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  1. Is there a film that had so much influence on you that it changed the way you eat, dress, think, or live? For instance, because of JAWS do you now only go knee deep in the ocean? After seeing PSYCHO do you keep your eyes open when showering? Or maybe there is a film that changed your perception of someone not like you. Did The Godfather or Dances With Wolves change your view of Italians or Native Americans. Did a war movie change your view about that war or war in general? Add anything on how a film influenced you in any way, major or minor, better or worse.
  2. Spencer Tracey for Guess who's coming to dinner Graham Greene for Dancing with Wolves
  3. These are my picks 1. gone with wind 2. all about eve 3. Wizard of oz 4. Casablanca 5. Citizen Cane
  4. I don't know if there's an actor who possess Wayne's presence, charisma, size, and all of the other traits that made him The Duke. Is there an Actor that comes close
  5. I'd have to go with Olivia de Havilland in "The Snake Pit". That was simply a brilliant performance, her second best of her career and in general one of the best I've seen by anybody.

    True Grit

    Which version did you like the original or the remake
  7. How old were you when this movie first came out
  8. If There Ever Was A Remake With Today's Hollywood Margo Channing- Meryl Streep Eve Harrington- any fresh face on screen recently. Karen- Rachel Weisz Bill- Kevin Kline Addison De Witt- Morgan Freeman Would you go see it
  9. What's your favorite movie of his
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