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  1. r u sayin there is one made with clark cable
  2. this is driving me nuts, i hope someone has the answer, i bought the movie possessed, on the front of the box it says starring joan crawford and clark cable and it has there picture on it, on the back of the movie box describes the movie, then when i go to watch it, the tape itself says possessed, the lable is warner brothers and it has the mgm/ua on it,copy right by turner 1990, when the movie comes on it has the mgm lion and the name possessed, starring joan crawford and van heflin, and the movie actually is joan and van heflin, the story line does not match the name and the box discription, the movies does not have clark cable in it, is this something that everyone knows but me, some kinda mix up or what, i am freakin about this, i think someone is trying to gaslight me, lol, tina
  3. my first day here, im so glad i found other people who like old movies. i have no family members or friends who share this same interest, so i thought i was just weird. and i find all u people who love it to. i love to look at the old styles of clothes and homes and how relationships were so different, i kno its just in the movies maybe, but in most of these movies if your man cheated on u, u just sucked it up and faught for your man, and thats what they thought was right, and now days, they get caught they r out, and also i think about how beautiful some of these women were and how there beauty was everything to them, how hard it must have been to get old, its hard enuff on common folk like me. its just makes u think, no matter how pretty or how much money u have, age is something u cant fight. also i want one of those big fancy bedrooms with the fire place and gigantic 4 poster bed. im just in a dream world when i watch these movies, im so glad i found tcm and so many other people who like the old movies like i do. this might all sound crazy to u. but im glad i found a place to discuss old stars and movies. tina
  4. it never said much about hte child rita had with orson wells, i wonder if she is still alive
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