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  1. Yeah. I hate not feeling confident in a four-wheel drift. . . . Y i i i i i i !
  2. Apropos. . . . Unfortunately, there's no good picture I could find of this gown. One of the most stunning on one of the most beautiful women in movies. People familiar with the movie Random Harvest (1942) will know.
  3. He had a touch of class. Don't forget No Way to Treat a Lady (1968).
  4. I'll have to pay attention to her color movies.
  5. From Stop Me Before I Kill! (1961), 1960 Jaguar XK 150:
  6. It's probably Spectrum. DirecTV lists movie years.
  7. IMBD lists New York and Los Angeles as locations, so an existing theater in one of those places may have been used. But don't underestimate the ability of MGM to create a detailed set.
  8. IMDB doesn't list a venue. I suppose it's a set in the MGM studios.
  9. Glamah? But really, she could lay on the glam (á la Stage Door (1937):
  10. Naturally, Montague Summers was English. Looks like 'fun' also isn't in the American vocabulary. As I said, Mr. Webster wasn't completely successful ridding Americn of all those pesky Norman u's.
  11. Spelt is an acceptable past tense and past participle of spell.
  12. It's an involved process. From the TCM homepage at the bottom click on the CONTACT link. Then at the bottom of that page, click the Contact Us link. on that page, in the 'Please choose your category below' box there is a Request a Movie option.
  13. There are a number of adaptations. I'm assuming the one you're thinking of is the one with Stewart Granger and Eleanor Parker, made in 1952. Since the TCM Database pages on movies no longer list scheduled air dates, the best you can do is check the Month Schedule at the start (first day) of every month. Schedules for two or three months ahead are available somewhere, but I don't know where to access them. Maybe someone who does can post links here.
  14. Little Nellie Kelly (1940) was shown last Wednesday as 8:30 AM, Pacific.
  15. It's Kay Francis in Mandalay (1934). Yesterday's lineup featured three of her best.
  16. Sorry, wrong adjective. Extraneous. I was trying to copy italicized text to the title. But. Titles. Just. Will. Only. Be. In. Plain. Text. Damn. The lady is Kay Francis in Mandalay (1934), which we saw tonight. Noah Webster wasn't completely successful in eradicating French 'u's from American.
  17. Sorry, spurious 'that's'. Now excised along with the superfluous 'u'.
  18. Man, you don't know what to look at.
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