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  1. The early to mid-sixties present a curious era. Decidedly after the peak of modernism, it still epitomized the essentials of it's philosophy in design and style. Spare, sleek, sharp--even knife-edge designs; contrasts in surface textures; cantilevered structures. In fashion there is the restrained chic of Givenchy, Dior, and Chanel. In painting, abstract expressionism, the ultimate reduction of image to its minimal elements. In architecture, the flat roof and glass wall houses that sought to erase the boundaries of interior and exterior spaces. And in auto design, it was reflected in mod
  2. Or the movies you think it should show.
  3. You can try zooming out the page on your computer to see more. On an Apple it's Control -.
  4. If you've seen these movies, then you don't need TCM to show them.
  5. Thanks, Dargo, for the research. Neat to learn about the Triumph--even the alarming facts about the tail light. The blue's a nice color, almost as nice as burgundy.
  6. Never a Dull Moment 1950. Irene Dunne, Fred MacMurray. Sophisticated, successful New York City songwriter Kay Kingsley falls in love with Chris Hayward, a widower rancher she meets at the Madison Square Garden Rodeo, and they get married and leave for his ranch in the west. 1968. Dick Van Dyke, Edward G. Robinson, Dorothy Provine. Actor Jack Albany, who plays gangsters on TV, is mistaken for notorious hit-man Ace, and is hired by mob boss Leo Smooth to pull a heist, but Jack must find a way out of it.
  7. Too bad you don't get the color of Brando's Triumph.
  8. And thanks for Hemingway me to the line.
  9. Kiss Me Again 1931. Bernice Claire, Walter Pidgeon, Frank McHugh. A Legionnaire in love with an aspiring opera singer is expected to marry the general's daughter, who in turn is in love with another soldier. 2006. Jeremy London, Katheryn Winnick, Elisa Donovan. A married couple decides to test the boundaries of their relationship with a seductive Spanish woman. When an unlikely relationship ensues, all three are forced to rethink their definition of love.
  10. I'm going to open myself up for some hard looks and even a severe finger-wag. In the past I have with asperity indicated that if someone wanted to discuss motorcycles, they could damn well start their own that's-a-nice-motorcycle thread. Maybe not in so many words. But I'm afraid I can't avoid this. From the Antiques Road Trip front, one of the contestants, in an antique shop ran across one of the items, a glorious 1957 Triumph Speed Twin: Now, that's a nice ride! Cost: £6700--almost worth traveling to England to buy it. I'm not big on motorcycles, but I could ride that on
  11. Not just a tribute, a day dedicated to his movies. I think he merits an entire day.
  12. NAME MOVIES TCM SHOULD SHOW BEFORE IT IS DEFUNCT Gosh, that's, like, next week, isn't it?
  13. I have to amend my original post. Having written it before watching it again just the other day and working from my faulty memory, I mistakenly credited the Bolsheviks with shooting up the gala ball. Turns out it appears to be stray bullets from government forces shooting at armed revolutionary marchers. Hard to tell exactly. Also it's hard to tell if it was Imperial troops doing the firing (Cossacks being abroad), or the provisional government--presumably the Kerensky regime. Regardless, leftists can take even more pleasure in this scenario. The Beast devouring itself.
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