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  1. Despite her success, and the high regard of her, she was still an underappreciated actress. She lacked the nuclear bomb presence of other actors. But her acting was always bright, energetic and solid, and was visible every moment she was on screen. And when she was, she was the center of attention, holding her own (and not barely, thank you very much) with anyone she was paired with, from the likes of Fred Astaire, oozing sophistication and class all over the place, to Howard Keel, munching up the scenery with his machismo. I laugh every time I see this: How has
  2. Les Enfantes Terribles (1950). Here's the Wikipedia article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Les_Enfants_terribles_(film)
  3. While TB's list is helpful, what I'm looking for is the original list. It has descriptions and links to TCMDatabase pages.
  4. Well, if the schedule of last July I thought I saved had really been saved I could have looked through it to find your movie. But I discovered that some change in TCM's format has left me without saved schedules since last October. Maybe somebody else out there in Turnerland has a July schedule and can find it.
  5. I just found that since last October the month schedules I saved have not really been saved. When I open them up on my admittedly out of date Safari browser, I only get the current month's schedule. Argh!
  6. As we learned, the Kordas played a bait-and-switch game, changing the script from what Robeson expected it to be. He was disappointed and regretted his participation. Still, even with the heavy-handed bias toward the British, you can pick out worthwhile things. Robeson's character comes off as capable, courageous, devoted, not cringing or supplicating. And this movie also affords Nina Mae Mckinney a substantial role.
  7. Gosh, how I admire you. Oh, but you left us too soon! There is a permanent ache in my heart. Can a fire be quenched and stoked at the same time? That is what happens when I watch recordings of you. I am soothed and hunger for more. And it would be comforting to see you become Emily Latella.--But wait, she's just a character. No relation to reality. Never mind. Gilda Live (1980). Tonight 10:30 p. m., Pacific Time.
  8. When a new format is introduced, people criticize it, and when a new format is introduced after that, people want to return to it.
  9. It's a little early to give a heads-up, but I don't want to forget about this. It's been a waaay long time since this excellent movie has been aired. Although it perpetuates the Titanic myth, which is a false construct, it's about the best example of British moviemaking at its, um, best. A total class act. It has a top-notch cast, including Kenneth Moore (his best role), Honor Blackman, and Davis McCallum. The movie takes an ensemble approach, not focusing on any one story line too much, which from some perspectives dilutes the dramatic effect. The best thing about the movie is the restr
  10. All I have said, and I say it now, is that every time the format has changed either on the channel or the Website, it has been universally criticized, and the loss of the previous format has been regretted, the very format that was criticized when it was introduced.
  11. I've always liked him in King Solomon's Mines (1937). The movie is flawed in a few ways, but it allows him stature, and lets him save the white people at the end. But one unfair thing I'd like to note is that his is robbed of an important triumph by the moviemakers having Curtis kill Twala.
  12. The New Wave is ebbing. See him in That Man From Rio (1964) with Françoise Dorléac. No actor ever put more physicality into a role.
  13. All I know is what I see, and I have never seen anybody praise a new format. You are no different.
  14. You have the right for a free sneer at me in 2026 when the format changes and you love it.
  15. I don't doubt the sincerity of your comments. And you will just as sincerely criticize the next format change.
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