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  1. Gotta love it! "Shall we just have a cigarette on it?" We have the stars! (Now Voyager) One of my favorite segments of any film. Thank you for the opportunity to post.
  2. Could it not just be the images of what might have happened, could have happened, and probably did happen during that time in the south? There's a lot to be said about the book, movie, and the time in which it was written then made into a movie. What I meant by "romantic" was the fact that you can see the character Scarlett was infatuated and in fact, fancied her "little girl" self, in love. Most all women go through that period in their lives. I haven't read the book, but here are some comments from another message board. "Gone With The Wind" Rape (spawned from Fictional Women Heroes: http://www.h-net.org/~minerva/archives/threads/gone.html ) The issues of sexuality that appear in GWTW are hopelessly murked by everything from the mores of the day to Margaret Mitchell's own experiences as a battered wife. I would NOT regard the *movie* as a reliable gauge of the original plot, as there were many and numerous sections where the plot was changed considerably from the original, or parts were ignored entirely. ... Perhaps, as an incest/date rape survivor, I like Scarlett for this very reason; I understand where she's coming from, and the uphill fight it takes to try to find and reclaim oneself and triumph in the face of overwhelming circumstances. Often, we tend to put ourselves into situations where revictimization is not only possible, but likely, and it takes a lot of personal awareness and strength to break the cycle. ... In 1939 when the movie was made the social structures which were accepted by most were pretty horrible with lynchings in the South, rapes of white women needing two witnesses before they could be prosecuted, poll taxes, and most women with few civil rights. IN 1936 when GWTW was written the conditions were even worse and there were bread lines in our cities and farms were being confiscated for non payment of mortgages. It was a time of terrible social conditions. "She grew up knowing the Wilkes' family and around Ashley. He was there, handsome, treated her good, paid attention to her, and was familiar to her. That's all I am saying.
  3. I would like to say I was "amazed" at the comments and responses I first saw on FB about Robert...but the fact is, what amazed me wasn't the amount of comments in the short 11 minutes, it was the pouring in of so many well wishes and genuine love that fans have for Robert. I imagine we'll see many, many, many more examples of people and fans from all over that make Robert a part of their day! I love the Essentials with Mr. Baldwin...(wish the discussion segments were longer!) and I love Ben. I hope that we can see more of them while Robert is away!
  4. LOL. Yes "Izcutter", I know the announcement is elsewhere, I mentioned FB cuz that's where I first saw it.
  5. as far as a comparison to the Higgins character...one film was made B&W and is NOT a musical while the other is Color and IS a musical. I think the character of Higgins was appropriately cast for both films. Which do I like better? Depends on the mood I'm in. I love them both. (Not much of an answer, but that's how I feel about it) Hugz, Judy
  6. I never wondered about Gable VS Howard in GWTW before I read these posts. Thinking about it now (why Butler VS Wilkes), I don't think it had an;ything to do with looks or "manly-ness". I think it was one of those "signs of the times". Scarlett was raised knowing Ashley...a first love, a first romantic twang. Rhett was way out of her league in the beginning. Ashley wasn't "wimpy", just the portrait of a Southern gentleman. I must admit that Leslie Howard didn't strike up any lasting impression with me until I saw The Scarlet Pimpernel. In that film, the man is "DEAD-ON". His acting is exact, memorable, and a dead-ringer for the character he is portraying. He deserves all the awards and accolades for that performance. I can't wait to see more of him. Watch the film The Scarlet Pimpernel if you haven't already. You will be pleased by true talent.
  7. The announcement about Robert having minor surgery and his post-vacation hit me as soon as I got home from work on FaceBook. By the time I saw the post, it was already 11 minutes old. Not the least bit surprised, I noticed around 180 FaceBook comments (in that short 11 minutes). I immediatetly posted as well. In reading much of the posts and comments, I felt kinda strange. I mean, Robert Osborn belongs to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! LOL. Seriously, the thoughts of love, prayers, the well-wishes are pouring out! This man is not only respected in his field, but by fans and people ALL over the world. His genuine love of the movies and his knowledge is second to NONE. Although I am going to miss Robert during his absence, I wish him a quick recovery and much deserved vacation and rest. I would just like all of us fans to take a moment and think about all this wonderful man has done, what he means to TCM and film history in general. He brings all this and more every night. To me, he's become a host that I am sure I would miss more than any personality on TV today. I live to listen to his thoughts and tid-bits about the movies, actors, and have learned more about directors than I ever thought I'd care to learn. I hope that TCM will take all the wonderful comments from FaceBook and the Forum community here on the site and show Robert just how much he is appreciated and loved. Until you return, our dear Robert! Much love to you, Judy
  8. What is the song/composer n the Philadelphia Story where Katharine H and Jimmy S are dancing around the pond? Thank you
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