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  1. I found its link in TCMdb with no scheduled future broadcast dates. Other films recently broadcast don't have those either, so I assume TCM doesn't display historics.
  2. I too thought this was a good continuation piece for Fredric March and I liked Patsy Kelly's character in just about everything (I have a feeling she's probably a Take Or Leave kind of character actress, though). I thought the similarities to IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT and NOTHING SACRED probably made it tough for Virginia Bruce to match up against Colbert and Lombard, though. Then there's THE DEVIL AND MISS JONES, with Coburn wearing the glass slippers.
  3. I've seen some of these remake-series on TCM before, but with 22 other channels on my cable-box offering at least annual broadcasts of AIRPLANE, I hope not that one. RAFTER ROMANCE and its spinoffs. Recently, TCM shown only half of the HIDE-OUT (1934) and I'LL WAIT FOR YOU (1941) collection. I think there's a MY SISTER EILEEN set, too. Many others.
  4. TCM's good ability to play these shorts is one more reason that makes it the best channel around.
  5. Nice photo, thanks. What a shame to hear the news this morning about him. Some remakes can be so hard to take.
  6. No cash & cary comments at least.
  7. The Stanwyck one sounds great, anyway. I need to find more about this site to see if they list historic broadcast dates for their films, or if a film has a Next Broadcast date other than the months-ahead schedule that can be changed with Tony Curtis dies.
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