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  1. Thanks for the movie refs. I was going to start patching some pics into the thread to keep up the TCM relevance. Hey! I'm going to do it right now!:
  2. You will have to start washing your car with cold water.
  3. Suzanne Pleshette as a stripper!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3HStZUgKcB0
  4. And having fun. Something that's missing a lot around here.
  5. Why, y'ol charmer! Hats are mandatory in Arizona, aren't they? Here's a radical suggestion: Baseball caps for (get this!) baseball. (I'm just sayin'. . . . .)
  6. So John Kennedy is once again responsible for cultural decline. But hey wait a minit!, it's still cold in those parts! And it's still warm in others! Ah well, it's too much for me to ponder. But I will say I admire you for your admission. I know of nobody else who will admit their head is to big. The world would be so much better if people knew they were walking around with big heads.
  7. I hadn't thought of that, but now you mention it, it's not a bad idea.
  8. You must post some photos! In praise of hats--or mustaches? Or do the two go together?
  9. More evidence of Miss Bernhardt being a pillar of civilization. And male cultural appropriation!
  10. Saw a guy wearing a fedora today. On the street! Almost nobody wears a hat these days. Not saying it's a loss. I couldn't bear wearing one. Used to be, almost everyone wore a hat. Would no sooner leave a house or apartment without a hat as without pants--I mean slacks. Hats even played pivotal parts in movies (evidence of criminal conduct, infidelity, inappropriate presence of an individual, presence of a person in a building). What I'm wondering is what started the cultural convention, tradition, something, of wearing hats. Did it start in Ancient Times and wend its weary way through
  11. Imagine, somebody valuing something more than money. What's the world coming to? Unfortunately, I doubt the Sioux are as good as White people at squandering. Anyway, that's the reason I won't watch NXNW.
  12. Well, at least you are in competition for longest thread title. But, if you will cast your eye back over the history of threads, you will see people have recorded the same lament for going on twenty years now. If TCM has been in a continual slide all that time, it must have started at Empyrean heights indeed not to have hit bottom by now.
  13. I was watching myself in the mirror this morning, and I was doing it!
  14. Doctor, doctor! It hurts when I do this! Don't do dat.
  15. And Google is evil. No, the commercials attached to virtually every video (at least the ones I watch) aren't as long as on regular commercial television. But their growing length and ubiquity are on an intersecting course. Google has taken inspiration from the frog in the pot of boiling water myth and followed a path of the gradual increasing imposition of commercial messages in videos, from silent boxes at the bottoms of screens that could be x-ed out, to multiple ads at the beginning. And interrupting ads breaking into longer ones. Like a skilled drug dealer, Google has insidiously incr
  16. From that great creative duo, Gerry and Sylvia Anderson. Who else could have could have come up with purple hair?
  17. Furnish your house with TCM! Alicia Malone bedroom sets! Eddie Muller dark dens! Ben Mankiewicz great room suites!
  18. You disparage without taking the merest effort to learn.
  19. Apropos of tonight's line-up (though it's not the original, Jimmy Smith's cover rules):
  20. From Dictionary.com: curate [ noun kyoor-it; verb kyoor-eyt, kyoo-reyt ] See synonyms for curate on Thesaurus.com 📓 High School Level noun 1. Chiefly British. a member of the clergy employed to assist a rector or vicar. 2. any ecclesiastic entrusted with the cure of souls, as a parish priest. verb (used with object), cu·rat·ed, cu·rat·ing. 1. to take charge of (a museum) or organize (an art exhibit):
  21. But, but, TCM does decide what you watch. It always has.
  22. They changed their name?
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