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  1. Have any idea what kind of movie any of them would go with?
  2. Got an idea of the kind of movie it would be good for?
  3. For six years in the 1980's Shelly Duvall produced and acted in a series called "Faerie Tale Theatre." These were dramatizations of famous fairy tales from the Grimm Brothers, Hans Christian Anderson, folklore from around the world and literature. It became a grand central station of stars and actors current at the time. Stars from an earlier day, stars of the day, and stars of days to come. I don't know how she got them all. Judging from the sets, the budgets weren't lavish. But maybe the money saved on sets went to get the actors. Or maybe it's her connections in the entertainment ind
  4. I found High Time on ok.ru, a Russian social media site: https://ok.ru/video/1289809365684 I also found Gaily, Gaily there, but it has Russian overdubbing.
  5. It is the genius of Santa's sack that there is more room on the inside than there is on the outside.
  6. As the saying goes, it's an old tradition I just made up. The selection committee (me) solicits nominations from the world at large (me), and sends its recommendations to the judges' forum (me), which makes a final determination. Just when you thought it was safe to go back under the tree. . . . .
  7. You get the blasphemer-in-chief award. Who knew there was so much irreverence.
  8. And the arbitrary authority figure is coming to dispense conditional love.
  9. The Devil and Miss Jones (1941), one of my favorite comedies. It's Jean Arthur's movie, but Bob Cummings has his moments. One of the best:
  10. But there isn't one! Untold confusion and human misery has resulted from an absence of one.
  11. Once again, the lack of an emoticon with its tongue in its cheek leads to lamentable miscommunication.
  12. Gough! Well, I've got my Christmas syrup ration for the year. . . .
  13. What's blasphemous about losing money? I don't get it.
  14. Faye Dunaway in The Thomas Crown Affair (1968): One of the great entrances in movies. It sets the tone for this, the most stylish of all heist movies--and maybe of all movies. It shows Vickie as sophisticated, smart, powerful, in possession and control of her life and sexuality. The last of which she does not hesitate to use as a tool in her work. Chic, mod, trig, she has large appetites for experience, risk and men, and is unashamed of any.
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