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Status Replies posted by slaytonf

  1. I thought it had to be Mathis, but just couldn't believe even he could sound so fantastic.  And I just caught the last credits for that movie, darn.  

    thank you!!!


    1. slaytonf


      Here it is on YouTube:


  2. You have helped me several times to locate the titles of movies and television series and I hope you don't mind if I impose upon you in order to find a couple of other movies.  I am hoping you can help me with these:  

    Film #1:  All I remember is that a white woman is in a foreign country, perhaps Africa.  A native brings her a "rock." She realizes that it's a diamond, thus setting off a frenzy of mining.  I did do some research and believe it to be The Jonker Diamond, but I'm not sure.

    Film #2:  My sister asked me to find the name of a movie starring John Wayne as a dentist.  I think it is In Old California but again, I'm not sure.  

    Again I offer you my sincerest gratitude.

    1. slaytonf


      I'm happy to have been of use to you.Not so sure I'll be so now.

      For film #2 it looks like it may be a movie called Dark Command(1940).  But I find conflicting descriptions.  In Old California (1942) has Wayne as a pharmacist.

      For film #1 I don't have a clue.

      If you post your question on Information, please!, someone might know better.

      Thanks for your interest!

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