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  1. Cars are proliferating. I can see there's only one thing for it. I'll have to go around to lots of different places and drive lots of different cars to see which one I like best. I know it's a hard road, but I'll just have to tough it out.
  2. The peak of chic. You know, that's a great rhyme, but it doesn't look at all like it.
  3. I'm becoming aware of my fickle nature. I started out hankering for a Triumph TR6. Then when I saw people tooling around the English countryside in a 60s MGB, my affection switched to that. But with a new series of Antiques Road Trip, my attention is focused on a 1968 Lotus Elan: Isn't it lovely? Thing is, before we were talking about prices generally south of $10,000. Now it's north. Hm. But what's more mod than that?
  4. Hey! Feedback!: tcmsupport (TCM Help Center) Jan 15, 14:45 EST Hi there, Thanks for reaching out to us. Your movie request has been forwarded to the Programming Department for consideration. (NOTE: Please be aware that not all movie requests can be granted, sometimes due to licenses and airing rights restrictions.) Sincerely, Your friends at TCM If I'm not loved, at least I'm known--if only by a computerized messaging program.
  5. Try 711 Ocean Drive (1950), with Edmond O'Brien and Joanne Dru: http://www.tcm.com/tcmdb/title/89636/711-Ocean-Drive/ Click on the READ THE FULL SYNOPSIS tab to get a detailed plot description.
  6. I didn't think the message board software could tolerate such a non sequitur. Anyway, broadcasting decisions are in the hands of the TCM scheduling gods. If you mean the 1992 adaptation, checking here: http://www.tcm.turner.com/tcmdb/title/18878/Bram-Stoker-s-Dracula/ every month or so will give you advance notice if it will be on. The air date and time will appear under the title.
  7. Now there is doubt. The simple esprit of happy motoring through the Cuyamacas or Lagunas is now underlain with sickly worry about ordeals of repairs and costs. (Sigh). Perhaps I was naive .
  8. Well, that's one less car for me.
  9. Dang! I was thinking of getting one. How much for one in decent shape?
  10. From the Antiques Road Trip front. A 1964 MGB:
  11. Yes, miz Dargo. Thank you miz Dargo. Pastime. Pastime Pastime Pastime Pastime Pastime. Pastime Pastime Pastime Pastime Can I---may I go out to play now?
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