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  1. I also have a Mac and am having the same trouble. I assume you are using Safari as your browser. I tried Firefox and got better results, though sometimes only the text showed up. There was an accompanying message saying that for some reason the html, or some other symbols weren't being transmitted, or something. By the way, your script posted with extremely small type. I had to copy it and paste it into a text document to read it.
  2. Upcoming play dates are listed under the title on a movies page. For example: http://www.tcm.com/tcmdb/title/67079/All-Quiet-on-the-Western-Front/
  3. I've discovered it must have something to do with my browser (Safari). I used Firefox and everything worked all right. Maybe my preferences are fouled up.
  4. The ending is not so much a twist as neatly done. Maybe you could search on the internet to find out how and where you could watch it.
  5. That's what I did. I get the search results page. But when I click on the movie I want, all I get is text. Maybe I'll try logging out and back in again.
  6. When I look up information on a movie with the search box, all I get is text. What's going on?
  7. When I look up a movie on the search feature, all I get is text. What's going on?
  8. Yeah, like a lot of other musicians we know about. Let's hope the music was in spite of the darkness and ugliness, and not a result of it.
  9. And I have one: Chet Baker. Great with a horn, too. And the obvious one: Nat King Cole. I think I like his piano playing better.
  10. >Per FredCDobbs: >The situation is, this is America, not Arabia. In Arabia they make the kind of films the professor would probably like. In America, they make the kinds of films we Americans like. Am I right in understanding that you like the ways racism in America has expressed itself in stereotyping, and that you think movies that have it are better for it? Well, maybe you mean to say that because they do it about us, we should do it about them. Yeah, that's a good formula for American society: live down to other people's standards. >That's why we are here on the TCM c
  11. >Per TopBilled: >you want to discredit valid criticism of the professor by devaluing poster comments. And to do that, you seem to need to invalidate individual views of history. But you really cannot do that without a thorough knowledge of each person's ideology I am saying your criticism is not valid. You say Professor Shaheen is wrong for having a convenient interpretation of history, and tailoring it for his own predetermined ends. But that criticism is not valid if you do the same thing yourself. Bank robbers cannot say other bank robbers are wrong for robbing banks. Swindle
  12. I don't think there is a formal set of criteria. If you watch TCM a lot, you will know that all kinds of films, from old studio movies, international films, cult films, independent films, and others are shown. What TCM shows the most of is Hollywood studio films from the thirties, forties, and fifties. I suppose what the title Turner Classic Movies means is not so much that the movies they show themselves are classics, but that they come from what they describe as the "classic" era of filmmaking in Hollywood. It may have come about as result of circumstances. Ted Turner, who started this,
  13. Some quotes: >TerryEllsworth: >I'm only interested in actual history, not one aggrieved person's "interpretation" of history. I don't particular care if it's "comfortable" or not. But, as a starting point, it must be factual. And: >TopBilled: >Yes, I understood what you were asking. I didn't answer you because the original poster is not questioning my view of history or your view of history, but is instead questioning the view that is being advocated by TCM's month-long guest. The point I am making, and I think this is applicable to the general run of posters who comp
  14. This is it. Great movie. Jeanne Moreau. Francois Truffaut directing.
  15. But you didn't answer the question. You criticized Professor Shaheen for tailoring his interpretation of history to suit his ends. What I would like to know is if you have an interpretation tailored for your convenience, or wether you have one that at least in part is uncomfortable for you to consider? I would just like to make certain you are not criticizing the Professor for something you do yourself.
  16. Golly, that's never been done before. Tell me, do you have an interpretation of history that is uncomfortable or inconvenient for you?
  17. The point Professor Shaheen was was trying to make was that the prejudicial stereotypes of Arabs are so ingrained in mainstream culture that we don't even realize their existence, or that they give offense and insult to the object groups' members. Of course, there is a reluctance to change one's way of thinking, it takes a lot of trouble and is inconvenient, especially if there is no perceived need. It is natural to expect impatience, anger and offense quickly growing out of what is thought of as an unjust and unmerited criticism, and it's seen in the posts complaining about this series. Pr
  18. How about male vocalists? And by the way (just to have some tangential connection to the subject of this thread), Bette Davis was in a musical on Broadway, I hear. I don't know how she did.
  19. Or Nancy Wilson. Or June Christy. Edited by: slaytonf on Jul 13, 2011 11:08 PM
  20. Entr'acte is misspelled in Lawrence of Arabia. It is a famous movie goof.
  21. TCM showed it recently when Julie Christie's was star of the month.
  22. Professor Shaheen lamented that Lion of the Desert was judged by the critics not on its content, but because of the source of its funding. Well, I will judge it on its merits. The only difference between this film and a conventional Hollywood historical/adventure film with the likes of Victor Mature or Brian Donlevy--and not a very good one at that--is that in this one, the Arabs are the good guys and the Europeans are the bad guys. I won't compare Mr. Akkad's work with David Lean, no one should be expected to live up to that almost impossible standard, but in spite of the fact that he seem
  23. Definitely one of his best performances. Another one, overlooked, and I think his best, certainly my favorite of his is in In Harm's way with Patricia Neal, and Kirk Douglas, Otto Preminger directing.
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