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  1. It was on last night. Your tv provider might have it available on their on demand option. Oops! Missed a whole series of responses. Your TV provider, satellite or cable, should have an on demand channel or menu option. Different channels provide content in that option. TCM might have All That Jazz as one of their On Demand movies.
  2. I guess they got rid of the sidebar with stats.
  3. I said it was a nice car. I didn't say it was a good one. Anyhow, this pic of what happens to the car in the movie might appeal to you:
  4. The Z cars. Proof that there's no brilliant car concept that a corporation with concerted effort can't destroy.
  5. Here's what I get with the screen wide enough for the statistics: This is what I get with a screen narrowed to eliminate the statistics:
  6. I admit to being dense, how do you do that? I'm glad there's a division line between read and unread posts. Still don't see a search box.
  7. Who says snooty incomprehensible foreign films don't have nice cars?: 1955 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider in L'Eclisse (1962).
  8. Look, I started this thread for whining and obnoxious complaining about the new format, not politics. Please keep to the subject. I have noticed on my Samsung phone with Android os and Samsung browser that the icons that went missing (create new thread, search, and login/message menu) are now back, and are joined by another one (on the left) which calls up unread content. Someone is paying attention.
  9. sewhite2000, this previous post of mine may help. Try carefully adjusting the width of your window.
  10. Same here on my Samsung with Android os and Samsung browser. There are no icons for them anywhere
  11. The only reservation I'd have about remaking Tulsa (1949), a favorite movie of mine, is who would you get to replace Susan Hayward? While everything else in the movie is ok, including Pedro Armandaríz, it's only value is her presence and performance.
  12. I'm guessing this is how the beta testing is done. They throw out the new format the best they can, because it would be too expensive to do a thorough vetting and debugging for all the browsers and issues. And as the users yeow when they hit their heads against things, they find out what to fix. It happened the last time a new format was dumped--I mean introduced. And there have already been changes, for me at least. I get the full editing bar at the top of the post box now, and there is the full list of forum topics which I didn't have before. Not that I ever use either of them. Except
  13. I find that threads usually die faster than that of their own accord. The persistence of a thread is a measure of its continuing interest, or the interest of the subject of conversation that has taken it over.
  14. I believe the split screen starts at 50 posts.
  15. I was missing them on Firefox, but now I see I have them.
  16. You can search on your computer something like 'screenshot'. It's probably in an application that allows you to view PDFs and such. On my Macbook it's called Preview. I take a screenshot, then I upload it to the image hosting site imgbb. From there I can import the image to a thread with the Other Media function located in the lower right corner of the reply box.
  17. Agreeing: Disagreeing: Smiling: Etc. . . . .
  18. On the same computer with Chrome Version 77.0.3865.90 (Official Build) (64-bit) and with Safari Version 9.1.3 (11601.7.8) I get no Search box or other icons at all.
  19. On a 2009 Macbook pro, El Capitan version 10.11.6, Firefox browser 77.0.1 (64 bit), I get: Too big: Too small: Just right: Just right exists in exactly one position. If I increase or decrease the size of the screen one bit, the search box disappears. The box is non-functioning. If you look closely you will see small icons superimposed that call up different pages: Home, My Activity Streams, Create, and Search.
  20. That's what I got when I posted the address. You have a new one now. I'll post it: The way to get a pic in your post is to click on the Other Media icon in the lower right corner of the reply box. In the menu that comes up, select "Insert image from URL". You will see a box that you can paste the image address in.
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