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  1. My ideal would be a "Nautical Silent Comedy Series"...just group all the shorts into one program methinks. _Lloyd Shorts_: A Jazzed Honeymoon Captain Kidd's Kids _Keaton Shorts:_ The Boat The Love Nest _Chaplin Shorts:_ The Immigrant Shanghaied
  2. These are all great ideas, would love to see that discussion of Where The Boys Are. A few I can think of: Fire Over England (1936) Follow the Fleet (1936) Souls At Sea (1937) The Pirate (1948) Mare Nostrum (1926) Devil and The Deep (1932) Wild Oranges (1924) Treasure Island (1934 or 1950) The Sea Hawk (1924 or 1940) Wild Orchids (1929) Gambling Ship (1933) The World in His Arms (1952) Road to Singapore (1940) We Dive at Dawn (1943) Song of the Thin Man (1947) Moon Over Miami (1941) A Hole in the Head (1959) The Cruel Sea (1953) Easy to Love (1953) Key Largo (1948) Dr. No (1962)
  3. I remember seeing a cartoon short before Two Seconds at the festival and it meshed very well so was thinking of others that could work too. And it came to this... Mickey's Gala Premier (1933) How fun would this be before the opening night feature with all the major stars at the time arriving at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre.
  4. I stand corrected...makes total sense now, lol. This means I need to get my hearing checked.
  5. I'm trying to remember the discussion for this film...David Stern said that the film was in Fox archives before it went up in flames when a fire took place. Hence why he was eager, asking the MoMA to restore and preserve this print as their top priority. Not sure where they found this print, maybe it's a British release? I know that the titles were in English as I remember scanning the names of the characters at the end.
  6. About the TCM Cruise, looks like the presale is starting May 9th when the full announcement and details are to be released on the its official website. The press release from the Turner Newsroom elaborates more about the starting prices, etc. I'm ecstatic that TCM is partnering with Sixthman. They are a dedicated company that do their job well. I've been on the Mayercraft Cruise by them...They entertain and create a welcoming fun atmosphere from their events to the littlest details in their programs. Quick Highlights of the festival for me: Two Seconds: Edward G. Robinson...chilling performance that was very believable. Glad I caught this one by accident. The Racketeer Rabbit cartoon beforehand was a nice touch. This is the Night: Comedies can do me no wrong and this one was good for my funny bones. The funny trio of Grant, Young, and Ruggles was brilliant. The banter between Young & Ruggles really takes the cake here, at least for me. Roland Young just had to make his faltering groan/sighs to provoke laughter in the theater. Good thing for repeat showings. Hoop-La: Great insight about the film in the intro. Preston Foster nearly disillusioned me into thinking that I was watching Jimmy Stewart in his crazed look/stubble stage sometimes. Silly Symphonies: These were quite clever and creative shorts that I enjoyed immensely. The Mae West bird was a riot and Music Land was cute. British Agent: It was interesting to follow the pace of this film and Leslie Howard looked wonderful in this. Summer Magic: Enchantment is the right word for this film. The title song only adds to it. It was a fun film to watch that left me feeling lighter as I exited. It was also enjoyable to hear Hayley Mills discuss her career path and about knowing Walt Disney. Kevin Brownlow: A great storyteller he is. His word of advice/wisdom: Cross-check lost film titles in other languages to discover new finds. I checked the boutique for his book as I wanted to get it as well. Going to remember to order that one. Viewing all these films on the big screen really makes a difference. I think of The Man with the Golden Arm at the Egyptian and wow. All I can think of now besides the wonderful people I met and yummy food I consumed.
  7. CineMaven, I was so glad when they announced they were going to re-show those as they were on my list. I believe the Criterion released Bigger Than Life, want to get it to show my family. I really enjoyed This is the Night as well. It was hilarious with Roland Young, Cary Grant, & Charlie Ruggles . I went to see Fantasia as my last film and Robert Osbourne announced that there will be a festival next year, yay! And I believe I heard him right too when he said that there's going to be a TCM cruise in September? But it's not a film festival he said, more so discussions, etc. I know, supremely cool, right. Hopefully someone will help elaborate on this because I was finally starting to feel the sleepiness sinking in then. Not sure if it was my wild imagination interjecting there. ETA: Correction, it's in December and a Variety article about it. http://www.variety.com/article/VR1118036219?categoryid=4076&cs=1&cmpid=RSS|News|FilmNews|http://www.variety.com/article/VR1118036219?categoryid=4076&cs=1&cmpid=RSS|News|FilmNews
  8. It has been an amazing experience so far which has been said repeatedly on here already. This morning I'm heading over to the farmer's market to taste some yummy breakfast. : ) Funnily the 'plan' I had to see the movies I chose didn't goes as planned due to them being full when I arrived. The films I saw in place of those were not second rate by any means. Discovered some really nice films this way, Two Seconds, Summer Magic and I did want to see Silly Symphonies. But...TCM is replaying the exact 3 films I missed today. So yeah I'm grateful for the time and effort of everyone working here. It's felt and appreciated by many festival goers here. Something Hayley Mills spoke of Walt Disney is that he truly was a family man and that is why his studio felt much of the same. It trickles down from the top. And with that said, you can tell that the TCM Staff love what they do, making this festival an unforgettable experience.
  9. Looking forward to meeting with everyone for the start of fest. Hollywood isn't going to know what hit 'em.
  10. I'm with you on that one, filmlover. I have gone over the schedule a couple times each day and I still keep changing my mind. So many good choices thankfully! Not to mention the likely case of me oversleeping in the morning, throwing all my prep out the window, lol.
  11. > {quote:title=lzcutter wrote:}{quote} > Soulsalsa, > > So glad you like the Museum. We are over the moon at the opportunity of being a part of the TCM Film Festival this year. I hope we get to meet at the Festival! Oh do you work for the museum in some capacity? Then I really understand now how you must be super delighted. I do plan to be at the meet up at In n' Out so maybe I will meet you then! French fries galore : )
  12. Another thrilled person about the Laugh-O-grams...I consider it to be quite a privilege to be able to view them. I've been to the Walt Disney Family Museum in SF and it's amazing what they did there design-wise and showcasing Walt's life so well. Cool news about the newly discovered film too!
  13. I felt such warmth from that interview. So glad I tuned in. Only makes me more ecstatic for the 2011 Festival.
  14. Just read this over on the General Board, that the W Hotel is the festival's new official partner due to selling out the Roosevelt. So that is another option besides the other hotels in the area.
  15. I can confirm as well for the Roosevelt being all booked up. I sorta figured from the day they announced the dates, one would have to call for the discount anyway. I hadn't decided to go yet until the funds flowed in. And they have flowed in. As long as I have a place to sleep, I'll be good. I consider myself quite fortunate to be going since I missed last year due to lack of funds. I'll check out the Renaissance. Thanks for the tip chicagovet.
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