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  1. Recorded Happiness Ahead (1934). Turns out I've seen it before. Enjoyable enough. Poor little rich girl meets rich little poor boy. Romance ensues. Thing is, has all the earmarks of a Warner Bros. pic: Dick Powell, Jack Halliday, Frank McHugh, Allen Jenkins, Ruth Donnelly, Jane Darwell, Mervin LeRoy director, Leo F. Forbstein music.; but it's --a First National Picture. Instead of the WB shield zooming at the audience, you get the chain-linked America. What's up wit dat? I know WB bought FN, or was it the other way? But not since the late '20s did I see First National Pictures as an
  2. At the bottom of the Homepage click on Contact. You will see the Help Center page. At the bottom of the Help Center page, click Contact Us. You can make your request there.
  3. Just heard this on my local jazz station (KSDS). How didn't I know this before?: I was half out of breath and my skin tingled. What's the movie this opens for is about? Like the man says, baby I don't care.
  4. He has a habit of writing himself into his own stories.
  5. The best thing I can think of it to go to the Month Schedule and search her name.
  6. I will rephrase. If people's complaints on these boards are ignored by TCM, then the same complaints in other places are ignored in like manner.
  7. That would never have been in the movie.
  8. If people post complaining about the same things on face as people do on the boards, then it follows they are ignored in like manner.
  9. I have never noticed that TCM has ever bowed to external pressure in the make-up of its schedules. Not even mine.
  10. The times on my month schedule set to Pacific time show Eastern time.
  11. The month schedule on my MacBook pro computer set to Pacific time show Eastern times.
  12. You can't measure movies. So you can't say which one is the best, or even which ones are better than others. But if it were necessary for me to choose one movie, if I had to choose one--
  13. Too bad. As we can see from The Hospital (1971) she was, with a few exceptions, as good as any actress of her time.
  14. One of the few opportunities she had to put in a good performance.
  15. Only in the movies does gold dust blow in the wind.
  16. Ah, well, that's too similar a show. Like won't cancel like.
  17. Binge on All Creatures Great and Small. The title theme will drive out the Avengers theme. But it will most likely finish sending you over the edge, as well.
  18. Might I suggest it is the direction by Clarence Brown that is the star of this motion picture. His framing, his composition, his lighting. Myrna Loy also does a good job. One of her best performances.
  19. For those who cannot get enough of Diana Rigg (and I am evidently one), here are some things she did besides The Avengers: An unfortunate adaptation of the play by Peter Hall. He attempted to infuse it with the irreverent idiosyncrasy of the period, but nowadays (and maybe back then), it comes off as a little silly. She's joined by Helen Mirren, Judy Dench and Ian Holm. Most actors declaim Shakespeare's words, but Miss Rigg and some others make them sound more like speech, and give something of the rhythm and music it should have. She was also in a couple of shorts made
  20. The mistake you make is in thinking that the movies would, should, could, ought, might distantly resemble the books whose titles they use.
  21. So the switch had to wait 'til both were free?
  22. You can watch it here: https://ok.ru/video/2105201068724 That's a russian social media site. You may want to research it first before you watch it on a device with sensitive info. If you have a smart TV you may be able to watch it with its web browser. Or, you could buy it--ulp! Just search "Buy Bluebeard's Ten Honeymoons" and you will find a number of places to buy it.
  23. Of course, all the discussion about Miss Rigg has got me watching The Avengers. There's a whole slew of early seasons with Ian Hendry, Julie Stevens, Honor Blackman, etc on the Internet Archive. Video and sound are mediocre, but there sometimes are nice cars, like this 1960 AC Greyhound in "The Sell-Out": (Hm, looks like the photo came out a little squashed side-to-side, I'll look for another pic.) There, that's better.
  24. Some episodes are available on the Internet Archive. And Dailymotion has episodes--with lots of commercial interruptions.
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