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  1. Comet, it tastes like gas-o-line, Comet, it makes your teeth turn green. Comet, it tastes like vomit, So get Comet, and vomit, Today. . . .
  2. Maybe if you were a backlot member. . . .
  3. Tempting to try, but I'd have to watch the movie to do it.
  4. It is one of the great classic movies, made by David Lean, Director of movies like Lawrence of Arabia (1962), and Brief Encounter (1946). TCM shows it often.
  5. Doncha hate it when that happens?
  6. Even sadder, TCM never was the TCM of old. I don't criticize TCM for not doing what I think it ought to do, but for an Academy Award winner from such a notable picture, not having a remembrance and at least a couple of movies in tribute, they dropped the ball.
  7. Try a different browser and see what happens.
  8. I see it's on 2 Feb. at 8:45pm Pacific. Not part of the tribute, but better than nuttin.
  9. Your ongoing quandary over the ending of the movie has prompted me to see it again (not a hardship) and offer some comments that perhaps can help. The movie has an anti-war theme, something you would expect ten years later, and certainly not about the good war, the justified war. But movies are about the time they are made, not the time they are set in, and it's possible to see this as the harbinger of the counter-culture movement that was looming. Howl, that clarion of anti-establishment feeling was published a year earlier. It presents the anti-war theme through an examination o
  10. As most likely already know, there will be a tribute to her on Sunday. Sounder (1972), and A Man Called Adam (1966).
  11. Too many! Too fast! What a fine actress. And a fine lady. A champion of human dignity, propriety, and probity. As TomJH says above, she made one of the absolute greatest moments in cinema. It's acting, it's a story, a performance, but coming from her, is so honest, so true, it stabs me to the heart every time I see it:
  12. I'd have to see the scene, but it has potential for greatness.
  13. Just got my annual Girl Scout Cookies. Guess they won't last the night. . . . .
  14. Others in the past have commented that last minute copyright issues are responsible.
  15. That's sure stupid. But is it great?
  16. Brilliant. And now I will confuse matters even more. I have no interest in knowing the title of this movie.
  17. It is available to watch on YouTube.
  18. One of the most wanton acts of mayhem on screen. I almost have to shield my eyes when I watch it, so brazen and offensive it is. I know it is illustrative of the soulless evil of Altabani, but surely such excesses are unnecessary and there only for crude shock value. If a movie needs to rely on that for appeal, then I say it is a lost cause. It helps some to learn they used run-down cars, but still the psychic toll is heavy. And now, to learn a Lancia was thrown into the pit as well. . .the horror! the horror!
  19. Maybe it's this: https://www.reverseimagesearch.com/
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