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  1. 32 minutes ago, Dargo said:

    I had earlier tried using another old Brit series' theme song which had made its way across the pond to our shores about the same time as The Avengers had, the theme from The Saint, but it didn't seem to do the trick at all.

    Ah, well, that's too similar a show.  Like won't cancel like.


  2. 1 hour ago, Dargo said:

    Hey! Anyone here have a good remedy for an earworm?

    HELP! Ya see, it's been almost two weeks since Diana Rigg's passing, and ever since I heard the news I JUST can't get The Avengers theme song out of my head, and it's driving me CRAZY!!!

    (...okay okay..."crazier")


    Binge on All Creatures Great and Small.  The title theme will drive out the Avengers theme. But it will most likely finish sending you over the edge, as well. 

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  3. For those who cannot get enough of Diana Rigg (and I am evidently one), here are some things she did besides The Avengers:

    An unfortunate adaptation of the play by Peter Hall.  He attempted to infuse it with the irreverent idiosyncrasy of the period, but nowadays (and maybe back then), it comes off as a little silly.  She's joined by Helen Mirren, Judy Dench and Ian Holm.  Most actors declaim Shakespeare's words, but Miss Rigg and some others make them sound more like speech, and give something of the rhythm and music it should have.

    She was also in a couple of shorts made shortly after her time on The Avengers, and obviously intended to capitalize on her role as Mrs. Peel.  She plays a woman of intrigue, or one who is involved in intrigue, anyway, and unceasingly menaced by adversaries.  One is called minikillers (1969), and the other is called The Diadem (1969), or Der goldene Schlüssel:




  4. Of course, all the discussion about Miss Rigg has got me watching The Avengers.  There's a whole slew of early seasons with Ian Hendry, Julie Stevens, Honor Blackman, etc on the Internet Archive.  Video and sound are mediocre, but there sometimes are nice cars, like this 1960 AC Greyhound in "The Sell-Out":


    (Hm, looks like the photo came out a little squashed side-to-side, I'll look for another pic.)


    There, that's better.

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  5. I'm not talking about existing title sequences, live or otherwise, but music you've always thought would go well as we watched the opening sequence of a movie.  Songs I thought include:

    What kind of movie would that be?  Well, just like the song says, someone working for the FBI who gets blindsided by a long cool woman.  Maybe she's bad, maybe she's good, but we don't find out until the end.


    Almost anything by Lambert, Hendricks and Ross, but this is good:

    A story about an onagainoffagain relationship between an onagainoffagain man and a woman who's too good for him but who's resigned to the fact she's stuck on him.

  6. Tried watching Shine a Light (2008).  It was so visually tiring I gave up in less than twenty minutes.  The energy in a concert movie has to come from the performers.  Scorsese seemed to think it necessary to have vigorous camera movement and fierce editing to capture or communicate the Stones' performance.  For me, it was a distraction.

  7. 3 hours ago, Sepiatone said:

    Better than WHAT



    3 hours ago, Sepiatone said:

    artists the like of Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Ravi Shankar.   Other than that, IMO it always struck me as a poorly filmed and directed flick

    These artist's performances are why Mon Pop is better. Who cares about the filming and direction?  It's all about the music.   Janis kills. Jimi destroys. Ravi enthralls. And The Who. And Otis.  

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