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  1. I have kept my TV/Internet bill at a steady level, even with increases in service, for a long time. It requires once a year a tedious phone call or two to get a continuance of my rate.
  2. But you are now a 'legacy' customer. You can call and ask for a discount. You say you will have to look for another provider to find something more affordable. And who knows, maybe you will get a discount, or maybe you will find another provider.
  3. It occurred to me that what was happening might have been a buffering problem, if that is something that still happens. Thanks for the input, y'all.
  4. I changed channels away and back, and now it's all ok. So, I dunno.
  5. I am watching The Birds (1963) right now. The broadcast is jerky and I'm wondering about the cause. Does anyone with a different provider notice the same?
  6. There is a special place in my regard for anyone who resurrects one of my threads. Taking advantage of the opportunity: This, I think, from I See a Dark Stranger (1946), one of my favorite of her movies.
  7. The dog reference is a trope of newspaper-centered movies. "Dog-bites-man" is not news, but "Man-bites-dog" is.
  8. Aren't some things worth suffering for?
  9. Hot from the Antiques Roadshow front, a 1970 Triumph Spitfire: Like it's namesake, a British treasure.
  10. According to claims, TCM has been dying the slow death since at least 2003. I wish it would go ahead and die, already. The suspense is killing me.
  11. They fooled me! She looks nothing like the other women skaters, let alone Raquel Welch.
  12. The Song of Envy is sweet to hear. So much better when sung in chorus. But I have to say, KC Bomber (1972) is a profound disappointment. Though it's cheesy enough, and though I know they could not risk Raquel Welch in the skating, couldn't, with the budget they had, I say couldn't they have found a better wig for the stunt double? And couldn't they have found a woman to double for her? Can't say if I'll watch the whole movie, the cheese factor may not be able to overcome it.
  13. "Lowbrow"?! The voice of the Thunderbirds. Only Chick Hearn was better.
  14. Evidence of the continuing underappreciation for this fine actress.
  15. Thursday evenings sometimes we would get in the car and drive down the Santa Monica Freeway to the Olympic Auditorium. There we would see the World Champion Thunderbirds take on all comers. Thrills and spills, they raced around the track, a roar like a freight train. A synchronized chaotic melee. Then times even the chaos would disintegrate, and there would be fights and the refs would struggle to break them up (not too quickly). You can keep your football and your wrestling. No other sport has anything like Big Jim using a bench from the infield to pin four of the opposing team up again
  16. The only person to post with any sense.
  17. George C. Scott in his full form, disillusioned, self-pitying, idealistic, vulnerable, hard-headed and clear-sighted. Maybe it's not his best performance (though right now I can't think of any better) but I guess it's my second favorite. It's certainly Diana Rigg's best role in a movie. What's in the movie? Nothing much, take-over by protesting mob, death by medical mistake, professional misconduct, staff sex in hospital rooms, serial killer at large, usual stuff. Amidst all, meditation over how to live your life, what to turn your back on, what to face, who's guilty of what. Does
  18. One of the twelve labors of Hercules was to kill the Hydra, a monster with nine heads on serpent-like necks and venomous teeth ravaging the countryside. He cut the heads off one by one and they dropped dead at his feet. The monster was destroyed, but the ninth head was immortal, and would remain a danger. So he buried it under a big rock.
  19. In his closing remarks to King Solomon's Mines (1937), Ben Mankiewicz stated that Paul Robeson never claimed to be a communist, though he praised the soviet union. That's a distinction I overlooked in reading about him. Re-reading I find that he associated himself with organizations that were labeled as communist, but was not a member of the communist party. I guess it's a distinction people could debate. Practically, it made no difference. Those who sought to persecute him for his public comments would consider it an unimportant detail.
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