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  1. If I wanted to see something like this, I would be watching the History Channel. This is not a "classic"; it barely qualifies as a "movie." One more second of that frankly horrific protest folksinging, and I would have kicked out the screen of my old RCA ColorTrak. Extremely bad choice, Turner. Leave the non-film-related documentaries where they belong.
  2. I second the motion for a Norma Shearer box set--especially now that the legit VHS copies of her films are pretty much dead and buried. (Forty bucks minimum for a used copy of "Private Lives" over at Amazon? WHAT?!?) And especially, especially now that Turner's trotted out that great new documentary about Irving Thalberg, Norma deserves her set. C'mon, Turner, pop open the vaults!
  3. I've spoken to Sid on the phone and purchased copies of several hard-to-find Conrad Veidt films from him on VHS. He seems like a great guy, and I'd certainly buy from him again. But here's your dilemma now: I'M a complete stranger recommending ANOTHER complete stranger, right...?
  4. Favorite kiss: Norma Shearer and Robert Montgomery in the clinch that propells them away from their new spouses in "Private Lives." It's nearly thirty seconds long, and timed to a lovely, sweet violin solo. I like to imagine the Hays Office ghouls going all pop-eyed while Irving Thalberg and big brother Douglas Shearer tell them to back the [bleep] off--the cut of the scene is tied that carefully to the music.
  5. Conrad Veidt. Over coffee. That purring voice, those luminous eyes. Sigh, indeedy....
  6. Okay, just one (or THE one): "Casablanca." 'Cause it breaks my heart and gives me hope every time I see it. You can watch the story, or you can watch the story told in the lighting and shadows; or you can close your eyes and let the musical cues carry the whole thing. "Casablanca" for my island, please.
  7. Thank you, but Mom insists that's not the one. More details: the husband is English, and the woman is an American nurse who marries him and is then believed killed while on duty in the South Seas. She returns to England just as he's remarrying. Tragic scene in the cathedral, etc. Also: per Mom, it's not only not Ginger Rogers, it's not Claudette, too. (Frustrating, eh? Quiet "ARRGHS!" all 'round.)
  8. Can I take a shot? The piano-lesson scene (which was really a dance lesson, if we're on the same wavelength) comes from "The Men In Her Life," with Loretta Young, Conrad Veidt, and Dean Jagger. The picket-fence scene comes from "Mannequin," with Joan Crawford and Spencer Tracy, during a sequence in which newlyweds Joan and Spence are checking out his millionaire character's peaceful Irish roots.
  9. Okay: my mom saw a movie on TV about forty years ago, real romantic-tragedy-mixup-stuff, about a serviceman and a nurse (I think) who fall in love in World War II, marry, and, tragically, end up thinking each other dead. I believe that he remarries, and she shows up years later. My mom insists the film is NOT "I'll Be Seeing You," with Ginger Rogers; but she's adamant that the song "I'll Be Seeing You" figures very, very prominently on the soundtrack. Anyone ever hear of such a critter? Thanks!
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