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  1. Growing and toppling stacks of coins, meant to symbolize the reckless speculation of the Roaring 20s that led to the Great Depression: Taken from a recently aired Passing Parade, Yankee Doodle Goes to Town (1939). Lots of movies with depression themes use it. Here's another, from The Big Combo (1955): Naturally, the shot of perps being led into a police station is to be found in crime movies. I think this also shows up in Armored Car Robbery (1950).
  2. Killer opening theme to a vastly underappreciated film noir:
  3. Maybe because I did not make my original post in the form of a question.
  4. I'll try YouTube, but I don't think it'll stay. I wasn't even allowed to publish due to copyright claims. I guess for dailymotion you have to pay to have public uploads. It's available on the Internet Archive: https://archive.org/details/1947-they-wont-believe-me-no-me-creeran-irving-pichel
  5. I uploaded my old version of the movie to dailymotion. I had to split it in two. dailymotion videos won't embed, so you only get the links: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x8190zr https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x819183
  6. I'd be interested in how you did that. As far as I know, TCM is only available as one of a package of channels from a TV provider. So you ordered TCM without having an idea of what it offered. Which ones?
  7. Your TV provider should have a TCM On Demand channel or feature. You can try looking there for them.
  8. Bytheway, I looked through my old recording, and that shot is in the edited version. Quite a surprise.
  9. Can you provide any example? I say this because I don't like the movie any differently. That is, I like just as much as before, which is a lot. And my impression of the characters is the same. So maybe I'm missing something.
  10. Thanks, mr6666. Though it may be valuable to restore the cuts from a historical perspective, I don't see it making it a better movie.
  11. Ah, but that would require me to get a twitter account. Seems I will have to live in ignorance. Not a big deal, as watching the expanded movie, I got no more out of it than before.
  12. It was certainly a stark image for a movie of the time. Eyes open, blood trickling. I'll have to check my earlier recording to confirm. Even so, it's just a second or two. Maybe some scenes of him beach-wandering discontented, unable to enjoy his questionably-gotten gains, and some scenes of his reunion with Janice were also deleted.
  13. A favorite of mine, mostly for Jane Greer and Susan Hayward. Ben Mankiewicz mentioned extra footage. So far I've only noticed the concert scene, which could be conveniently nipped out. Not a big loss.
  14. Oh, yes. Now I remember. Greta Garbo.
  15. Marcello Mastroianni. If you got the hint from my OP, I discounted animated characters. Thanks for the alliteration with different spelling! Now I wonder if there are names that start with the same spelling, but are pronounced differently. Un-literation?
  16. Don't you mean Grouper? Or Groper?
  17. Bring a little lightness into every day. Had no idea there were so many. I was thinking of a companion thread for the ends of names, but I could not think of the corresponding term. I don't think it's rhyme because it's only the last sound. I wonder if there's an alliterative name that's spelled differently.
  18. Jennifer Jones. Parker Posey. um. . . . Betty Boop. no. . .dang.
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