baseball would be nice too have but it's a little too exspensive for me. Did you see any games at Gilmore Field?
  10. While Gail Patrick was married to Robert Cobb she owned shares in the Hollywood Stars baseball team. Does anyone know how big of a role she played in the operation of the team?
  11. I know that Ann Rutherford never wrote an autobiography but does anyone know if anyone ever wrote a biography or is planning on writing a biography of her?
  12. I know this thread is old but I found it interesting and on doing some research I found a movie from the 20's with two actresses still alive. Carla Laemmle and Lassie Lou Ahern from Uncle Tom's Cabin (1927) are still alive. Edited by: Colorado_Kid on Jan 1, 2013 8:53 PM
  13. I think it would be interesting to hear who members here have meet from the golden age of movies. Any stories out there about meeting a star?
  14. It would be great if Deanna could be there but I know there is 0% of that happening.
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