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  1. Mmm. A tall order. But--the challenge! The challenge!
  2. Yes. But you can also get the pic in the body of your post by copying the image address on imgbb and pasting it in the other media option in the lower right corner of the reply box. Like this:
  3. Good, I'm back up on the leader board.
  4. You can try posting the pic to a site like imgbb and then importing it here.
  5. As other posters have noted elsewhere, it's better to search the website with your browser rather than the search function on the TCM site. I've stopped using the TCM search function a long time ago.
  6. I see I'd better get posting. I'm not one of the top posters. And on my own thread, too!
  7. Kyle Kersten is gone on Firefox, but he is still there on Chrome. He's still there on Safari, too.
  8. On my Samsung phone using the Samsung browser, I can only sign in when I am viewing a thread. The sign in boxes are located at the bottom of the thread page. Btw, it seems like this semi screen business starts up when a thread gets to fifty posts.
  9. This happens I just discovered on my Samsung phone with their internet browser.
  10. So for the stars and dots, it looks like you have to move your cursor over each one to find out if there are new posts since the last time you visited a thread.
  11. It seems some threads have boxes on the side at the top of a thread page, which condenses the posts down below. I'm not sure why some have that, and some don't.
  12. I'd like to elaborate. It's not just because her persona had similarities with Vivien Leigh. When she lit up, the screen lit up. She had that magic that could energize it. She was lively, vital, and commanded attention. Her subtlety of expression let you watch the ebb and flow of her emotions and thoughts pass across her face.
  13. Some threads don't have a star or dot. There is a new format! I knew something was strange when I kept looking at the right side of the window for the notifications icon. It's on the left, now. Radical.
  14. My posts are cramped to the left side of the window. The stars and dots are all dark, even if there is no new content since I last clicked on it. Maybe it's my browser.
  15. Honest referred to Haruko Sugimura. Her portrayal of characters, likeable or not, was always genuine.
  16. I am my own best example of bias. I will correct that now. Unfailing. Primordial. Primordial. Paragon. Composure. Indomitable. Honest. Man.
  17. She is the only actress I know of who could play Scarlet O'Hara as well as Vivien Leigh.
  18. Voracious. Sardonic. Straightforward. Darling. Entertainer. Bogart.
  19. But he hadda biga smile onna his face whenna he die.
  20. And many more, including the appropriately titled The Wrong Man (1956). I wonder if a comprehensive list could be assembled? I believe it would comprise over half of his movies. Oh, yeah, another: Young and Innocent (1937).
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