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  1. George Putnam shows that bombast has been around for a long time, probably since there were people. So we must always be ready with our needles to puncture it.
  2. So I watched it, but it doesn't feel like the Hitchcock movie I was thinking of. I'm starting to think it was a phantom memory and the murder in Vertigo (1958) was the only one in his filmography that someone really gets away with.
  3. To paraphrase: "Bombast is an ugly ting, und I tink it is yust about time we had some!"
  4. Um...um...oh, what's that one?...I can't think of her right now.
  5. Exactly, which is why people get a pass on killing someone. My sense is that created something of an ambivalence in censors. Not only are protagonists not supposed to get away with murder (or other crime), but they really shouldn't kill anyone, either. As Shane says, killing marks someone. So al lot of times, even in a climactic battle, the black hat is done away with by a tactical sleight to spare them the mark.
  6. It's a British movie, but was shown in the United States. Since it was the central motivator of the movie, my guess the reason Wanda and Larry escape punishment is that the guy killed was a real meanie, and the death could be judged accidental, even self-defense, by your standard rational person.
  7. Thanks for reminding me of that one! One of my favorite Kay Francis movies.
  8. I should have specified in my OP I meant during the code's era of enforcement. But I'd be interested in movies before then. I still have this nagging thought there was another Hitchcock movie where someone commits murder and doesn't get punished. I looked through his filmography, but nothing rings a bell.
  9. ok. I think I'm getting closer. You saw this on a Whose Line fan site, but you don't know what the movie is. If it came from an actual show, you might be able to find the credits for the show. That will get you the movie title. Once you have the title, you can find the cast and perhaps identify the actors.
  10. Let me get this straight. You have a still or stills, and these are enlargements, so that's how you know it's the Fontainbleau without knowing what movie it is. Right?
  11. That is a surprise. It's easy to imaging how awful that tacked on ending is. The whole movie is built around that final moment of devastation.
  12. Under the production code, crime always must be punished--especially murder. But it doesn't always happen. Sometimes murder slips through the cracks. Most notably in Vertigo (1958). While everyone is paying attention to Scottie and Madeleine's perverted dance, Gavin Elster quietly slips off to "Europe", so he says. I think there is another Hitchcock movie where someone gets away with murder, but I can't recall it. And in Out of the Past (1947), the Kid hooks a line into Fisher's coat sleeve and pulls him to a rocky death in a Sierra creek. Now, you might say he was only defending someone from a bad guy, and maybe Fisher deserved it, and besides the Kid was deaf and dumb. But good people aren't supposed to kill bad people no matter what.
  13. That is a territory I fear to tread. But, that would be a good epitaph! Foghorn--I say--Foghorn Leghorn's quote, that is.
  14. Another lamentable instance of the lack of an emoticon with its tongue in its cheek leading to misunderstanding with tragic consequences.
  15. Now that's a good epitaph. And what movie is that from?
  16. Three cuts. Doesn't seem nearly like the mess GBU (or BBC) is. And it's an excuse to watch it three times.
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