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  1. Having seen the original Broadway production of "The Sound of Music" with Mary Martin (although I was a bit too young to really appreciate what I was seeing) and the movie version many times, I thought this version was pretty good. Yes, I think a more seasoned Broadway veteran could've done a better job as Maria, but "business" dictated that they use someone more well-known to the general viewing public. My main criticism of the production was that the orchestra was too loud . . . ovewhelming and sometimes completely drowning out lyrics and dialog. You'd think they would've done numerous s
  2. I'm not sure what the criteria is for inclusion in the list but I feel mention should be made of Luise Rainer, the first actor/actress to win back to back Oscars (1936 and 1937!) who is still with us at age 103!
  3. The fact that Barbara Stanwyck is ranked all the way down at 11th (!) in that poll of best actresses . . . AFTER Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Judy Garland, Marlene Dietrich, and Joan Crawford . . . completely nullifies that poll in my mind. That's just ridiculous . . . the same mentality that places the Kardasians among the "most fascinating people".
  4. If you're curious to know if a particular movie will be shown in December, you can enter the title in the upper right corner, click on "site" and then "Search". If it's on the schedule it will show up there. Also you can enter the name of a particular actor or actress and all his/her movies scheduled through December will show up. All subject to change, of course. Barbara Stanwyck movies are scheduled for Dec. 8, 10, 11, 13 (2), 21, and 24. Bette Davis movies are scheduled for Dec. 2, 9, 12, 16, and 18. The titles are given, of course. You can also enter a genre such as musicals and all
  5. I sure hope the TCM people run the correct, advertised 1931 "Possessed" and not the 1947 "Possessed" which also stars Joan Crawford. TCM has a history of running the incorrect same or similarly-named movie (ie: "Castle in the Air" which they've messed up on not once but twice).
  6. I don't consider myself an "irredeemable" anything, but I can enjoy Joan Crawford as well as other actors and actresses on many different levels. If I wanted to see nothing but consistent good acting, I'd watch only Barbara Stanwyck movies. You need to realize that not everyone has the same criteria to be "properly" entertained that you have. Try to lighten up.
  7. A heads-up to Joan Crawford fans that she co-stars with Lon Chaney in the 1927 silent film "The Unknown" showing tonight on TCM at 12:30 AM, Central. It was her 16th film (per the IMDB).
  8. To answer MovieGal53's question: No, the November schedule isn't up but if you're interested in a particular star or director you can enter that in the search window at the upper right of the screen and a schedule of movies pertaining to that person will appear. Some November showings are now included. Or, you can enter the name of the movie in that box and see if it's on the schedule. There's no way of knowing if the Nov. schedule (or these listings of Nov. showings) is complete and, as we all know, these schedules are subject to change.
  9. For all the Joan Crawford fans out there, TCM has scheduled "Ice Follies of 1939" for Nov. 18, 2011.
  10. Correction to the post re: "The Invisible Man". While Nov. 10 is indeed a tribute day to Claude Rains, the aforementioned "The Invisible Man" is scheduled for Nov. 4. Sorry for the misinformation.
  11. TCM has scheduled "The Invisible Man" (1933) as part of its daylong Claude Rains tribute November 10, 2011. Also scheduled for that day are "Daughters Courageous", "Four Wives", and "Here Comes Mr. Jordan" in addition to other Claude Rains films shown fairly recently on TCM. All subject to change, of course.
  12. Does anyone at TCM proofread their stuff before posting it online? For the second time now, I've seen a Leonard Maltin movie review included with the wrong movie. This time it's "The Freshman", from 1990, showing on Aug. 1. The cast list includes Marlon Brandon, Matthew Broderick, and Penelope Ann Miller. When I click on "EXPAND", I get a Maltin review of a film starring Loretta Young, Van Johnson, Rudy Vallee, etc. Apparently, that is a review of "*Mother is a* Freshman" from 1949! Come ON people! If this has already been discussed on the message boards, I apologize for bringing it up
  13. Something for Everyone (1970) The Boyfriend (1971) Beyond the Forest (1949)
  14. "Reunion in Vienna" (1933) was originally on the schedule for Tue/Wed, Mar. 15/16 @ 3:15 AM Central time. I see it's been replaced by "I Live My Life". Pity.
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