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Posts posted by slaytonf

  1. Growing and toppling stacks of coins, meant to symbolize the reckless speculation of the Roaring 20s that led to the Great Depression:


    Taken from a recently aired Passing Parade, Yankee Doodle Goes to Town (1939).  Lots of movies with depression themes use it.

    Here's another, from The Big Combo (1955):

    Naturally, the shot of perps being led into a police station is to be found in crime movies.  I think this also shows up in Armored Car Robbery (1950).

  2. 4 hours ago, mabelnormand1930 said:

    I ordered TCM recently

    I'd be interested in how you did that.  As far as I know, TCM is only available as one of a package of channels from a TV provider.

    4 hours ago, mabelnormand1930 said:

    I'm so very disappointed.

    So you ordered TCM without having an idea of what it offered.

    4 hours ago, mabelnormand1930 said:

    A lot of the films I have noticed have recently been on other channels

    Which ones?

  3. 8 hours ago, cody1949 said:


       I always wanted to see these films in better than the poor quality that dealers have had for years. It looks like I blew the opportunity.  I hope they will show these films again in the next few months. 

    Your TV provider should have a  TCM On Demand channel or feature. You can try looking there for them. 

  4. 2 hours ago, wbogacz said:

    Eddie Mueller live tweeted during the presentation highlighting the differences.

    Specifics can be read by the dedicated with minimal effort at @EddieMuller, which @TCM retweeted, if you follow that account instead.

    Ah, but that would require me to get a twitter account.  Seems I will have to live in ignorance.  Not a big deal, as watching the expanded movie, I got no more out of it than before.

  5. 29 minutes ago, LsDoorMat said:

    I also don't think the original showed Greta's body.

    It was certainly a stark image for a movie of the time.  Eyes open, blood trickling.  I'll have to check my earlier recording to confirm.  Even so, it's just a second or two.

    Maybe some scenes of him beach-wandering discontented, unable to enjoy his questionably-gotten gains, and some scenes of his reunion with Janice were also deleted.

  6. 3 hours ago, midwestan said:

    Conjuring up that classic 1970's hit by the Andrea True Connection, "More, More, More" (how do you like it?  how do you like it?)

    Binnie Barnes

    Barbara Barrie

    Matthew McConaughey

    Ken Curtis & Keith Carradine (different letters, same sound)

    Lorna Luft

    Mary Martin

    Ana Alicia

    Simone Signoret

    Marcello Mastriani (sp?)

    Howard Huber

    Sissy Spacek

    Barbara Billingsley

    Priscilla Presley

    Constance Collier

    Marsha Mason

    Helen Hunt

    Tons of cartoon characters:  George, Jane, and Judy Jetson, Fred Flintstone, Daffy Duck, Woody Woodpecker, Donald Duck, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Porky and Petunia Pig, and the iconic cartoon king of comedy...Bugs Bunny!

    Marcello Mastroianni.  If you got the hint from my OP, I discounted animated characters.

    Thanks for the alliteration with different spelling!  Now I wonder if there are names that start with the same spelling, but are pronounced differently.  Un-literation?

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  7. 28 minutes ago, lavenderblue19 said:

    Well, think I'm done, gave 38 names LOL. Believe me, this was easier than a lot of the trivia questions we answer in games and trivia. Thanks Slaytonf, I had fun with this.

    Bring a little lightness into every day.  Had no idea there were so many.   I was thinking of a companion thread for the ends of names, but I could not think of the corresponding term. I don't think it's rhyme because it's only the last sound.

    I wonder if there's an alliterative name that's spelled differently.

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