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  1. I also have to say STAGECOACH and THE SEARCHERS. While probably not really a true western, TREASURE of SIERRA MADRE is a great one.
  2. Well my 80 year old father remembers a movie with Gabby Hayes in it having to do with prospecting in the desert. He specifically recalls a song about drifting or shifting sands. Anyone have an idea what the movie might be?
  3. I'm easy. I love both movies! I saw Mogambo 1st and had to have it. Yes, Grace Kelly was good, but Ava was wonderful in that movie. I became an Ava fan after seeing it. Once I heard of Red Dust I couldn't wait to see it. I can't help it, I love both. Jean Harlow was really fun in her role. I watch both any time I get the chance.
  4. Thank you Sepiatone, couldn't have said it better myself. Fred C. , from your name I would guess I share one of my favorite movies with you. Treasure of Siera Madre is one of the finest ever made. That said, I must agree that I find Gone With The Wind to be hard to watch and over rated. Glad I watched it but not interested in seeing it again. And I love most movies that Gable is in. Of course, just my opinion.
  5. I too was a huge COMBAT fan as a youngster in the 60's. Sgt Saunders was my absolute favorite. Back several years ago I was able to introduce my wife and daughter (then 10 yr old) to COMBAT. Both fell inlove with the series and we bought the entire series on DVD. Vic is everyones favorite. We have several other movies he is in. My wife became a huge Vic Morrow fan.
  6. Well, I just watched Gone With The Wind for the first time! Obviously a great production. The cast was wonderful and I did enjoy most of the movie. Now, I know that I'm not a deep thinker. I'm just wondering just what others got from the ending of this movie? To me it was one of two things; 1. Scarlet went completely over the edge and was to finish life alone, crazy, and completely delusional on her beloved TARA. 2. Scarlet goes home to once more figure how to conive her way one more time to get what she wants. Either way I see her as a dipicable, self-absorbed loser.
  7. As of a couple of days ago, My profile no longer shows my favorite stars, favorite movies, or any of my data base media clips or photos. What happened to them?
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