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  1. I wonder if he won't read any books before then. Or look at sculpture or painting before then. Are Boccaccio, Chagall, Cervantes, Twain, Raphael, and--oh, yes, Shakespeare--hieroglyphics?
  2. The Song of Envy. Wait, a non-conservative will die, and you can be hateful, too.
  3. Ilsa tells Rick in his office that night that she will never have the strength to leave him again. She intends to stay with him, because the pull of her love for him is too strong. Up to the last moment, she expects to stay in Casablanca with Rick, which is the basis for his hill-of-beans speech.
  4. Re the airing of Casablanca (1942) yesterday. I actually watched it. I end up doing so about once a year, because despite the adulation it gets, it's actually a good movie. Something makes me wonder, though. I think there's little doubt Rick and Ilsa slept together in Paris. A vital love like theirs cannot grow or be maintained otherwise. And it's hard to imagine Rick plunging into such an abyss of disillusion from something solely platonic. But the night they reunite in his office in Casablanca, we see them kiss, but would that be all? We see the tower with the rotating searchlight, n
  5. Pity. So much beauty devoted to interests outside of conservatism.
  6. Lucky dog. Not everybody has such a great source of guilt.
  7. I got it down to four: https://forums.tcm.com/topic/261447-the-four-basic-story-schematics/
  8. Movies over the years have shown a combination of both new material and adaptations of literature and theater. It's a lot easier to make an argument for lack of creativity by pointing to the movies that are original--and bad, than to point to the instances where works have been adapted.
  9. Dag! It's one of mine, too. How could I have forgot it? Thanks for reminding!
  10. Good then, it worked. Do you have anything to say about Christopher Plummer?
  11. And revenue? Wasn't there a membership fee?
  12. Please don't misrepresent what I post in order to trivialize it. Someone intent on dwelling on the morbid aspects of life obviously will not be turned from it with simple statements. My hope is it will jog the discussion away from a downward spiral of moroseness and focus on the gifts of Mr. Plummer's we can treasure.
  13. The thread is about the career of the actor. What I was referring to was not the discussion of his life, but the pall of depression being cast over it. Tribute is celebration. Gratitude for what he has given us.
  14. I'm saying what I've always said, that TCM is today essentially what it has always been. Showing what, as you state, is approximately the same mix of studio-era movies and post-era movies. This is fine with me. My too clever statement about TCM never being what it was is to chafe people who criticize the channel for falling away from its mission and trying to impose a false one on it. That's the reason for including the Robert Osborne quote.
  15. TCM isn't what it used to be, and it never was. This is what Robert Osborne said in his very very very first introduction on the shiny brand new TCM: Hi, welcome to Turner Classic Movies. I'm Robert Osborne, I'm gonna be your host, right here, as we present some of the best, the--finest films ever made, twenty-four hours a day. We're going to be drawing not only from the great film libraries of MGM and Warner Brothers, but also from other outstanding catalogs, so: Come join us, and see not only great films and stars from the past, but also films from recent years, featuring some of our n
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