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  1. Yeah, Claudette Colbert. Yeah, Norma Shearer. No, not George Brent. Or Don Ameche. Tantillizing, but I can't place da faace. But you do get a boatload of points for what surely must be the longest title of a thread ever in the world. I mean, what used to be the longest title of a thread ever in the world.
  2. The rationale being: "If I went to the trouble of searching for movies with the same title, but radically different plots, then everybody else must do the same. I'm giving them the damn titles, after all. The least those lazy bums can do is get off their figurative butts and look them up on IMBD."
  3. Just think of him as making dad jokes, only for movies.
  4. Guess nobody thought they were nice, before.
  5. But a little different is not more different. What we need is a few words about the plot to show how one movie is light years away from the other.
  6. How can we tell that they couldn't be more different?
  7. Baby Doll 1956. Eli Wallach, Carroll Baker, Karl Malden. An immature child bride holds her anxious husband at bay while flirting with an amorous Sicilian farmer. 2020. Marina Orlova, Dana Agisheva, Bonba Lia. Three beautiful Russian best friends travel to Los Angeles in search of the Hollywood dream, but after falling in with the wrong crowd, they get more than they bargained for. Pretty Baby 1950. Dennis Morgan, Betsy Drake. A working girl rises in an ad agency after impressing a baby-food client with her lifelike dolls. 1978. Keith Carridine, Br
  8. Uf. Another prob. Seems I should spend more time porfing my tittles. I have corrected.
  9. Oh, you're talking about the car. . .
  10. How can we tell they couldn't be more different?
  11. How can we tell they couldn't be more different?
  12. It's a Date 1940. Deanna Durbin, Kay Francis. An aspiring actress is offered the lead in a major new play, but discovers that her mother, a more seasoned performer, expects the same part. 2018. Tammy Townsend, Darrin Dewitt Henson. Anastasia Reese is the owner of a dating service who falls in love with one of her customers.
  13. Now we're getting back to movies!
  14. Ransom 1928. Lois Wilson, Edmond Burns. Burton Meredith, A young, U.S. government chemist discovers a formula for a deadly gas. But Wo Fang, the evil leader of the Chinatown underground sets out to steal the secret, using very foul means, and he knows many. 1996. Mel Gibson, Rene Russo. Multi-millionaire Tom Mullen's son is kidnapped, but after initially agreeing to pay the ransom Mullen then decides to use the ransom money as a bounty.
  15. Some of these don't look very different. Like the Dressed to Kill and Possessed movies.
  16. I appreciate a lack of standards, but--the titles aren't the same.
  17. But how do we know they couldn't be more different?
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